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  1. I totally agree, even though I've still bought 3 core sets (which i now sort of regret). The difference I think between Xwing and this is that Xwing only take a few models to play where as Rune Wars is a larger investment. It is risky to wait a year for only 4 factions. Will the interest still be there? We'll have to wait and see, but I agree it isn't worth the risk
  2. But 40k's also getting the AoS Treatment this year. Of course I can only speculate but I feel pretty safe saying that the number of models on the board will probably be lower with the new rules. Not to mention the new squad based games they're pumping out for 40k like Armageddon
  3. Chances are you were holding it too far away (relative to the temp outside) some of the paint dries before it reaches the model
  4. I believe the age of epic scale miniature games is more or less over. Small skirmish sized games seem to be far more popular (IE Guild ball, malifaux, Infinity, Batman etc). Many games still fall in between (warmachine, age of sigmar). Although the argument could be made that age of sigmar can be quite large depending on the faction (looking at you skaven). Still, it's evident that companies realize not many are interest in such large armies. Examples: Warmachine increasing the number of warjack points so armies can take more large models, and less units. Age of sigmar did the same thing more or less, making larger models, but less of them.
  5. Looks like your primer got a little grainey on ya. Also, and this is just my OCD hobbyist talking them flash lines... Other than that looks good
  6. Really need a FAQ on this one. Had her kill off an entire unit of reanimates and Ardus last night with it. All while engaged with my carrion lancer.
  7. OHHHHH that makes complete sense.
  8. I really just want to see a lot more unit options, which I know we'll get there eventually but as it stands (like any new table top) it's pretty slim pickin's. But honestly I just want to see some more unique/original models. Right now, while some of them models are nice (carrion lancer, golem) a majority of them are pretty bland/vanilla.
  9. I used to have an emperor scorpion as a pet, her name was Skarner. She was a big softie!
  10. I did just that, used Vallejo Gloss Varnish still scraped.
  11. I think I'll be switching to the new elves when those come out if this is the generic look Waiqar is going to go in.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks these heroes so far (except the one that comes in the core box) are kind of meh? Like, the new vampire guy is super generic looking and the necromancer's staff is pretty dumb looking.
  13. I put the Waiqar hero into his base snuggly and when I removed him, all the paint on the sides was stripped off in one go.
  14. Wait, dont you need to remove minis from their trays when one gets killed. like for example let's say 1 out of the 4 archers gets killed?
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