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  1. I can confirm that FFG will approve a request for a card/die mismatch. I got a Han die but a Millenium Falcon card. I wrote them and included a pic of the receipt, the pack wrapper, and the contents of the pack, and requested a replacement Han card. I did not ask for a replacement die as 1 - their FAQ says they won't replace die and 2 - I thought it would look like a lie (even though no benefit to a second Falcon die). They approved my request and said they would send me the Han card. My request is currently 'on hold' waiting for them to get supplies, but I think they will deliver. - A
  2. Obviously it goes without saying this is a great game. Brought me back to CCGs after a long long time. I think the only major miss that FFG has on this game is that they forgot the 'unwritten rules' of card distribution in CCGs: - Buy a box and never* get a duplicate rare (* = generally doesn't happen) In my first ten packs (from the same box), I got two instances of duplicated rares.Scanning on YouTube for box openings, I saw multiple cases where people got duplicate rates within the same box, validating my statement. Then, I was discussing my concerns re: card distribution with the owner of my LGS; he split a case with his playgroup and they did not get a full distribution of legendaries (6 boxes should yield, ideally, two sets of all 17). I hope this gets resolved with the next set. I acknowledge that having to pair the die with the card probably is the cause of this issue, and if it is unavoidable then so be it. Anyone else having similar issues, I assume many? -- A
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