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  1. Here is a list I'v had alot of success with http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=112017&key=07fa25320b7b8b0b80e1fae2c35c9a3a E-wings are best used with flight controllers and All fighters follow me. With speed 5 and range two you always strike first. And 4 blue (5 with corran) is pretty dangerous!
  2. I'm originally from Somerset! I have moved to Sheffield but I visit the folks every so often. Ever heard of a town called Bridgwater?
  3. I'v had alot of fun with this list http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=112017&key=07fa25320b7b8b0b80e1fae2c35c9a3a Activating 4 E wing's and Horn with flight controllers melts most imperial fighter balls. Mainly because they can't hide from a speed 5 ship with snipe. Then their hull 5 and bomber means they are still effective vs enemy ships
  4. E wings best advantage is its speed 4 AND snipe, so they should ALWAYS be able to shoot the enemy first. Coupled with Bomber and a high hull and a respectable 4 dice normal shot, its up there with the best squadron in the game. Give em flight controllers and All fighters follow me, and watch the imperials squadrons get melted.
  5. For most bang for you're buck then A-wings are probably the best choice. Ultimately its how you use you're squadrons. Positioning,tactics and what you what you're squadrons to achieve in the battle. What the A-wing makes up for is versatility. Black die for ships is pretty good. Just don't expect you're A-wing's to take on Tie defenders, leave that for the X's
  6. Mainly "a good chance" was a bit misleading. Still, the A-wing suffers because of its low hull. It's speed is what saves it. Either I must be really unlucky (or my opponent lucky) as interceptor's regularly one shot my A-wings when I fly them
  7. Dameon pretty much covers everything in his post. But an easy way to look at it is this. A wing's are best vs Tie fighters and Tie bombers and rubbish vs everything else. Why? because of their hull 4. Against Tie interceptor's an Interceptor has a good chance to one shot a A-wing. Same for a Tie defender. That and the odds of shooting first are the same. Where as with the Tie fighter, the A-wing should ALWAYS shoot first. Due to higher speed. The X-wing's hull means it will always (unless they have + dice modifiers) survive a shot from an Interceptor or Defender. A wing's rely on their speed to make sure that the targets are dead before they shoot back. Perfect vs Tie fighters.
  8. Undead sums up the whole argument. Yet people carry on talking about "bring bombers" "stay out of its arc".... I don't know the answer to IronNerd's question either, personally I think its an exploitation of the activation mechanic which is the issue. Not an easy one to solve, without changing the rules. Its funny how we had similar discussions about Demo/engine tech, flotilla lifeboats and guess what? They got Errated. I can only hope that in the future they solve the action advantage in the game, for me it denies the opposition tactical decisions by just activating an 18pth-21pt ship on the other side of the board. Hardly a "skillful" choice is it? Its not really a game of skill when you an force an opponents hand and they can't do anything about it.
  9. "Simply that ships, squadrons and upgrades are currently costed to be balanced without this mechanic. If you change one, but not the other, this balance will inevitably shift, making certain units too good and others simply uncompetitive". I understand what you are saying, but that's why game designers errata rules. Or change the costs of upgrades. I still think that Sato is too cheap for his points, in a normal game. And I'm complaining that large ships are too crap in the normal game too. Due to Activation advantage and first player.
  10. IronNerd hits the nail right on the head with this. He isn't talking about what to bring to the table, he is talking about what actual tactical choices a player can make to combat this. Having a high bid and 7 activation's makes it so easy to use the Avenger/BT fleet it's ridiculous. But more importantly the opponent can't stop the Avenger going Last/first, then firing first on the next turn after that. Similar to the MSU 4 MC30 list. A player cannot stop the opponent playing an Mc30 last/first and then flying off. Any high Activation list with a high bid, effectively cuts any "skillful" choice from the opposing player. Making the game less about skill, as you force the opponent to play ships before you. Then go first. You will always have the most optimal choice's in the game if you are first and high activations
  11. Fair enough if you don't like the pass mechanic, but here is my counter to your strategy. "I sit back let you come to me, annihilate one of your ships with Avenger bidding heavily(if not all) of my bid points for the turn I know I'll need first, turn 3-4, to guarantee it. This fighter complement will delete almost anything it comes up against with swarm boosted 6 blue dice interceptors and 3b2b Valen(this is evil and has one-shot X-wings). Sloane now means they aren't useless against ships and, in fact, are quite mean. Oh and a Glad 2 Demo for AA boost to guarantee clear skies, then, ship killin'." If we are playing for "bidding every turn" you will either not bid any points until you need them for Avenger/BT in which case I will go first for every round until then, and every round after (because you have bidded all of you're points). But also it makes you're force highly predictable if you are relying on going last/first. With the bidding system a player can "bait" an opponent, by this I mean I set up a ship behind the main one you will jump in and then shoot next turn, meanwhile you might destroy one ship but my other one next to it will fire when you move into range, but more importantly I will go first next turn, so it will fire again. If you are playing the normal rules a player cannot do this. Because one player will always go first, but in this scenario an MC30/gladitor/ raider with external racks will fire twice at you're ship after you have done you're maneuver. By having the player "bid" for turns, the individual places his/hers own value on each turn, but the more value he/her places on a turn, the higher chance it is for the other player to go first next. Thus resetting the place of power in the game. And it makes it so a plan is never "guaranteed". So you can't ever have a scenario when one of your ships will ALWAYS go first every turn. Where as, in the normal game this is the case. While "alpha striking" isn't a new concept in the game, only up to now with the Quazar have people seen that activating squadrons all at once in a key rule for winning the squadron game. In this scenario lets say you did. While it is powerful, I highly doubt you could destroy all of a players squadrons. Maximum of 6 (with a bit of luck), so the rest fire back, but more importantly, because there is no guarantee of who will be first player next, there is a good chance that the other player will go first next round and then wipe out you're squadrons. Again, if this was a normal game you can Alpha strike on you're last activation, then first on the next round, firing twice for the opponents one. "but this game was designed with activation's having a quantity/quality balance and it just throws the balance all the way to quality when you add a pass rule" I would actually agree with you if they hadn't put the GR 75 and the Gozanti in the game. For the Rebel player you can pay 18pts to effectively "pass" making the imperials suffer for having large ships. 18pts to always have "tactical" superiority every turn in the game is crazy, and has nothing to do with player skill. Same goes for the Gozanti. Why does a player get penalized for wanting to bring a Dual ISD list? Or two big ships? The worst thing about it is that a player can do NOTHING if the opponent can out activate them by 2+ or have first player and 1+ activation. No amount of Skill/tactic/objective/commands or Guns can stop an opponent from doing that. A Dual ISD list has nothing in its arsenal for stopping an MC30/Glad for going last/first effectively firing twice before their ship gets a turn, in which case the ship has then flown out of range of its guns anyway. Without a pass mechanic, small ships real value come from having more activation's, thus making all of you're ships better because they can react much better to any decision the opponent makes. I would really enjoy having a crack at those fleets. For the record I do actually play the game normally. And while the game is good , I feel that certain mechanics get exploited and palmed off as "player skill" when it really isn't. Any player can fly a 7 list activation with a 20 point bid. Its funny how awhile back two arguments were on the forums, One was about Life-boats (which in our "modded" version we had changed well before the official ruling) and the other was the concept of "passing".
  12. Sorry forgot about my 16 point bid http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=122811&key=f31daef57f9801caba4a6d4b91e9bdd2
  13. http://armadawarlords.hivelabs.solutions/view_list.php?token=122811&key=f31daef57f9801caba4a6d4b91e9bdd2
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