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  1. Hi there I just want a clarification on the Immobilise condition. If hero A has had his turn Hero B is up - he moves into a square next to hero A and the overlord throws the Web Trap card which (after unsuccesfull rolls) causes both heros to be immobilised. Now my question is When Hero B's turn is over he is no longer immobilised. But Hero A.... is he/she immobilised until the end og his/her next turn since this is not happening in that heroes turn?
  2. Thx Zaltyre for your reply. That was also the way we played it.
  3. I have a question about line of sight and counting spaces in Rise of Urthko encounter 2. Is it possible to trace line of sight and count spaces through the unique spaces (marked by X’s), so that it is possible to use ranged weapons and howl from within the Feeding grounds to hit figures in the Holding Cell and vice versa? Thematically – maybe Ruleswise – probably not since it is different tiles with a black border between them. How have you guys played this?
  4. And now I can't get in again either. Was able to for at couple days this week - monday through wednesday.
  5. Hi there who ever is in charge of the d2etracker I really appreciate the d2etracker but I havn't been able to log in for several days now. Hope you fix it soon - it is the only place I have recorded our groups progress (or lack thereof ) Thanks
  6. Hmm... self replenishing water buckets. Now there's a magic item for a firefighter Makes it possible to discard all tokens on one location during one heroes turn if said hero started his or her turn on the location with a bucket. It is well known that this quest already is heavily favoring the heroes and this seems to make it even easier. To me it seems wrong - but I agree the rules do not say otherwise. It will be interesting to play this scenario and see if I have the same experience as you Lucaster.
  7. I have a question regarding rules about extinguishing the fire with water buckets The rules read like this: EXTINGUISHING THE FIRE Each time a hero enters a water space, he may pick up 1 bucket of water. If he does, place 1 blue objective token on his Hero sheet. Each hero cannot carry more than 1 bucket of water. Each time a hero carrying a bucket of water suffers 1 or More dam, he tests strength or awareness. If he fails, he drops the bucket of water and places the blue objective token back near the River. As an action, a hero that is carrying a bucket of water while on the Cabin or House may douse the flame. If he does and the associated red objective tokens are faceup, flip them facedown; if the red objective tokens are already facedown, discard them instead. For each objective token discarded in this way, the heroes place 1 villager token in their play area (see "Victory"). Now does that mean you can only use the bucket to douse the flames once or several times? It isn't really stated in the text above. But I would think that the bucket is empty after one use.
  8. Hero A is out of stamina Hero B has a bottle of stamina from a search card If hero A moves past hero B and use a free action to receive the Stamina potion (item?), can player A then drink the potion immediately and gain full stamina and use that for skills/extra move and so on? Or does he have to equip the item in the next epuip item fase? I'm not sure whether that rule goes for search card items. It doesn't say on the card that you need to use an action to use the bottle. As I read the rules it looks as if you have to equip search card items the same way as other items. That wound also mean that you can't find a potion and drink it on the same turn either. Have any of you an answer to this? Rules say about: Trading Items Heroes may give or receive Shop Item cards, Relic cards, and Search cards to or from each other during a move action. At any point during his move action, a hero may trade any number of Shop Item cards, Relic cards, or Search cards with an adjacent hero. Trading does not require an additional action or the expense of movement points. A hero must still wait to equip any cards he receives until the start of his next turn. Heroes cannot trade Class cards (including their starting equipment) with each other. A hero may give another hero a card without receiving one in return; likewise, a hero may receive a card without giving one in return.
  9. Hi there In the campaign Heirs of Blood. Intro encounter Acolyte of Saradyn Does anyone know what happens with the acolyte, when a hero escorting the acolyte dies? Is the acolyte dropped? - If so on the same space as the hero or one adjacent to? And do you have to spend an action picking him up again? Or is he just connected to the hero with the objective token on his Hero sheet no matter what happens? I can't find an answer in the rules og quest book for this. I lean towards the latter because it is not specified. What have you done if you have been in this situation? Or what would you do?
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