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  1. Shadow of the Cabal started their new campaign, Song of the Crane using 5E. In addition to their episode 1, they have an episode 0 where they give a basic description of the setting and an episode 0.5 where they go through the 20 questions process. You should check it out.
  2. I agree with you regarding some Distinctions that can be added later, maybe in the future they’ll call the character in and say, your great uncle Toshio died childless and designated you as his heir, congratulations you’re a member of the Kuge now.
  3. Yeah, that’s what I figured out, thanks guys. I decided to drop the lineage advantage, Kuge Lineage, and keep the spiritual ones. They’re more relevant to the character. Table 7-2 p. 302 last column shows virtues/flaws and at high honor you receive virtue advantages. Table 7-3 p. 304 last column shows game/ infamy and at high glory you get fame advantages... Or at least that’s what I interpreted.
  4. Hi guys I have read the Advantages section and have a question: The book mentions that you can get fame and virtue distinctions after character creation. Is there a way to acquire Spiritual Distinctions later on?
  5. And to a lesser extent the Miya Herald.
  6. I concur. Not only their physical descriptions, but but also answers to key questions like their ninjō, giri, distinctions, passions, adversities, anxieties, and little snippets of who they are. Like: I wear my nose bridge scar as a badge of honor for defeating the bandit leader, or after woking up after being unconscious for almost a day in the battlefield among corpses I now have these traumatic episodes where I see my comrades dying... I think this will make us more familiar with them and also help new players with their character creations.
  7. First thanks for sharing. Second I like them. I think they capture the essence of their character and their Clan. 👍
  8. Will be looking forward to it. Must say that I liked your L5R Beginner Box game, with the Doji being my favorite character. 😎
  9. Thank you for your information @Magnus Grendel. Even though the campaign might start in another place it will definitely will be set in the estate eventually. You know, getting this event in the Samurai Heritage table can make your life a little easier if you were playing a Hombrew Minor Clan campaign.
  10. I’m equally impressed and grateful for this @AK_Aramis. This is really good and helpful information. Now I have something to work from: Since we are a party of three I can talk with my companions and see if they want to be my Yoriki as part of their Giri. And the cool thing is that we have a Base of èlife frohas m the start. Not to mention that now I have some extra money to start improving it!
  11. Thanks. I already started daydreaming about how it will look and what I will like to add to the estate: a shrine, a nice garden, outside tea house, koi pond of course a stable, reinforce the structure in case of bandits... who will take care of it, taxes to be paid, this so cool! 😎
  12. So I rolled on the Samurai Heritage table for my Unicorn Character and got Famous Deed: 10: a boat or estate. Being an Unicorn I chose the estate, but what does that mean? Only the deed of the land, or does it includes a house? Does it comes with servants? Have someone rolled this before?
  13. Good story 👍. I’ll be looking forward to see more of your work. 😎
  14. I was planning to use them for the background of a Doji character who got accepted into the Seppun Palace Guard school and dreamed to become an Empress Guard. I’ll just change his dream just to be selected to one day to protect the Imperial Heirs... Thanks to all of you.
  15. The Falcon Minor Clan will be included in the upcoming Shadowlands book.
  16. I thought that they were only the bodyguards of Empress and the Imperial Heirs. The Emperor and Imperial families were under the Seppun Palace Guards. And also that they worked independently from the Legions. Now, most of their numbers were drawn from the Crane resposabilas the majority of the Empress d they felt it head their rehave been drawn out of the Crane Clan, and they felt it was their responsibility to protect them.
  17. This a take on the Hare Minor Clan, and yes it will be a good idea to be moved into the Houserules forums.
  18. Thanks, I’ll look for it.
  19. 😔 Thanks, I was hoping for a subtle reference like: “I will assign Doji X as the Yojimbo for the Phoenix Ambassador”. ”Doji X? wasn’t her the sensei of the Empress Guard?
  20. Has the Empress Guard been mentioned in this new timeline in any of the fictions?
  21. Thanks! I wasn’t sure, because I just couldn’t find anything...
  22. I had envisioned a Kitsuki Investigator using Gao (tiger hook swords) to ensnare his opponents. I was planning to give her Ambidexterity for the re-roll, and Coiling Serpent Kata. But not sure since they’re being used in pairs, do I incur in penalties when I fight two handed?
  23. I understand too that Rank 6 School Mastery should be Amazing, however, why I have to wait until that moment to show my school dominance over a subject when others do it since the first rank? And more importantly how many campaigns will allow their players reach that level... Anyway I’m done with the ranting let’s get this train back on track.
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