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  1. gasgraham

    Shadow self

    No, it doesn’t.
  2. Thanks for the insight guys. Never would have occured to me to track these things. Not that I need worry about it now anyway, given the ruling! ?
  3. I don’t come from a competitive card game background and I’m a little confused - why would no note taking be a bad thing? What notes would you take if permitted?
  4. I’ve a deck with Brobnar 3 x punch plus lava ball. It’s a simple card but very irritating for my opponent - great for getting rid of those low power nuisance cards or chipping off armour etc
  5. I haven’t used the decks with them in yet but have got the 4 horsemen twice in the 5 decks I’ve opened. I need less Sanctum - All 5 of my decks have Sanctum as a faction. Guess I must be especially pious!
  6. gasgraham

    Great Success!

    Here here! My expectations for the game were sky high and it has even managed to surpass them. Here’s to a long and successful Keyforge future!
  7. I enjoyed it. Thought the commentary was nice and casual yet informative - especially when options for manouvers etc were being discussed. Your crits were nice and clear as were the damage updates on the overlay. I would have liked maybe a touch longer on the list overlays at the start? Felt I needed a bit more time to digest what you each had taken. I’m a casual player (rather than tournament focused) and I enjoy watching x wing game play with commentary when I get a spare moment. Really enjoyed the overall style of this one and look forward to your next video. Keep it up!
  8. Worked fine till a couple of days ago. It now won’t let me save any squads.
  9. The softening of the game faces of my tournament opponents and the eagerness with which they point out my numerous missed triggers/opportunities etc seems to indicate I’m not viewed as much of a threat..... Easiest ‘no’ ever! ?
  10. Keeping. But it’s just shoved in the loft. Pilot cards have been donated to my 5 year old - he loves going through the pictures and playing the odd bit of pilot-stat top trumps!
  11. Found that and been playing around with it today. Use to use Aurora which I really liked.... but definitely now a fan of Launch Bay.
  12. Core set and one of each conversion kit. My FLGS even emailed me to confirm it’s all there and put aside for me including promo damage deck etc. Nothing like pleasing customer service to calm the release day nerves. 2.5 hours of work to go and it’ll be in my hands
  13. Oh I know.... Just keen to see what ffg come up with.
  14. I’m running 3 interceptors plus stuff at first. Never used a single interceptor before - just never got round to it. So they will be first to hit the 2.0 tables.
  15. Like every 2 mins or so! How am I supposed to work today?? 8 hours till my 2.0 pre orders are in my eager hands.... going to be a long day! Anyone else struggling? ?
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