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    FlyingToaster reacted to pickirk01 in If you could change 1 thing...   
    No Obstacles.
    What idiot of a commander would send his forces into a place where you are as likely to die from the terrain as enemy fire.  And if the enemy went in, I would just wait for them to come out after they have battered half their own ships to bits.  Seeing as they would be looping and dodging around to get through, you could just put the throttle down and go around, beating them to the other side.
    Even if you want to say its fluff from the movie, let us recall the dialog on the Falcon when they do go into an asteroid field:
    Leia - "You're not actually going INTO an asteroid field!?"
    Han - "They'd be crazy to follow us wouldn't they?"
    Threepio - "Sir, the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are 3720 to 1!"
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Deimos in If you could change 1 thing...   
    Separate damage and accuracy dice to give better distinction between weapons, particularly missiles and torpedoes. Missile should hit more often but not nearly as hard as torpedoes and those should rarely hit anything with a halfway decent agility value but when they do hit like a mac truck.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to svelok in Opinion: Veteran Turret Gunner ruling should be reversed   
    It would be much easier and touch far fewer mechanics than to just make VTG cost 7 points for ships with a front arc and 4 points for ships without one.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Force Majeure in Happy Friday - Which faction has the best tie fighter....   
    No matter how many people chime in, there won't be a clear choice leading the final tally... because I assure you it's going to be a tie.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Racejoe in What Do Players Think Is Difficult Thats Actually Easy?   
    Emptying your wallet at your FLGS when a new wave drops
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Pink_Viking in Padme's *what* initiative?!   
    Initiative =/= pilot skill.
    It's more of a compromise between skill, aggressiveness, adaptability and quickness of pilot's reactions. 
    "In reality" Activation phase doesn't happen in steps, everything more or less happens at the same time. Better and/or faster pilots are able to respond to enemies' movements.
    I1 TIE Defender pilots are probably more skilled than I2 Rebel pilots, but they rely on orders from superiors and often can't take the initiative. I2 Rebel didn't go through the same training as I1 Defender, but he's able to think for himself and make his own ddcisions more often.
    So while Ahsoka would be the better pilot here, she still mostly serves under other Jedi, relying on their leadership. On the other hand Padmé is expected to lead her force, so she has to be more proactive than Ahsoka.
    This is the best I could come up with, tho I tend to agree that I3 would seem more appropriate...

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    FlyingToaster reacted to MegaSilver in Padme's *what* initiative?!   
    For all we know this is younger Ahsoka we first see (hence "Snips"), and not as experienced?
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Cubanboy in Happy Friday.... Palp is the new Sabine   
    Hello and Happy Friday.
    With Ep 9 maybe having the Palp in it I want to know if Palp ends up in most factions like the Sabine did, would you be ok with this?
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Matanui3 in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    “Each form of programming can take a unique set of upgrades.”
    Wow, FFG is really making pushing design space in interesting directions.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Vector Strike in Hyena Article - Living Starfighters   
    OMG, I think Kraken finally met a worthy opponent!

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    FlyingToaster reacted to ThinkingB in X-wing ships and real life counterparts?   
    X-Wing: P-51 Mustang or a Corsair. Pretty good at most things, but the best at dogfighting. The ship that can fight, bomb, escort; anything that is needed. The precursor to "do everything" fighters like F-4s, F-15s, and now F-35s and the E-Wing in universe.
    Y-Wing: Ilyishun-Il 2. Less nimble and older, but good at attacking ground targets and good at taking a beating. Susceptible to AA and Interceptors, but capable of defending itself with its turret. A well respected old workhorse.
    Tie Defender: Me 328. The top of the line, extreme super fighter. Only the top pilots got to fly them and they were a force to be reckoned with. In a straight line, it could catch any other fighter, but it was expensive and difficult to mass produce.
    Tie Fighter: A6M Zero. Nothing fancy, but a respectable fighter when flown in great numbers and due to the fierce aggression of its pilots. Easy to mass produce and swarm, but susceptible to heavy losses when facing superior dog fighters.
    There's more, but these are the main ones that clearly stick out to me.
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    FlyingToaster got a reaction from Npmartian in This Scene Reimagined   
    I kind of like it, but not really. 
    The biggest aspect of the OT saber fights I really liked was the character interaction. The original version of this fight is all about Obi-wan and Vader talking to each other, with a little bit of sword swinging. It's interesting, it has characterisation, and it develops things.
    This loses the interesting character stuff, burying it under fancy tricks.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to millertime059 in This Scene Reimagined   
    Spot on @ficklegreendice. I thought that scene from Rebels was just about perfect as well.
    Like you I don’t want to take away from what the creators did. It is well executed and skillfully made. I approve and applaud their enthusiasm. I do think it doesn’t fit the characters or tone of ANH. Not that the original fight, or the reimagined one, are inherently ‘better’ or ‘worse’. Just that the original is more tonally consistent (for good reason!) with the original film.
    However, in a different context or film, the reimagined may fit better. 
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    FlyingToaster reacted to ficklegreendice in This Scene Reimagined   
    First, don't let my comments downplay the amount of effort that must have gone into this video. I admire the creators and the awesome job they did bringing this re-imagination to life.
    But I do agree it doesn't really fit the characters. It's a bit too much like the prequels in terms of flourish and lack of consequence.
    In my personal, unsollicted opinion, a fight between these characters should play out like something out of a Kurosawa fight (lots of tension, short bursts of action)
    Or what Disney managed to pull off:
    EDIT: oh right
    Not a fan of TLJ, but Kylo v Luke is another thing I thought the original Obi v Darth could've been, just Obi desperately stalling for time against an opponent he can't beat (only Obi is obviously a real body)
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    FlyingToaster reacted to RedHotDice in This Scene Reimagined   
    You do realize that Vader walked slowly and just swung his light saber and force-chooked some guys in the R1 scene, which is spot on and not at all like the scene shown here. Had he moved fast and like a young man the Rebels would not have escaped with the Death Star plans.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Comte Oseric in This Scene Reimagined   
    You realized that this happen like, ten days after Vader breached into the Rebel ship, massacred everyone, and just let the Tantive IV escaped....   
    Vader is not a old man.
    This <<alt- scene>> is super cool and is EXACTLY what it should has been.  The movie scene is an insult to the Jedi-ability.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Dr Zoidberg in This Scene Reimagined   
    It's a big bucket of nope from me.  The original fight is just fine.  Just like the prequels and the new trilogy, this "re-imagining" misses the point. 
    The original trilogy lightsaber duels aren't about the physicality; they're about the the emotion driving them.  In ANH, its the first time they've faced off since Vader became Vader.  Kenobi is now outmatched, and he knows it.  But he's going to sacrifice himself so Luke can escape.  In ESB, it's about how Luke is young and reckless and isn't ready to face Vader-and he suffers the consequences for it.  And in ROTJ, it's about Luke giving into his anger for that split moment that allows him to beat Vader but having the self-knowledge and control to recognise what was happening and let go of his anger; fulfilling the final requirement to become a true Jedi.
    The fights aren't long and there are no theatrics.  No swishy sabre twirlings etc.  It's raw emotion conveyed physically.  
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    FlyingToaster reacted to theBitterFig in This Scene Reimagined   
    Folks who put this together did something technically impressive.
    But it feels kinda off to me.  I think the clash of eras gets at me, but the knockdowns, the force throws, all the sabers through the walls and stuff.  There just seems something so wrong about Vader punching Obi-Wan.  I know a lot of great choreographed combat sometimes tosses folks around like this (just rewatched Avatar: TLA and LOK: amazing fight choreography), but it just doesn't seem to fit.  My favorite duel in Star Wars is Luke/Vader RotJ, so that forms my ideal.  Story-beats have to come before action-beats in truly great Lightsaber combat.
    Well, at least it's not any time Yoda lifts a lightsaber.  Yoda with a lightsaber is what I'd consider the worst idea in Star Wars history.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to player3010587 in This Scene Reimagined   
    Tbf, I love the scene as a nice thing as its own. But it sticks out like a sore thumb if watched with the rest of the movie. Not only is it visually different, but different cinematography, directing, and pacing. Part of the charm of '77 Star Wars is how much it is a movie (and a highly idealized form of it) of its time. The scene, as awesome as it is in a vacuum (hence the cuts to get back to the obi vader action in the video), feels more like a badass prequel than actual '77 Star Wars.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Red Castle in This Scene Reimagined   
    The guy really have talent, there is really no doubt there.
    But I actually prefer the real scene, I was never a fan of the big flashy lightsaber duels. One of my favorite duel is actually Obi-Wan vs Maul in Rebels, where everything is going on in the mind.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Maui. in This Scene Reimagined   
    By itself, it's a pretty cool fight scene. There's some awesome stuff in there. But it really just doesn't work as part of that particular movie. It feels too different in too many ways.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to RedHotDice in This Scene Reimagined   
    I have to be honest.. and I dislike it. These two guys are old men by now, they should NOT be fighting like young men - I far prefer the orignal scene in the movie.
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Hiemfire in Getting a warning on this site?   
    Chrome phone app and Microsoft Edge as well. It isn't a "Firefox" thing...
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    FlyingToaster reacted to dotswarlock in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    Whenever you risk bumping an asteroid or ship with either your ship or template, simply ask your opponent to hold it down for you.  Some moves either clear or bump by half a millimeter, but you’ll never really know what would have happened if you accidentally hit a model along the way… and accidents to happen as the day stretches on.
    So working as a team to maintain game coherency is a good way for both plays to have a great time!
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    FlyingToaster reacted to Magnus Grendel in Unwritten Rules of Tournament X-Wing   
    Wipe Them Out. All Of Them.
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