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  1. Indeed it is. I had the chance to play in one a long time ago and it was very rewarding experience.
  2. I could be wrong but I believe that the governor of the City of Rich Frog is an Imperial, but the leader of the Dragon District is a Tonbo. They are really neat clan.
  3. Hello there! I am looking for a good AP Force and Destiny podcast. I am up to date with my favorite Solo Shot. Can you recommend me one?
  4. Looking forward to listen to this. Great cast btw. AlsoI really love your logo.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I finished listening to the episode and was looking forward to se the final product. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Out of curiosity are there any changes to the Clan schools?
  7. Thanks Harzerkatze. 👍
  8. This question is about the Generic School Ability for Monks that appears in the Path of Waves p 79 ”Choose an action type (Attack, Movement, Scheme, or Support) when you create this school ability. When you make a check to perform an action of this type, before rolling, you may exchange a number of ◾up to your school rank for 💫. When you provide assistance on an action of this type, the character you assist may exchange one ◾for an 💫.” Does the school ability works for multi action types, for example if you select Support type actions, does the Great Silence Kihō (support & scheme) will benefit from it?
  9. Will love to play but work schedule is killing me atm. I will sit down for this one 😭
  10. “Shinjo Altansarnai is the "Khan of Khans". Then the book "Across the Burning Sands" mentions Shinjo Khulan Khan.” This gives me goosebumps! 😍🥰🥳🤩 I will love to play in an all Unicorn Campaign now!
  11. If you want to create a new Minor Clan I will suggest Path of Waves. It has rules to create your own schools. Thanks on the tip of In Little Need of Divine Intervention, I’m thinking of getting a copy myself.
  12. Thank you all for taking your time and explain this to me. 😊
  13. How does the Yogo Wardmaster unleashes his prepared invocations, does he has to roll against the TN of the invocation again? And the advantage is it happens instantly and without offerings?
  14. Thanks I think I will use the sword category for attack and the iron sheathe for the damage.
  15. Hi guys if a Wondering Blade (Path of the Waves) with preferred weapons swords character fights with a katana inside an iron sheathe (scabbard), like Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger, does fighting with his katana inside his scabbard counts as a sword for his school bonuses or not?
  16. Sorry Myrion my post should’ve included your quote yours. I did notice this was your choice also.
  17. Gates have some nice historical facts that can be really useful.
  18. I’m planning to run the publish adventures, and not sure which which title assign to the pcs, emerald magistrate or yoriki. Which one will make a more sensible choice for those who have played them. PS They are not going to play the rōnin ones now, they are going to play them later with rōnin characters.
  19. Hi guys I am looking for L5R 5e rpg podcast recommendations, especially actual game play. I am up to date with Podcast of the Five Rings, Splinters of Jade Court Games: RPG and TableTop NerdCast.
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