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  1. So, I was under the impression that you could include 2 of each card, even with the same name. My example is Millennium Falcon (which has 3 different versions). SWDestinyDB says that I am breaking card restrictions, but I don't think I am. Can you not include 1 copy of each of the Millennium Falcons? Thanks.
  2. I wanted to like this more than once for a wonderful reference, but, alas, I can only like a post once, so I am resorting to quoting you so that I can like my own quote of your quote to like it again.
  3. we need a new Awakening card that is not an action.
  4. Snake draft for sure whenever you are drafting for product. The first 2 people will be getting the best legendaries (Luke/snoke/cassian/mortis/etc.), and that is worth the 9 boosters that they purchased. If they get to get the extra crap legendaries (formidable/stealthy/wheelbike/etc) as well, that leaves 2 people with 9 booster purchases for a 5th brother saber/Hailfire/Planetary Bombardment and nothing else. Snake draft fixes this and the people who get the "medium" legendary because they pick last also get a"crappy" legendary because they pick first on the way back up. Long story short, when drafting for product, follow this Picking scheme: 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,4th,3rd,2nd,1st,1st,2nd,3rd,4th,4th,...etc. (it's called snake draft)
  5. Let's say you have in your hand: Premonitions and Force Throw. You can play Premonitions and place Force Throw upside down on top of Premonitions. Later, you can play the second premonitions and you play the facedown card (force throw, the first copy) for free. You don't need 2 copies of force throw, if that is your question, but you do need two copies of premonitions.
  6. While this is true, you only really need 1 unless you are creating multiple decks.
  7. So, essentially only specials are inherent to the dice, and all other abilities are unusable by the opponent?
  8. Actually, there is an argument that the opponent could resolve a Luke dice as melee as well, with something like "Paid off"
  9. my 5 dice trilogies vehicles rainbow can no longer use aayla and rose as their elite versions. (eAayla, eRose, Jar Jar) You could still use Jar Jar elite for 5 dice, but at that point, you are changing up the roster to eYoda Rose eJarJar most of the time (and also changing out a number of the rose cards).
  10. So...Have you played Master of the Council or Rebellion Leader? In the right decks they are AMAZING! I put a master of the council in my Luke/Ezra Built to last deck, and the damage potential is out of this world.
  11. I would argue that you are incorrect on both accounts. You cannot resolve all 3 dice with Zeb's action because he is either resolving melee (2 dice, 1 base/4 base) or ranged (2 dice, 1 base/+2 modifier). In addition, the card in question says "showing damage" that is the same as just was resolved by the enemy, and because Zeb's die is not showing ranged damage, that does not apply for him. If it says you could "resolve damage" that was the same type of damage that you just took, then it would be fine.
  12. So the North American Championships is the only thing they are doing? Do you know if they give tickets like at the GQ where you can get prizes like the spot gloss cards?
  13. So, I am heading to Gencon for the first time this year. I was seriously contemplating just doing draft games all 2 days that I will be there. Unfortunately they told me that they aren't official FFG sponsored events, so that they won't be giving out the FFG official promos. Is there a list of official FFG events? If so, do they all give credit towards FFG promos? (I want a spot-gloss)
  14. ^ This. Both rotation argument and community argument. | Also, although Destiny may never die, it will always...dice...
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