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  1. Thank you! Yeah, I have/had a more aggressive version on this list. With this version I'm trying to outlast my opponent.
  2. Hey Kristjan, I am aware of a small group of players who would meet Sundays at SGA(Sir Games-A-Lot) starting around 11a.m. , but as of late I believe they are playing mostly Armada. Hence my attempt to reach out to other X-Wing players in the area!
  3. I could have sworn that Kyle will trigger multiple times if multiple stress tokens are removed. With Rage Norra will be double stressed after turn 1, no?
  4. Hey guys, some of my strongest lists have involved double ARC-170s, and here is my latest take on it. It puts more focus(pun intended) on damage mitigation than my other builds. After the first turn Norra would be capable of generating 3 focus tokens/turn. 1 exchanged for a dodge token via Jan Ors, 1 to keep and 1 for use on R5-P9 at the end of the turn. Norra will also have a 4 dice primary with 3/4 dice re-rolling via Rage. All this enables Shara to use her own target lock and focus. Meaning both ARCs will have full dice mods and full regen capabilities each turn. The shield upgrade and EMP device are potential place-holders. Shara can also be switched out for Miranda with a TLT setup. Here is the list: Shara Bey: R2-D2 / Push the Limit / Jan Ors / Alliance Overhaul Norra Wexley: R5-P9 / Rage / Kyle Katarn / Alliance Overhaul / Shield Upgrade Ahsoka Tano: Veteran Instincts / Sabine's Masterpiece / Captured TIE / EMP Device / Inspiring Recruit total: 100pts let me know what you think!
  5. Hey people, I'm looking for players to get together with on a semi-regular basis and play some X-Wing! I know there is quite the community in and around Toronto, but it's a bit far to travel to regularly. Let me know if you are interested or know of people who would be! ~Mark
  6. Hey, I've never played Armada before, but I would like to get back into X-Wing. Do you guys happen to play that as well?
  7. You can run up to 2 U-Wings and have them both stand still as long as you want. Cassian with Hera crew and a pathfinder. This being said, I've also only flown my U once so far. I was so underwhelmed, that I haven't yet had the urge to try it again. I'm sure in time, and with a form of crew-slotted regen cards I could make it work.
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