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  1. There's an advantage to keeping it around anyway in the event you're forced to discard a support card.
  2. Hmmm, Mep, my comments seem to have struck a nerve. I seriously doubt that MM has run afoul of the FTC (overdramatic much?). The facts are that prior to the advent of online retailers like Amazon it was like this for decades and nothing has changed. You paid up front for preorders and then waited. Oh and shipping took 4-6 weeks, with 2 weeks on top to process the order. Imagine that as a kid. Since you want to be clear, MM hasn't done anything to you either. There's not a court in the land that would reward you anything punitive for your experience with them. MM even called out the reports in this thread, stated that everything that was supposed to ship by January has gone out the door, and for those that disagree to contact them directly. Nobody has commented with those statements since. So, they are working with those people who decided to post their grievances on a public forum instead of communicating directly with MM. Invoking the FTC, demanding supervisor contact information, etc... It's making someone look bad, but it's not MM.
  3. MM gave a perfectly reasonable explanation, anything past this is bashing or trolling. Methinks we have some entitled younglings new to the ways of the preorder, and not the decades of experience like some of us...
  4. My gravity feed had no mismatches and I haven't gotten a mismatch in a dozen additional boosters. Not refuting you, just offering another anecdote to paint a better picture of how common this is.
  5. Wish I had taken the gamble on that one. I just saw some guy say he ordered 10 packs and got 10 boxes. Christmas came early there.... It was limit 3 so I would take that report with a grain of salt. I tried to even do two separate orders but was not allowed so he would have to get multiple people to place orders so possible but not plausible. I too got in on the first wave but mine was caught before it shipped. I received a huge box full of airbags and 3 tiny booster packs. I believe the shipping materials had already been allocated when they caught the error, or it had already been boxed up so was adjusted. No worries though, I already got a legitimate gravity feed, I also bought 2 boosters from my FLGS and 1 was a legendary so I'm satisfied.
  6. Why did you abandon your first thread where you were seemingly appeased by the answer provided only to start this thread? Let it go.
  7. ^^ this. FFG can't even make pdf versions of the RPG books because of EA's stranglehold on digital Star Wars games. When you know contractual agreements have wording that goes too far.
  8. Red cards are military and yellow cards are for rogues. While he was an imperial his die would have certainly been red since he was an enlisted stormtrooper. But, with his current company of some people such as Han and being labeled a fugitive the color fits in a way. Clearly we'll be getting new character titles in future waves so I agree that we may also see a red Finn.
  9. When I looked at the singles I wanted from the starter + shipping the 2nd starter made sense.
  10. My FLGS has been out for some time unfortunately.
  11. Pulled Jabba with crime Lord along with some other yellow villains, looking forward to playing with that synergy..
  12. Looking forward to a slick Android app.
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