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  1. I'm sad that your experience or impression of Force-user PCs seems less than the potential of non-Force-using characters. If trying to compare Han Solo or R2D2 to a Jedi (using your word, "Jedi"), I think we begin comparing apples and oranges. A Droid PC can have a boastful characteristic of 6, but a versatile and universal human - not as easily. Is this also unbalanced, then? NO PC begins as a Jedi. To begin to emulate the films, we've Knight Level play, which is still only a beginning step along the Jedi path. I imagine lots of Force users at table across the globe advance their Force-users without having immediate access to a mentor or explicit training. What - specifically - do you wish a Force-using character COULD/Should do, but doesn't seem able to do? First, might I ask if you've also stat'd up a high-level NON-Force user, too, for comparison's sake?
  2. As for duelists using Presence, I made the accepting leap easily enough: Who is more likely to engage with others so poorly or well enough as to necessitate a personal duel? The Charismatic character, whose dice pool likely includes a handful of personal-scale social skills, like Charm, fits the answer for me.
  3. Remember, this is a GAME. Anyone's adherence to RAW or canonical references doesn't need anyone else's approval, support, LIKEs, etc., beyond their own play table. The massive rainstorm on the Chirrut Imwe Parade has now invoked other forum members' medical history (and without their acknowledgment in said thread), trolling and heavily dismissive opinions, and outright refusal to consider other canonical sources or ideas. Is this the best we got? Is this a welcoming community? Can we not agree to disagree without tearing down someone else or their ideas? Just...wow...
  4. Episode VIII: * The Phantom Actors * Revenge of the CGI Actors * Attack of the CGI Everything * The Emperor's New Hope * Return of the RIP Actors
  5. What if the Force won't allow someone to perish until their DESTINY has been fulfilled. How many times could Luke, Leia, Han, and even Vader survive so many terrific situations? --> As many times as the Force needed to keep 'em alive until their Destiny was fulfilled. Once each Rogue One hero completed their primary purpose (per the Force), they bite dust. Would the Force intervene? Would the stuff that binds all of us together have some proportional influence on our actions (or the actions of others)? Maybe this is why Stormtroopers' blasters miss so comically against our primary heroes, yet they've no problem with other targets as part of a vast military regime. If one were to "see" the Force in this way, like a Taoist flow of purposeful energy, one might start chanting, "I am one with the Force..." because that person didn't want to waste their Destiny. Again, "seeing" terrible events unfolds around one's self might further galvanized this view of the Force (and Destiny. <-- See what I did there )
  6. I find a surprisingly lack of empathy or encouragement for how others choose to play a fictional character at their game tables.
  7. The Seeker:Hermit with a Force 3 talent tree begs you to reconsider how one may become one with the Force.
  8. I also saw somewhere that it was mentioned that because his staff has a kyber crystal in its tip, and fhe Chirrut's hearing is that sensitive he can hear it's harmonic so that he can better utilize his staff in combat.For a little further info http://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2016/11/is-donnie-yens-rogue-one-character-chirrut-imwe-force-sensitive-or-not.html Thanks- those Tweets help build my case for a Destiny Point Flippin' narrative style of play. "We agree I can flip a DP. As I do crazy-ridiculous things, I chant incessantly, 'I am One with the Force, and the Force is with me... "Oh, I know I'm going to have setback dice to this action, which is why I remind our GM of my kyber crystal staff and my echo-box transmitter.. <<rolls dice>> "Aaaand, I got two Triumphs! Yeah, I did that cool thing even better than I imagined. Give credit to the Force, though, as I always do." gg
  9. If we accept that the previously-referenced character biography does indeed restrict Chirrut Imwe from having Force abilities, I think a lot of forum commentators will eat their hats. In a way, FFG SWRPG fans will have to build a narrative character without easiest access to the (Force) mechanics desired, if they earnestly want to build Imwe per canon. Nope- Disney didn't do it wrong; FFG did it right! This RPG pushes narrative play to describe outcomes more than dice pools or talents. If this wasn't the case, forum specialists wouldn't collectively admonish new characters to dump XP into characteristics over talents or Force powers. Instead, we allow narration to guide the game. Sure, a starting sharpshooter may not have their coolest talents in play right away, but that doesn't mean the character is worthless. We must allow for players to help dictate how the dice results affect the game outcome. We now have to really consider how much narrative fluff we use when building a story, not just a race to the next Force power or rating, or in this case...even access to a Force-talent tree (where those Force talents are taken). Yes, Imwe did a lot of heroics, but I contend his situation magnified his need to be heroic. Likewise, Lando was just a gambling figurehead of Bespin until circumstances thrust him into action. Similarly, Han was just a very good pilot/drug smuggler until he faced a unique situation. Imwe could easily have been a depressed monk who never found a mentor to nurture his Force curiosities, but narrates his action under the guise of the Force. He thinks he can...he thinks he can...he thinks he can...he is one with the force...etc. Really there was a LOT Of really bad things happening to our film heroes. Sounds like a lot of Light Side Destiny Points being flipped to compensate for blind setback dice. Sure, he accomplished something ah-maze-ing, but what happened next? Something really, really bad/worse. However, could we build him using a FR1+ career/specialization, yet never take Force talents? What happened to all of the naysayers who suggest we cannot/shouldn't build canonical characters?
  10. **POSSIBLE SPOILERS** (At what point can we dismiss with spoiler warnings?) Very soon (if not already), Rogue One will financially eclipse anything FFG SWRPG has produced. Does Disney care about backwards compatibility from a character biography into an RPG? I doubt it. However, shortly after the movie releases, we get a Martial Artist in the Bounty Hunter career supplement. I think FFG is spot-on with its character options at just the right time. Sure, Imwe did a lot of really impressive things, all while reciting a personal mantra. Shortly after he did these incredible things, really bad stuff happened. To me, at least, I can see his accomplishments originating from Destiny Point flips. His recitation adds the narrative flavor as to why the Light Side Point(s) flipped into Dark Side points, and their mission goes south for their character longevity. To me, Imwe becomes much more tragic as a character who can do awesome things as a devote to the Church of the Force...and yet never has Force powers. Who would have taught him, anyway, on an Imperial-governed planet, after Order 66? Am waiting to see this thread derail into a Han Solo vs Chirrut Imwe Force Sensitivity throwdown. We wouldn't even need to roll for initiative: Han shoots first while Chirrut readies his defenses.
  11. Hi, everybody. I just wanted to say thanks for asking a question I had floating in my mind, too. Would a Chagrian have the option to double-up on its talent option, or would they HAVE to both be the same? Thanks!
  12. I think an easy guesstimate would include one Consular with a Conflict talent. Each FnD career seems to have at least one (Aside: Will Warrior have 2 conflict talent trees?). Maybe this conflicted Force User would be concentrating more on the heal/HARM power, or at least be optimally suited.
  13. As a fan of OCG, is there a way we can help (aside from throwing dollars at him, but that also could help)? If I were to take a book, like Endless Vigil, and start typing species fluff and crunch into a .docx file, would it be helpful? If so, any formatting guidelines? See where I'm going with this question?
  14. You got this, bruh- Consider skipping Farsight, since its sooo obvious (even the PC can see it!), and encourage them to take Sense and Seek. Demonstrate how hard being blind may actually be. I submit how a few sessions of not fully being able to do exactly what the PC wants will cause them to lessen the design demands of their character.
  15. Naboo hosted a significant canonical battle featuring droids. Are you sure all battle droids were reclaimed/recycled? Does its (now flawed) programming suggest capture/extermination of Naboo's Queen or other regent? Does it merely seek to live out its 'life' as a moisture farmer, or as a rival droid tech who repairs its brethren? Did it capture a member of the entrepreneur's family as it fulfills invasion programming? Did the pilot discover the hovel of this droid- a semi-functional droid deployment tank? Naboo is also a Force nexus. Have fun with Darth Binks rebuilding a droid army in secret, beneath the waves. PCs could be hired out by mysteriously robed figures (shhh- Jedi or Sith) to undertake a salvage expedition at a battle site. Find a super-droid, or a Palpatine-stashed holocron, and the PCs are in the middle of a Force-users battle. A rival droid pod-racer deconstructs itself into its smallest possible body frame to reduce pod weight, and seriously skews gambling odds at the last minute...unless the PCs can craft countermeasures quickly. By using this new technology or adaptations, demand (and criminal inquiries) rises for their abilities in quality craftmanship at a good prices and prompts repeated test piloting of improvements. This could even lead to PCs being summoned by an offworld pod racer or gambler. Do these ideas whet your appetite for GMing?
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