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  1. Very enjoyable podcast, thank you for doing this. 👍
  2. Bayushi Bushi - 👍 Ikoma Spymaster - 🤞 I don’t ask for more. 🥺
  3. Quick question, why then the Heavens allowed Toturi to reign? Why the dragons didn’t came down and did strike him down and bring a rightful heir to rule? I’m pretty darn sure that at that time there were several blood related Hantei that could have rightfully claims to the Emerald Throne... Unless Toturi was blood related to Akodo himself and they declare that Hantei’s reign is over and that Akodo’s reign shall start.
  4. In no particular order: Neti Miraluka Selkath Kiffar Cathar
  5. And there goes my idea of using it as part of the Eternal Danger Islands. Maybe in the new canon is just only an island...
  6. This. I think Khanbulak has a lot of potential. Will love to run at least an adventure there.
  7. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I’m really excited to try something this unique. However I was concerned that I only have one Bushi to deal with melee combat in the adventure. For the moment I have a Mirumoto Taoist Blade set aside as a Yojimbo in case they need some melee support. And a friend is going to lend her Lion PC as a yojimbo.
  8. After my group got a hold of the Shadowlands sourcebook they got all excited with the new classes, which is understandable is a good book. Knowing that once the Mask of the Oni pdf is out I’m planning to run it, they all started to generate their characters, which is fine for me. However the five of them came with shugenja PCs. They have selected: Asako Inquisitor, Kuni Purifier, Moto Avenger, Toritaka Phantom Hunter, and a Yogo Preserver. And their collective goal is establish an Emerald Magistrate subdivision that deals with cultists, supernatural, mahō and other otherworldly nuances. Note that at this time the Jade Magistrate office has not been created. Is that viable? Can you successfully run an all shugenja adventure? Have you run it in 5E?
  9. This is a really good thread, I don’t know how I missed it! 🤷‍♂️ Good job and please keep it coming.
  10. I There was a Lost Minor Clan in 4E Imperial Archives named Shark. It was designed by @Daigotsu Max if I recall correctly. I’m sorry I haven’t revisited this thread in a while, and wanted to thank for al your ideas. In the end I picked up the Lynx, since it symbolizes, the keeper of secrets, which it goes with my original concept.
  11. Does the Toritaka receives Katas? Or any ability to enhance their katanas?
  12. I was thinking more like a [Shugenja Bushi] a la Kuni tbh...
  13. “This school gains access to various invocations, rituals, and shūji that allow them to commune with spirits, as well as a special attunement to the spirits around them.” So this means it will be a Shugenja School instead of a Bushi one?
  14. Currently listening to it, so far I’m enjoying it. 👍
  15. Now this changes everything. They can seize the moment due the occupants being drunk lay a siege. Can the players possible capture the Ronin leader and have some leverage on their negotiations?
  16. Sounds like a good campaign. I think I’ll go with try to with negotiate with the Ronin first and give them the opportunity to join you if they’re honorable and righteous if not I’ll try to block all exits and lay down the siege. As a newly formed Minor Clan you don’t have too many resources available I’ll try to minimize my damages so I don’t have to spend too much of my limited koku rebuilding.
  17. I think the keywords here are: “they are set to govern”. Without knowing what Clan are they playing I will say go with the options that will cause less damages to the structure, because then I have to go back to the Daimyo to ask for more koku to repair or rebuilt something that not only I could prevent, money that could be used for something else: improving the quality of life of the province, improving defenses, a celebration to improve the morale of the local residents and improve the image of your Daimyo, etc... So my first option will be how the peasants feel about the Ronin leadership. If they govern with justice and fairness, I’ll try to negotiate their surrender with an opportunity to become low level retainers and then assign them an appropriate appointment (obviously under the scrutiny of the players). If they were ruthless and abusive I will lead a siege around the keep, wait until surrender and take them down.
  18. Just in case I have nothing to do with the zine other than promote it here in case of one of you guys decide to participate. I follow closely @Avatar111‘s House rules (and planning to implement some of his updates), and have enjoyed the Fan Stories and the Hombrew section. Now being said that, I believe that there’s a lot of talent and potential here that could make it to the zine.
  19. From Twitter There is a new L5R fanzine in town: City of Remembrance “City of Remembrance” is a zine about Legends of the Five Rings and the creative works it inspired. Over twenty years these games have captured the imagination of many people around the world; however, despite its success depending on the support of people of different cultures and backgrounds, the voices that are heard from the fandom tend to be very homogeneous. 2018 saw L5R return in a way that makes so many of us, previously excluded and silenced, feel included and vindicated; 2019 is looking even better. With our small collaboration we aim to celebrate the many L5R-inspired creators out there and showcase contributions that offer a glimpse of what Rokugan meant to so many of us - and what we look forward to see in the future. Contributions: We are looking for collaborators willing to contribute the following works: Graphic Art - (Illustration, Sequential Art, 4komas, etc) Prose (fiction, immersion tools, tabletop roleplaying set-pieces) Game Design (adventure outlines, campaign starters, new rules, character options, etc) If you’re interested follow the link above.
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