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  1. 2 hours ago, UnitOmega said:

    I would assume eventually a "book o minor clans" yes, with notes and guidelines which walk you through founding a Minor Clan, similar to PoW making Gaijin Cultures, and will probably have a collection of historical and modern Minor Clans. Founding your own Minor Clan sounds like an appropriate goal/high-level reward for certain campaigns. 

    Indeed it is. I had the chance to play in one a long time ago and it was very rewarding experience. 

  2. This question is about the Generic School Ability for Monks that appears in the Path of Waves p 79

    ”Choose an action type (Attack, Movement, Scheme, or Support) when you create this school ability. When you make a check to perform an action of this type, before rolling, you may exchange a number of up to your school rank for 💫. When you provide assistance on an action of this type, the character you assist may exchange one for an 💫.”

    Does the school ability works for multi action types, for example if you select Support type actions, does the Great Silence Kihō (support & scheme) will benefit from it?

  3. “Shinjo Altansarnai is the "Khan of Khans".  Then the book "Across the Burning Sands" mentions Shinjo Khulan Khan.”

    This gives me goosebumps! 😍🥰🥳🤩

    I will love to play in an all Unicorn Campaign now!



  4. Hi guys if a Wondering Blade (Path of the Waves) with preferred weapons swords character fights with a katana inside an iron sheathe  (scabbard), like Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger, does fighting with his katana inside his scabbard counts as a sword for his school bonuses or not?

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