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  1. Thank you for sharing the news! For those who have played it, which order should be played in regards of Sins of Regret and Cresting Waves? Before or after?
  2. Hello there, Maybe the information that you’re looking for is on one the the previous edition of the game, like Way of the Minor Clans. See the wiki on the Badger Clan. Okuma has been known as the Fortune of Documentation, so most likely when he comes back he will let you know the source.
  3. Blackwing and his shining bauble for the win!!!!!
  4. Ahh, sorry for the miss understanding. 😓
  5. Butterfly swords have the snaring quality.
  6. Thanks guys for your responses. Really dumb question, but doesn’t Question from Path of Waves allows you to get another weapon of higher rarity? 16. what are your 16. what are your relationships to your relationships to your family, the clans, family, the clans, peasants, and others? Choose one item of rarity 7 or lower that was a gift from one of the groups your character has a positive relationship with. So you can choose a wakizashi, or butterfly swords?
  7. Hello there, Guys, can you give me a few pointers/tips on how optimize a Rōnin Wanderer’s Blade who specializes in two weapon fighting. I assume that Ambidexterity and Spinning Blades are given, any other kata I should take? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Dono. I adding your Psychometry take to our group’s resources.
  9. I will like to role play a Kiffar (Quinlan Avis) in a local game but I haven’t found anything related the Kiffars and the Psychometric ability that some Kiffar exhibit. So, let me start with; is there such a thing as Psychometry (also known as Sense Echo, was the Force Ability of acquiring information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching it. Whoever used that ability received input from sight, sound, and emotions) in the game? Does it currently exist as a species ability, talent or force power? The only thing that is similar are the Sentinel Investigator talents Reconstruct the Scene and Sense the Scene.
  10. This is awesome Kakita Kaori!!! This is exactly what I was looking for...
  11. Do you know when does the events from We Strike First by Lisa Farrell occur?
  12. Thanks, I removed the +1 handling and I will add just one side +1 Defense.
  13. Perfect, +1 handling and +2 defense to one side.
  14. So a +1 in handling sounds cool, I will pick that. Will it be too much increasing the defense on both sides in addition to the increased handling?
  15. Guys what modifications can I do to the BTL-A4/BTL-S3 Y-Wing from AoR, in order to represent the new BTA-NR2 Y-Wing from Rise of Skywalker? Maybe a point in shields? A point of armor? Faster?
  16. Yes, Secrets of the Empire, however was part of 4 Edition. Still you can use part of the fluff and ideas to do yours.
  17. Good tips. There will be a HWK-290, basic credits plus a survival kit. Xp wise, GM haven’t decided if he’s going to give us some starting xp.
  18. Thanks! I’m a big fan of Star Wars, and it has been awhile since I played, that I’m getting rusty. 😊 Did you started with Chronicles of the Gatekeeper? If so how much xp assigned you the Pcs before starting the adventure?
  19. Hi guys we’re looking for a pre-generated adventure/s to start with our campaign, just to get the ball rolling. I have found this sequence of adventures: Lost Knowledge - Force & Destiny beta book Lessons of the Past - Core Rulebook Hidden Depths - GM Kit Mountaintop Rescue - Beginner Game Lure of the Lost - Downloadable adventure Have you used these before. We’re open to suggestions if you guys use something different, or have found hombrew ones that will do the trick of bringing a group of padawan together. Timeline is after Luke’s academy was destroyed (canon) and Ben Solo runs away. Number of PC’s: 3
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