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  1. werdnaegni

    Baron Z Preview

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  2. werdnaegni

    Divided Soul

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  3. werdnaegni

    Clone Wars is coming to Legion!!!

    Tabletop Admiral updated as best I could read.
  4. werdnaegni

    Commandos Up

    Should be fixed now. You'll probably have to clear your cache before it'll work.
  5. werdnaegni

    Commandos Up

    aaah damnit. I have to fix some code to make that work. **** you FFG, making an upgrade specific to TWO unit cards.
  6. werdnaegni

    Commandos Up

    Tabletop Admiral updated. Note: You have to check "show unreleased" to see them.
  7. werdnaegni

    More spoilers on facebook

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  8. werdnaegni


    Tabletop Admiral updated. Don't forget to update your collection to make them show up.
  9. werdnaegni

    Scouting the Battlefield

    Whoops, I had missed that one. Should be there now.
  10. werdnaegni

    Scouting the Battlefield

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  11. werdnaegni

    Imperial Royal Guard expansion announced

    Tabletop Admiral updated as best as I could read.
  12. werdnaegni

    Emperor Palpatine expansion announced.

    Tabletop Admiral updated as best as I could. A bit hard to read. I'll have to code in the thing about your first set of guards not counting towards your special forces.
  13. werdnaegni

    Han Looks Fun

    No problem! And you might be right, though I've mentioned it before and didn't get banned. I try to keep it reeeeeal occasional but will be happy to remove it if they disapprove. Or...they'll be happy to remove it if they disapprove. We'll see how it goes!
  14. werdnaegni

    Han Looks Fun

    Tabletop Admiral updated. Don't forget to check the "show unreleased" box to see it. And here's your bi-annual reminder that I'd appreciate if you'd contribute $1 to my Patreon or wanna just do a one-time $5 or so Paypal tip. No pressure though. Thanks!
  15. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Fixed, thanks!