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  1. Thanks guys, I’ll surely let the artist know.
  2. Just received the commission of my padawan character and thought about sharing the lil’ fella with you, courtesy of Peter Violini.
  3. Thank you guys. I’ll remember that. I want a well rounded bushi, who if need to be, be good at iaijutsu. PS Who are the top out of the box duelist schools? Seppun, Mirumoto, Kakita, Hiruma, maybe Bayushi?
  4. Will it be possible to make a good duelist out of a Speardancer? We’re playing an all MC game and was wondering if you could also add dueling to their repertoire. If so, could you prove some tips for building it? Quick Reflexes for the Initiative?
  5. I was interested more in the mechanic side than setting side this time. I thought for any weird reason the technique only applied when using spears, silly me needs to read more carefully.
  6. Can you use the Shika Speardancer ability in a duel with a katana? After winning initiative, and getting up close to your opponent with water stance, can you use the ability?
  7. Thanks Dono, I value your opinion very much.
  8. Thanks! I didn’t thought about that before. Where’s Ebb/Flow in the Consular’s source book?
  9. I always liked the concept of counter attacks and using your opponents strength against them, but Shien seemed a little less compared to the other lightsaber forms. With my recent discoveries of both Padawan and knight specs, how does Shien benefits with the addition of these new specs and Quick Draw, their extra ranks in parry, and the addition of improved parry? Do these extra talents compensate well enough Shien to become a good lightsaber combat spec?
  10. 👍 Sounds really neat! Ataru is a beast. I wish I had discovered these specs earlier.
  11. That’s a neat idea? Where are you at the moment? Padawan? Form? Knight?
  12. Ummm that’s always a tough one. But I think story should trump mechanics, and going with your character concept is important.
  13. Cool, I’m planning to get FR as my top priority. I think it’s a solid tree to start off with nice talents like quick draw, learning opportunity, well rounded and sense danger among others. I still haven’t decided were to branch off but Makashi and Investigator caught my eyes. Edit: Fixed specs.
  14. I was planning to use the Jedi Padawan (Rise of the Separatists p. 27) as starting career/spec for my character and then branch-off to other Force Sensitive specs and I’m curious to see if someone have done this in the past and how it worked for them.
  15. Minor nitpick Fuzake Garou was a the shugenja follower of Toku (Bushi and founder of the Monkey Clan itself) and in old canon became the founder of the Monkey Clan shugenja family.
  16. If Bayushi Bob, a Bayushi Deathdealer marries into the Kitsuki family, for example, can he continue his school training if he buys the Support of Bayushi Family Distinction?
  17. Do scorpion who marry out of the clan keep using their masks?
  18. Thank you for the explanation Marion. 😎
  19. Thanks guys for the clarification. So basically in a duel at rank 1 a Scorp Deathdealer can roll their initiative in Air use their ability if they win, then in their next turn they can switch their stance to water and move and strike (unless they are using a shinobigatana then they can stay in air stance and strike) Did I get it right?
  20. Hi guys and Happy Holidays. I’m sorry if this was addressed before, how does the Way of the Scorpion really work? It says: “Way of the Scorpion (School Ability): When you exploit a target’s disadvantage (see Turning Advantages and Disadvantages, page 100 of the core rulebook) as part of an Initiative check for a duel or an Attack action, you do not need to spend a Void point, and you may reroll additional dice up to your school rank.” So when you roll initiative you must use your Air Ring in order to spend one opportunity (if you get one) to: “🌸: On an Initiative check, assess one foe’s weakness. Learn one of their disadvantages of that foe’s choice.” and then you are allowed to reroll additional dice up to your school rank? So is this one trick only against an opponent, what happens if you face the same opponent another time and you already know their disadvantage? Can you still use it? Also on a side note, after you roll initiative can you swap your stance or do need to wait until the end of your next action to do so?
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