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  1. FlyingToaster

    No App updates since release?

    So ninja fixes. That's cool internally, but not that great for customers ?
  2. FlyingToaster

    No App updates since release?

    FFG updated the App on release day or the day after, which gave me hope that the buggy semi-functional mess would actually become a decent product soon. But now, a few weeks down the line, there have been no updates. If they are a competent development team using Agile development process, they should have a new shippable product ready by now. So why have we not seen an update? Surely they see that updates are sorely needed...
  3. FlyingToaster

    DoubleHan list

    So, either Han is really really good at multitasking, or there's yet another bug in the app. 6 •Han Solo (92) - Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter (116 pts) Trick Shot (1) Inertial Dampeners (1) Shield Upgrade (4) Han Solo (12) Millennium Falcon (6) DoubleHan.pdf
  4. FlyingToaster

    How are your 2.0 games going?

    Being able to fail actions is an amazing improvement! The tension it adds, choosing if you want to take the chance on boosting or something, is really good.
  5. FlyingToaster

    Squad Builder: Feature wishlist

    An addition to this: I want to be able to go into the conversion kit and select what I actually have from it. E.g. I don't have a ghost, or a YT-2400, or a K-wing. Currently those things clog up the ship list, so I want an option to select 'I don't have these, don't show them'. I also only have 2 Z-95s, not the 4 the kit supports, so I want to be able to specify that somewhere.
  6. FlyingToaster

    Squad Builder: Feature wishlist

    * Offline mode * Dials * A collection feature that actually works (I can select 'composure' for my squads despite not having Lando's Falcon). I can also select an infinite number of (for example) Y-wings, despite there only being dials/cards for 2 in the conversion kit. * View cards by what expansion they are in * Keep track of wins/losses by squad, preferably including what ships were destroyed/Half HP in each win/loss * Filter squads by various settings (game type, faction, contains certain pilot, etc.)
  7. FlyingToaster

    Does collection do anything?

    Yep, it seems to be another broken feature. And, as you say, it also needs a way to limit what you have from the conversion kits.
  8. FlyingToaster

    I would like an apology and explanation please

    I'm 99% sure that QA found all these things, but there were other bugs that were higher on the priority list. The more important bugs could be anything, from squads not saving, to only one save slot, to points only calculating the last ship, to anything. As a QA guy myself, a LOT of things are found, but programmers only have so much time, especially when there is a definite release date like here.
  9. FlyingToaster

    so how about that app.

    Not being able to see the dial is a pain. When I'm sitting on a tram or something playing around with lists, I don't generally have the dials with me...
  10. FlyingToaster

    It's only online.... No off line mode

    Came here just to complain about this. It must have been a design decision to allow for easy updating, but it makes no sense. Let me download everything as an update on wifi (modern phones have plenty of storage space). My favourite place to build lists is on the metro (subway), and with this list builder, I can't do that.
  11. FlyingToaster


    Polish, by the look of the names. That doesn't mean low quality, though, look at the Witcher games and GOG.com.
  12. FlyingToaster

    Your Favorite 1.0 Memory

    My first (and only) tournament was at the height of parattini. One guy had netlisted it and desperately wanted to win the tournament. I was flying a Rey/Corran combo, because it seemed fun. My very first shot killed Fenn Rau. The guy's face was amazing.
  13. FlyingToaster

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    Urgh. Was excited, now absolutely, not. The animation style doesn't fit Star Wars at all, and it just looks, well, cheap.
  14. Spartan went under for a few reasons, but design ADD was a big one - they stopped supporting old games, so people stopped buying stuff. Halo licence being expensive (and the same ADD carrying over there - Halo ground combat was being worked on before Halo space combat was out the door). Microsoft took back the Halo licence, and all the moulds were destroyed, so it looks like no new Halo minis game for a long time, if ever. The stripped down version of Star Fleet Battles is Federation Commander, and it's great. But back on topic.... One big drawback from most movies (and even TV shows) for an X-wing style game is that they simply don't have many ships. BSG has 2 human fighter types (one of which dies at the flick of a cylon EW switch), and one support type. The Cylons have 1 fighter type and maybe 1 support type (it's been a while since I watched it). I've never watched Babylon 5 (something I intend to correct...), but I gather it has more types. I agree that computer game universes, like Wing Commander, might do better, but they don't have the instant recognition factor (the same goes for FFG's Twilight Imperium universe).
  15. Does it include a comb?