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  1. Thanks. This is what I was looking for. For my Rokugan I was planning to keep the Shibatsu loyalists Spider under a new Minor Clan, who will be helping to hunt down the remaining Kenpaki loyalists in the Colonies.
  2. Thanks tenchi2a. 1. Regarding the NPCs, I think only the leadership will be impacted, I can be wrong... So instead of the Colonies governor, it will be the Emperor and his daughter, Mikihime. Although I am tempted to build an noche based on the Emperor's youngest son as an Imperial Kakita Bushi/ Doji Warrior-Poet... 2. That shouldn't hurt. I will gladly hear it. 3. My main concern is, what key points in the adventure storyline will need to be updated to reflect the timeline. For example the beginning, I can Jump into Chapter 3 and start at the Colonies, but how much I'll lose, story wise if I do. What changes shall I incorporate if I do for the integrity of the adventure? Or shall I get creative and start at Rokugan and say the characters are agents of the Exiled Empire and they were infiltrated to Rokugan to track the activities of a dubious Crane that is starting to impact the new Empire...
  3. Good Morning noble samurai and samurai-ko, First poster here. I will like to adapt the Second City Campaign during the Empire in Exile Storyline. Using the Epilogue to the Onyx Dawn as reference. I know it is a tough request, however I thought the creative vets here can help me. The main reason I like this setting I that our friends brainstormed something similar however it was set in the Eternal Danger Islands instead of the Colonies. I thought to adapt the first part of the Campaign where the characters start as spies in collecting info for the princess and are trying to cross the border to the Colonies. That shouldn't be that bad but what kind of changes I will need to do the the main story arc? Thanks in advance. Nheko
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