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  1. Mep, you really have no idea what you are talking about. First, have you ever heard of PCI compliance. Please educate yourself here: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/ The "big box" etailers you refer to have multi million dollar platforms that allow them to keep customers credit cards on file which is why they don't charge customers until their preorder comes in. While Miniature Market is one of the larger companies in this industry we do not and cannot afford a multi million dollar platform that is PCI compliant to store credit cards. Right now when you order from Miniature Market or any other website in our industry (not the big box guys) they do not have access to the credit card number. Your credit card is authorized for the amount at checkout and that is it. Even if I wanted to go back to any customer and bill them more at a later date I cannot. Taking money up front has absolutely nothing to do with cash flow or fees (I'm not sure why you made that up) We only have two options with preorders. Charge 100% up front (which we do) or do not take preorders. If we had to take the preorder and then go back and contact each customer one by one, get them on the phone and get their credit card info again the labor cost wouldn't be worth it. Taking money up front for a preorder is not a shady business practice. Before you slander another company accusing them of defrauding people please do your homework first. Miniature Market is 100% PCI compliant for the platform we are running on. All purchases are secure and your credit card information is not accessible by anyone at our company (including myself). We appreciate everyone's business and we are very sorry that we were unable to fill all preorders for the first Star Wars Destiny set. We are hoping to hear more about the next print run this week or next. As I get more information I will attempt to share it with people here. If you do not want to wait for the next printing and have a current preorder with us please contact customer service and we will refund you immediately. Steve @ Miniature Market This post makes me like MM even more!!!
  2. I agree with you there. P.S. I also live in the middle of nowhere and do a lot of gaming at my place. So MM is a life saver for me lol
  3. I will still order from MM because they are very ​nice to work with, they are friendly when you call in and there prices are hard to beat. I totally understand these delays with the limited stock.
  4. They should have pre-orders be first priority, gonna keep my fingers crossed that its gonna ship soon lol
  5. I ordered on January 3rd from MM, 2 booster boxes, so i`m hoping i got on this shipment because i ordered when it said it ships early 2017 instead of Febuary-March.
  6. It took me a couple tries, out of fear of breaking something, but I got it on there and nothing broke. I came to the conclusion that Rancor isn`t going to break easy
  7. Ezra is from Star Wars Rebels.
  8. I haven't even got any boosters (only starters) for awakenings and I already want this
  9. This. Right here. I was sure I had gotten my preorder in on time for the "2nd wave" of December 22nd and kept waiting and waiting for that shipping e-mail, well here we are: 1st week into the new year and ya, nothing. I have never really been miffed at MM, but like VanderLedion said, to see their single market jump in qualities after the 22nd, just . . . oh man! Makes me angry! I hope that don`t happen again because I just pre-ordered two boxes from there for the January shipment.
  10. Nice, are those hero cards sleeved? If so what do you use? I have all the other cards with FFG sleeves but have no idea what to use for those huge hero cards lol
  11. I have a descent sized Flames of War collection and enjoy playing so i would suggest that, but I have not played Bolt Action which also looks like a blast to play. That's my 2 cents.
  12. Can`t wait, that trailer was awesome!!!
  13. I pre-ordered 2 boxes, thanks for all the help. And does anyone know when the next batch will ship out?
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