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  1. Captain Rex + Sabines Masterpiece + Hera Syndulla Fenn Rau(Sheathipede-class Shuttle) + A Score To Settle + Tactician + Flight-Assist Astromech Han Solo + Predator + Hotshot Co-Pilot + Gunner + Millennium Falcon idea is to shut down one ship with fenn and 1 or 2 more with han at PS9, and use rex as an annoying gnat that they want to swat instead of the 2 they need to kill, what do you guys think of this concept?
  2. So i am very new to IA, and have been trying to figure out what to buy to make a semi decent list, here is what i have come up with so far. i was told obi wan wasnt very good for the current map rotation, but not sure how i might replace him aside from maybe throwing in Davith or jyn and rebel high command... tips or advice would be very helpful, i havent tried this list yet as i dont have everything for it yet. ◄9▪ Drokkatta◄7▪ Ko-Tun Feralo◄7▪ Obi-Wan Kenobi◄5▪ Jarrod Kelvin◄4▪ Hera Syndulla◄3▪ Gideon Argus◄3▪ R2-D2◄2▪ C-3P0◄0▪ J4X-7◄0▪ Heroic Effort Command Deck: ◄(2) ▪ Heart of Freedom◄(1) ▪ Armed Escort◄(1) ▪ Arcing Shot◄(1) ▪ Field Tactician◄(1) ▪ Tough Luck◄(1) ▪ Negation◄(1) ▪ I Must Go Alone◄(1) ▪ Field Supply◄(0) ▪ Planning◄(0) ▪ Element of Surprise◄(0) ▪ Celebration◄(0) ▪ Disorient◄(0) ▪ Urgency◄(0) ▪ Droid Mastery◄(0) ▪ Take Initiative
  3. the answer you are looking for is this: put stealth device on the Quad, it will allow you to gain a great deal of maneuverability. and yes, take asajj unkar loves Intel agent so he can Barrel roll to cause bumps, this allows him to potentially double tractor a ship, or tractor 2 targets! Pattern analyzer is a go to, and lightning reflexes make for some fun shenanigans, as your entire dial basically becomes a K-turn, if you decide to upgrade to Sarco that is(drop the IA for it, and concord title for the reflexes! 100 points PILOTS Unkar Plutt (24) Quadjumper (17), Intelligence Agent (1), Pattern Analyzer (2), Cloaking Device (2), Spacetug Tractor Array (2) Fenn Rau (34) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Push the Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Asajj Ventress (42) Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Push the Limit (3), Latts Razzi (2)
  4. put some practice in with this, assuming you have 2 stealth devices. Carnor, just use him to angle to deny action/token usage over getting a shot, but dont leave him exposed in the process. Dark curse can be pretty difficult to kill as long as you dont let them get multiple shots off on him, Soontir is your premier arc dodger, if you pick up a star viper for auto thrusters he can be more than a bit trying to kill, i would highly recommend picking one up and stacking it with the stealth device! Mauler likes to close hard and fast for the 4 dice attacks, but he is rather squishy, try to side swipe engages: never joust, angle through the rocks in the middle then try to punch through on their side and get behind them, if they K turn you can do it the following, as long as they dont get behind you, you should be fine. If they get behind you utilize the pure speed these ships possess and GTFO! 99 points PILOTS Soontir Fel (33) TIE Interceptor (27), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3) Carnor Jax (29) TIE Interceptor (26), Push the Limit (3) “Mauler Mithel” (18) TIE Fighter (17), Veteran Instincts (1) “Dark Curse” (19) TIE Fighter (16), Stealth Device (3)
  5. you have everything for this except the primed thrusters i think, which come in HOTR, you will have to double check to make sure but given the cards you have, this should give you some decent mileage, Tycho goes action crazy with PTL and EI, rage provides your offensive pressure, Keyan is your damage dealer (if you get HOTR toss inspiring recruit on instead), and Poe is slippery and consistant damage, remember to focus fire your targets down on the initial engage, then become a swarm of wasps with Tycho and Poe AB T70 100 points PILOTS Tycho Celchu (31) A-Wing (26), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Rage (1), Experimental Interface (3), Push the Limit (3) Keyan Farlander (32) B-Wing (29), Collision Detector (0), Rage (1), B-Wing/E2 (1), Nien Nunb (1) Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) (37) T-70 X-Wing (31), BB-8 (2), Primed Thrusters (1), Predator (3), Integrated Astromech (0)
  6. dengar eventually dies, since you try to joust with him, then asajj makes a pretty good closer, just make sure to kill the cancer while dengar is still alive and asajj can usually close it out, i do have some trouble vs other stressers, since you cant PTL till its dead, so like i said...kill the cancer ;p
  7. just run Rage, Inspiring recruit, unhinged, title on Dengar, much cheaper and you can better equip manaroo! or personally i would prefer to run him with asajj get a tanky closer in asajj with dengar's damage
  8. sorry but no not really, you would have to post what you own currently for us to get a feel/be able to help you list build with what you have.
  9. I prefer to fly this, this makes them extremely hard to pin down as it frees up your action economy very well, Dengar has nasty revenge shots, while asajj is a natural tank with latts/focus/evade, and you can even EU out of arcs if you want to, as we all know large ships move pretty far with a boost action. practice flying them to get a feel for how to do it, but focus more on kiting non AT ships to get *free* damage in on your opponents. DENGAR/ASAJJ 99 points PILOTS Dengar (53) JumpMaster 5000 (33), Expertise (4), K4 Security Droid (3), Unhinged Astromech (1), Punishing One (12) Asajj Ventress (46) Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Push the Limit (3), Latts Razzi (2), Engine Upgrade (4)
  10. you could also utilize something like this, palob is essentially bait as you ASTS their biggest threat, and let them know TLT/ASTS/dengar will be their bane! during their mad dash to kill him with their other ships, flank with Guri and Fenn, AT on both of them should heavily mitigate a TLT threat if there is only 1, if there is 2 or more quickly dash in and pop a cherry, you could also drop the cloaking device from Guri in favor of an initiative bid for Fenn, which Fenn LOVES! SCUM BAIT 100 points PILOTS Guri (37) StarViper (30), Adaptability (0), Virago (1), Autothrusters (2), Fire-Control System (2), Cloaking Device (2) Fenn Rau (34) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Push the Limit (3), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Palob Godalhi (29) HWK-290 (20), A Score to Settle (0), Twin Laser Turret (6), Dengar (3)
  11. perhaps try something like this for burst? use m9G8 on the Ywing for rerolls on shots, since the torps will eat your target locks, this will allow for a pretty good chance of dropping 1 ship in first or at least second round of combat, afterward utilize the TLT/VT/M9G8 to pick off the other, use the red to block if you need to, optionally you could take chimps on the Xwing for a guarenteed crit on the alpha strike, which could be better depending on now things go. 68 points PILOTS “Dutch” Vander (38) Y-Wing (23), R2 Astromech (1), Extra Munitions (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Twin Laser Turret (6), Vectored Thrusters (2) Red Squadron Pilot (30) X-Wing (23), M9-G8 (3), Proton Torpedoes (4), Integrated Astromech (0)
  12. for what you are trying to accomplish, this should fit your style a bit better for the stressbot/hammer/biggs trio 99 points PILOTS Keyan Farlander (39) B-Wing (29), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Rage (1), B-Wing/E2 (1), Inspiring Recruit (1) Biggs Darklighter (26) X-Wing (25), R4-D6 (1), Integrated Astromech (0) Braylen Stramm (34) ARC-170 (25), R3-A2 (2), Gunner (5), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2)
  13. This could also be fun, no one is gonna want to target quickdraw for about half the game, use your barrel rolls to line up shots whenever you can, or use focus to keep shields to a minimum of 1 loss per round if you can, maximize your backlash! 60 points PILOTS “Quickdraw” (35) Special Forces TIE (29), Veteran Instincts (1), Accuracy Corrector (3), Special Ops Training (0), Lightweight Frame (2) “Pure Sabacc” (25) TIE Striker (22), Veteran Instincts (1), Adaptive Ailerons (0), Lightweight Frame (2)
  14. Perhaps try something like this? we all know Rey packs a punch, and with miranda switching gears to a weapons platform with TL options, you can pick your poison quickly and still be able to fully modify your attacks! PS8 NUKES 100 points PILOTS Miranda Doni (42) K-Wing (29), Plasma Torpedoes (3), Extra Munitions (2), Homing Missiles (5), Weapons Engineer (3), Long Range Scanners (0) Rey (58) YT-1300 (45), Expertise (4), Finn (5), Kanan Jarrus (3), Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop Version) (1)
  15. this could be pretty fun too for a scum version ;p they both pack a significant punch! N’Dru Suhlak (27) Z-95 Headhunter (17), Homing Missiles (5), “Hot Shot” Blaster (3), Lone Wolf (2), Guidance Chips (0) Fenn Rau (33) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2)
  16. eh swap omega to zeta leader for 11 dice and only 1 at PS 9 ;p
  17. the best 60 points is either a loaded down corran w/ a basic Z or Soontir fel and a X7 generic defender. the rebel list is more forgiving of simple mistakes, as corran is nigh unkillable with focus/evade and regen, both lists are fun to play however, and by playing these lists you can grow quickly as a player, more so if you opt for the imperial list. [UNNAMED SQUADRON] Click to change squadron details 60 points PILOTS Soontir Fel (32) TIE Interceptor (27), Push the Limit (3), Autothrusters (2) Delta Squadron Pilot (28) TIE Defender (30), TIE/x7 (-2) [UNNAMED SQUADRON] Click to change squadron details 60 points PILOTS Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Corran Horn (48) E-Wing (35), R2-D2 (4), Fire-Control System (2), Push the Limit (3), Engine Upgrade (4)
  18. try something more like this, keep them separate keeping poe on the outside, if you want drop PA and give him AT, don't use rey like you want to in the beginning, instead blow past them with the EU and kite them, dangle poe as bait if you want to plow something down, but no matter what you do, rey will die to other turrets, but overall you should be able to either kill something quickly first 2 rounds of combat with rey, or more likely use one or the other as bait, then boost to safety and tear them to pieces. REY AND POE 100 points PILOTS Rey (62) YT-1300 (45), Expertise (4), Kanan Jarrus (3), Finn (5), Millennium Falcon (Segnor's Loop Version) (1), Engine Upgrade (4) Poe Dameron (PS8 Version) (38) T-70 X-Wing (31), R5-P9 (3), Pattern Analyzer (2), Lone Wolf (2), Integrated Astromech (0)
  19. GHOSTLY BIGGS 99 points PILOTS “Zeb” Orrelios (18) Attack Shuttle (18), Phantom (0) Kanan Jarrus (52) VCX-100 (38), Ghost (0), Fire-Control System (2), Twin Laser Turret (6), Recon Specialist (3), Rey (2), Tactical Jammer (1) Biggs Darklighter (29) X-Wing (25), R2-D2 (4), Integrated Astromech (0) try something more like this, you shoulda seen a decent bit of success, just keep biggs on the other side of kanan for the extra defense dice and keep the green maneuvers coming, with Recon spec and rey you can stack up a couple tokens before the fighting starts, after that you should have a steady 3 focus tokens to play with for reducing incoming attacks, and if you keep kanan in the way, biggs gets another defense die when he gets attacked! also dont forget when docked you can shoot out the back arc with the ghost, no real need to K turn, just keep blasting away till biggs dies, after that clean house with kanan
  20. I completely understand the arguments for manaroo, I am not in a hurry to give her up myself, but by taking a scout i feel you have more options to maneuver with, after all, most people tend to focus asajj or try to hunt down manaroo/fenn to delete an annoying threat. the bumpmaster change simply makes it so you can force them to bump you, arc dodge, dial options, and still poke the damage through. I beleive it may take considerable play testing with the errata to determine which is more efficient, of course this also depends on how the meta changes in the weeks to come, i simply felt a bumpmaster could help shut down the newly errata'd X7 defenders!
  21. 5 scariff defenders with LWF and AA
  22. with the nerf to manaroo, some people are wondering how things will change... I believe there are 2 solid choices for revising the list. unless of course you think the change is negligible and want to play it anyway. I think the general consensus however is they should have left manaroo at range 1-2, as range 1 is rather limiting even with it being a large base ship. REVISED PARATTANI 100 points PILOTS Old Teroch (30) Protectorate Starfighter (26), Attanni Mindlink (1), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) Contracted Scout (28) JumpMaster 5000 (25), Intelligence Agent (1), Unhinged Astromech (1), Attanni Mindlink (1) Asajj Ventress (42) Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Attanni Mindlink (1), Latts Razzi (2), Gyroscopic Targeting (2) REVISED PARATTANI 2 100 points PILOTS Contracted Scout (28) JumpMaster 5000 (25), Intelligence Agent (1), Unhinged Astromech (1), Attanni Mindlink (1) Asajj Ventress (40) Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (37), Attanni Mindlink (1), Latts Razzi (2) Fenn Rau (32) Protectorate Starfighter (28), Attanni Mindlink (1), Concord Dawn Protector (1), Autothrusters (2) The first list offers teroch as a token stripper to deal with some of the token stacking meta problems, start off using him as just a focus engine until you find a good time to dash in and strip w/e you choose of its tokens for the team to drop. the bumpmaster change allows for better planning, and the gyroscopic targeting can be used to increase action economy on asajj, or used to *juke* opponents by bluffing the rotation at the end stop leading them to think they know which way you intend to go. The second list simply drops manaroo to a bumpmaster, also made this change in list 1, this will allow you to make more informed choices on what actions to use and when, the unhinged allows you to remove stress more easily. you keep all the rest of the list the exact same.
  23. TURRET TERROR 99 points PILOTS Chewbacca (49) YT-1300 (42), Rage (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), Kanan Jarrus (3), Millennium Falcon (Evade Version) (1), Smuggling Compartment (0), Burnout Slam (1) Miranda Doni (50) K-Wing (29), Twin Laser Turret (6), Extra Munitions (2), Sabine Wren (2), Proximity Mines (3), Conner Net (4), Advanced SLAM (2), Ion Bombs (2) revised with BS on chewy and Ion as well on miranda title i added cuz i had 2 points... might be better to keep initiative bid tho at 2 points?
  24. TURRET TERROR 100 points PILOTS Chewbacca (52) YT-1300 (42), Rage (1), Inspiring Recruit (1), Kanan Jarrus (3), Smuggling Compartment (0), Scavenger Crane (2), Counter-Measures (3) Miranda Doni (48) K-Wing (29), Twin Laser Turret (6), Extra Munitions (2), Sabine Wren (2), Proximity Mines (3), Conner Net (4), Advanced SLAM (2) so after seeing some lists and finding my weaknesses in several other lists, i came up with this combo, however i am not sure if this is the best version of this list, would burnout slam be better on chewey? or just the reviving measures, and use him to bump/kite while raging things down? or should i just revamp in general again? i think the ol' wookie might be worth taking for a spin.
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