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  1. Pretty sure that’s Jenny Barnes and not Jacqueline Fine on Hot Streak and Backstab. They have been pretty consistent in making the the double strand pearl necklace Jenny wears another signature tell in her art.
  2. Thought the articale said 66 new cards total? Most likely yes this will be the only way to get the cards in the set both encounter and player. Splash art showed leveled up talents for Physical Training and Hyperawareness, with 2 pips each for each of the relevant icons. Image was too low res to see how the text on the card changed, or the level though. So figure all the core set talents upgraded as well as at least 1 more card per class as we know about the level 3 rabbit’s foot.
  3. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/1/9/return-to-the-night-of-the-zealot/
  4. Then perhaps I should give examples: Investigator, Jenny Barnes engaged with 1 enemy. She uses Cheapshot and currently has Jenny's Twin .45s, Lone Wolf and a lvl 2 Switchblade in hand. Can she commit any of those cards to the Cheapshot test? Can she commit Lonewolf? Why or why not? If she commits her twin .45s does her final skill total equal 7 or 9? Why? If she commits the level 2 Switchblade is her final skill total 7 or 8? Why?
  5. So a new theme seems to be developing with Rogue cards, that of adding the agility icon to another skill test. Both Lockpicks and Cheapshot are in this model as well as the forthcoming Suggestion. My question is how does committing cards interact with this? Example: I have previously bought a copy of Streetwise with experience and am currently engaged with an enemy. I decide to use Cheapshot on the enemy engaged with me. I have a player window to boost agility with Streetwise and so can add my base agility plus the agility boost from Streetwise to the test. Can I also commit cards with the Agility icon on them to the test? With a follow up question/comment. If I can't commit cards with only an agility Icon, can I commit cards with both a Combat and Agility Icon on them and count both icons, or can I only count the Combat Icon? I've read conflicting and well reasoned arguments both for and against doing so.
  6. I still have my l5r disc wars ffg produced back in the day. I still use my False Hoturi and Kachiko for random game counters.
  7. Jenny is my favorite Investigator and so this is a must purchase for me.
  8. Usually 2 weeks. So that would be the 26th, which tallies with the tentative release on the Warstore website.
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/ Title says it all.
  10. MINOR SPOILERS: Just a quick note, you made a mistake in how the scenario works. You can't use Duke to Investigate the Base of the Hill or the Ascending Path to discover the Diverging or Altered path locations. The ability to discover those locations is contained within an investigate action printed on the location card. In much the same way that you can't combine Duke with a weapon, the action to investigate and thereby discover a new location is a totally distinct Investigate action from a generic player created one. You also can't use Flashlights, Look What I Found, Rite of Seeking, Drawn to the Flame, or any of the other standard ways Investigators with low Intellect normally use to offset that deficiency. You can only succeed at finding the paths by taking the encounter card's Investigate action, and then passing it with your base Intellect + any static or pumped bonuses, and committed skill pips.
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