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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Taki in L5R Miniatures game   
    I still have my l5r disc wars ffg produced back in the day. I still use my False Hoturi and Kachiko for random game counters.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Bayushi Nono in O5R characters you really want to see back   
    Bayushi Goshiu
    Yogo Asami
    Bayushi Sunetra
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Soakman in Hints on new investigators ?   
    Pretty sure that’s Jenny Barnes and not Jacqueline Fine on Hot Streak and Backstab. They have been pretty consistent in making the the double strand pearl necklace Jenny wears another signature tell in her art.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Duciris in Night of the Zealot Redux   
    Thought the articale said 66 new cards total?
    Most likely yes this will be the only way to get the cards in the set both encounter and player.
    Splash art showed leveled up talents for Physical Training and Hyperawareness, with 2 pips each for each of the relevant icons. Image was too low res to see how the text on the card changed, or the level though.
    So figure all the core set talents upgraded as well as at least 1 more card per class as we know about the level 3 rabbit’s foot.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from ProfessorDetective in Night of the Zealot Redux   
    Thought the articale said 66 new cards total?
    Most likely yes this will be the only way to get the cards in the set both encounter and player.
    Splash art showed leveled up talents for Physical Training and Hyperawareness, with 2 pips each for each of the relevant icons. Image was too low res to see how the text on the card changed, or the level though.
    So figure all the core set talents upgraded as well as at least 1 more card per class as we know about the level 3 rabbit’s foot.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from ProfessorDetective in Night of the Zealot Redux   
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Samea in Night of the Zealot Redux   
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Donel in New Rogue Card Question   
    So a new theme seems to be developing with Rogue cards, that of adding the agility icon to another skill test. Both Lockpicks and Cheapshot are in this model as well as the forthcoming Suggestion. My question is how does committing cards interact with this?
    Example: I have previously bought a copy of Streetwise with experience and am currently engaged with an enemy. I decide to use Cheapshot on the enemy engaged with me. I have a player window to boost agility with Streetwise and so can add my base agility plus the agility boost from Streetwise to the test. Can I also commit cards with the Agility icon on them to the test? With a follow up question/comment. If I can't commit cards with only an agility Icon, can I commit cards with both a Combat and Agility Icon on them and count both icons, or can I only count the Combat Icon?
    I've read conflicting and well reasoned arguments both for and against doing so.
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    Whipporwill reacted to Abyss in More Card Spoilers   
    Can someone explain how For Shame is a hard counter to her, but not every other single character involved in a challenge? How is it more of a hard counter to her than any other high cost character? Except it's less of a counter because she still gets to remove the opponent's best character they put in to the challenge? And you can potentially try to get your opponent to use For Shame before you put her in to play? I just don't get this logic. 
    It's the same with people arguing that the opponent gets to use some form of control before she can use her ability. On attack, there is literally no difference if you had attacked with another character, the opponent is still going to get first go. You can argue it's a weakness on defence, except you can still play her before they initiate the challenge if you really want to be 100% sure to use her ability.  Being able to ambush in characters is essentially NEVER a bad thing, and is often absolutely game winning. If you're sitting on five fate, does the opponent use their control cards on what's on the board, or do they wait in case you play Kachiko? Either way, you're probably getting a good deal on it. 
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from xodarap in Hour of the Huntress   
    Jenny is my favorite Investigator and so this is a must purchase for me.
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    Whipporwill reacted to Kaiju in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Best post regarding this issue
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from TopHatGorilla in What does your Clan need?   
    Scorpion: Kachiko. That is all.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Bayushi Shoju in What does your Clan need?   
    Scorpion: Kachiko. That is all.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Yogo Gohei in What does your Clan need?   
    Scorpion: Kachiko. That is all.
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    Whipporwill reacted to Gaffa in crane story is up   
    I disagree.
    Satsume is recently enough dead that his death is still shocking the court, and the Imperial Magistrates are just beginning the investigation. Hotaru is the new Champion. Her father just died. The Crane lands are in trouble due to tsunami, Lion aggression, and now banditry.
    When you're Clan Champion, you don't have time to go do ronin cosplay for a couple of days just to try to sneak into Otosan Uchi to shimmy up to Kachiko on the sly. You have duties. Hell, the Crane Clan is the incarnate Clan of social propriety, courtly customs, and Rokugani culture. Hotaru should be facing weeks, at least, of proper protocol and meetings between her and all her loyal lords, who will come to express sorrow at the untimely death of her father, and express their continued loyalties to her. Each major subfamily in the Clan would demand their own meeting, and most likely at their own castle. She would have to take a tour of the important temples of the Asahina to value her father's spirit at all the right places. She would have to receive the diplomatic envoys from the other six Great Clans who will all want to show their sorrow at the loss of her legendary father, and then also remind old friends (like the Phoenix) that the Crane still have their back, remind the Crab that rice imports might still be low this year due to the problems with the flooding...
    She is Clan Champion. That's more than just a job, it's an entire lifestyle commitment. And it's Crane, the clan whose default in the setting is "we define what court is." And she's new, and nobody is cutting her any slack (least of all herself). You do *not* run off to pretend you're a ronin caravan guard for at least a couple of days (if not a week or longer) just to try to sneak into Otosan Uchi when you're a Clan Champion. You have stuff to do. Tons of stuff. And if your father didn't prepare you for a life of sitting around court talking to people, then he wasn't a very good Crane Clan Champion, was he?
    Yes, if you're Robert Baratheon and you've been sitting around drunk for two decades and the realm runs itself because you effectively abdicated your rule in favor of the Lannisters and Littlefinger, you can take a week off to go whoring, and nobody will care (Littlefinger will probably even advance you the coin for your bar tab). But that's not this situation. Her father just died, she's still a new Clan Champion -- having every moment of your life spoken for for the next three months, renewed daily, is pretty much the way of life for Clan Champions.
    Being Clan Champion is not like being Batman or community theatre chairman. It's not just a role you assume when nobody is looking or you do in your part time. It is who you are. Why was Shizue not terrified and relieved to see her sister arrive in court when she mysteriously vanished a few days ago? Heck, why didn't Shizue mention her disappearance at all? Did no one notice when the daimyo of one of the Great Clans just up and vanished? She told her closest advisors not to worry and to keep the secret? You don't think people in Otosan Uchi wouldn't hear that the Crane Champion has not been seen in public for a week?
    If she was old-school pre-reboot Yokuni than, sure, she could do this. She could do a lot of things then. But she's not. And it's just silly that the fiction starts with the premise than the Crane Clan Champion, the living embodiment of the importance of courtly proceedings, could take a week off from court to go play at being a very bad private investigator.
    We will of course ignore Hotaru's particularly lame excuse that she was trying to find information about her father's death by playing at being Batronin. What the heck would she hope to accomplish? She's already the daimyo of the largest open-source intelligence gathering machine on the planet, the Crane Clan. What can she find that her legions of spies and diplomats cannot? She was obviously more interested in seeing Kachiko on the sly. Fine, people have done stupider things while in love.
    There was just no feeling in the story that Hotaru was actually Clan Champion. The things she was doing were things that would make perfect sense if she was someone with about one million less responsibilities, but as it stands the story presents Hotaru being far more interested in her own desires than those of her clan.
    Things I did like in the story: opening the first official new-5R fiction with a new character, Daidoji Nerishma, was appropriate, and that Nerishma is actually a tribute character to an old L5R fan who has sadly left us, thereby linking both eras of the game, was a great way to start the new fiction bridging both settings in a sweet way. The action flowed swiftly enough when it happened, and the flashbacks were nice, quick jots of emotional color against a rather stark and grey foreground. The emotional subtext of Satsume's nature and how it hurt Hotaru was handled very deftly. indeed, any time spent within Hotaru's self-reflections was effective and moody. As an emotional study of Hotaru, it worked well.
    Things of horrifying import: the entire dialogue between Hotaru and Shizue was painful, a horrible mess of exposition and two not-quite-human AIs attempting to pretend they're having a conversation. Thankfully, Kachiko soon appears and Hotaru then has a good conversation with another character that we can believe two human beings having.
    Overall? A rocky start for the new fiction, mainly due to the Crane Clan Champion doing very silly things that apparently show she has no responsibilities (or certainly none she takes seriously enough). Luckily, the emotional weight of Hotaru's inner thoughts help bring us along to a good feeling towards her, and hopefully establishes a new Rokugan fiction line where FFG's stated interest in personal values vs. external duties is a major player.
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from 987654321 in Undimensioned and Unseen on CardgameDB   
    Or are they?
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Ompakim in Campaign results *spoilers   
    Jenny is my favorite investigator in the Arkham Files, and I've done a lot of testing with her. I tend to Find Leo is only really a powerhouse in a Deck that doesn't really use resources as a strength. Wendy and Ashcan Pete Decks I've built love him, because they don't require many Actions to set up, and generally are getting by without having to spend a ton of resources on doing what they want to do. So the 5 or 6 resources really isn't much of a cost to them, and the extra action becomes more flexible, and the initial tempo loss is mitigated.
    Jenny decks tend to need setup actions to get their talents, weapons, and allies into play, and they usually are attempting to leverage Resources as power. The more AP and resources it takes to set up your character, the less appealing Leo becomes. I've found the the Seeker Ally, Dr. Milan Christopher is a better card for Jenny then Leo is generally. The extra stat boost to Investigation makes her a decent clue finder, and with support from a flashlight or magnifying glass she does an extremely competent job. Add to this that you are functionally getting the extra ap or more in compression because every time you successfully investigate you get the effects of an action spent on gaining a resource, which then adds to the goal of using resources as power. Investigate successfully 3 times, and it's like you also took 3 actions gaining resources.
    It's for that reason I've found Double or Nothing a pretty much auto include for Jenny. When I first saw the card I didn't like it at all. I was still looking at the game through a core set investigator lens, or at least a Wendy and Daisy lens. I thought why on earth would I want to double the difficulty of something when it's already hard enough to pass the check without doubling it? The reason I don't tend to like it in other decks is that most investigators tend to be caught in an upper limit of what they can realistically get their stat up to for any one check. The Talent Asset cards are VERY expensive in Actions and Resources to use, and in many cases they don't make a lot of sense to include for anything other than an absolute emergency must pass test for other investigators.
    Many Jenny builds leverage them very well because she actually can get enough money to use them repeatedly. And with a balanced stat line it usually doesn't take many resources to get up to satisfactory levels in any area. And once you have enough money to use them repeatedly then double or nothing becomes a very attractive card because it again gets you multiple actions compressed into one. If you are running out of time and need multiple clues in once action, using double or nothing and then using Arcane Studies to get your Investigation higher than even Daisy's can be a good play. It's even better with monsters. If Jenny really needs to do spike damage, combining Backstab attack with a Double or Nothing can kill or severely dent any particular monster you want in the ground. It is certainly a gamble though, as if you can spend too much, or pull the tentacle, but I've found my games run better with it in the deck as opposed to it.
    And of course once you combo it with Sure Gamble...
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    Whipporwill got a reaction from Soakman in Dunwich Legacy Spoilers (Team Covenant)   
    So, beginning to have some doubts about how much play testing was done on this. I know the game as a co-op isn't required to be as balanced as other games and a little more power here or there really isn't a bad thing, especially as it's narrative driven. But has anyone else just tried a proxy run with Ashcan Pete yet? I tried a quick non-optimized just toss together deck with him last night, pretty just tossing in a bunch of survivor cards and a few neutral cards and he pretty much finished the intro scenario before the first agenda even advanced. It felt like I was two handing the game while only requiring I find clues for 1 investigator.
    He essentially starts with a 4 in Will, Intellect, and Strength, a weapon for +1 dmg, and a built in move + investigate as well. Just starting with Duke saves so many actions that other investigators have to spend even getting set up or finding their pieces, and moving. What Ashcan Pete gets to start with felt like what another investigator would feel like if they got to start with an infinitely loaded gun, Leo De Luca, and a magnifying glass, none of which took up any slots, for free. And Duke isn't even required to be paid for to start, nor does he take up the highly competitive Ally Slot, both of which could theoretically be applied to him and he would still feel like the absolute best investigator in the game by another order of magnitude. He was such a super solo it really felt unfair to everyone else that might play because he just does pretty much everything so well. I have trouble seeing how his downsides balance out all the upsides. I felt was like playing with a CoDzilla from D&D 3rd edition days where yes, the party is along, but they really aren't required, they're just along to watch the super solo do everything. 
    Maybe the balance is in a long term Campaign game where trauma might eventually make him unfeasible, but in one offs or short campaigns it feels like at the least he should be required to use a separate harder token bag so everyone else still feels useful.
    To clarify I'm really, honestly, not complaining, I'm delighted that both my and my wife's favorite investigators were in the first expansion, I just really don't see how what he gets vs. every other investigator is even remotely close. Without spoiling anything, can anyone who has used the new expansion comment on whether their own experiences are different? Is it just a case of the core scenario just happening to be too easy for him?
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