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  1. I have reached both sides of the party but I didn’t receive an answer on this. If I receive one or I find out is out I’ll post it ASAP.
  2. Thanks, I thought about the “face” portion as the main issue here. I think a Great Clan student who trains in one of the Imperial schools would be interesting. If they win the school, is superior, if they don’t it’s the student who performed poorly and shamed his Clan.
  3. Are the Imperial Families allowed to participate in the Topaz a Champion Tournament, or that is only a Great/Minor Clan Chance Event? I don’t recall seeing anyone from the Imperial Families participating.
  4. It is possible to play the published adventures in order without too much adaptation? If so what order you suggest?
  5. Yes the Miya are powerful, but is a reflection that normally nobody wants to hurt the Miya, they are the imperial messengers and their caravans help everyone.
  6. That was well anticlimactic... Nothing against you ST, I really like your work. I really liked that story tbh. It shows that you could make a difference without drawing a weapon, commanding an army or asking the Kami for help you. Her determination moved even the kami a tale for generations and that’s the story I’m keeping in my games, because after all it’s my Rokugan.
  7. Are the Daidoji Spymasters the new Harrier School? Or they’re another different one?
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m just happy that they got fixed! 🥳🥳🥳
  9. There was the hostage situation, where rival clans exchanged individuals to prevent attacks from their enemies.
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