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  1. Tabletop Admiral updated
  2. Thanks a lot! I appreciate that. And weirdly I hear a lot that people don't know about the Patreon. It's on the faction select screen but I guess it just doesn't catch people's eye. Oh well.
  3. I added a new "Image View" method of viewing your list (just lays out all the cards all nice and neat). I did this as the first goal for my Patreon, in case you didn't see. I've started tying big-ish new features to Patreon milestones. So any suggestions you have for future goals would be great. Goes without saying, but obviously I'll keep up with the site as usual regardless, this just lets me kind of get a "wishlist" of items from people, that I otherwise probably wouldn't have been able to justify making the time to implement. Keeps me motivated and gets you guys what you want. Here is a post explaining a little more. Next goal, as of now, has to do with optimization and revamping a good deal of code to make the page load significantly (I'm 80% sure) faster. But the goals are flexible. If anyone has ideas they'd rather see implemented, let me know.
  4. Loadout should work-ish now. Doesn't force you to pick cheaper upgrades then their counterpart, but functionally it works and doesn't affect your list cost, etc. Let me know what issues you have with it.
  5. Where are you seeing that those units say they come in those boxes? I don't have Dooku in CW core, or cad bane in palp/dooku. Something sounds like it's not working right, so if you could let me know where you're seeing that, that would be helpful.
  6. It sounds interesting enough. Somewhat related, but do most game stores not have wi-fi? Kind of surprising, and seems like a problem that would become less and less common over time.
  7. My thinking was that there are no cards to choose from when building a Skirmish list. Everyone brings the same battle cards, so there's no list building aspect. So it's been a low priority, but I could put the cards there for you to see. It's still a 'probably not', I'm afraid. I'm not exactly raking it in from this, so learning an entirely new skill, one which I'm not super interested in, all to not really make any money, isn't super ideal to me. If I were looking to get into app development, it would be worth it, but I just don't really like the app world, so my only motivation to get into it would be to maybe earn part of a living, which isn't going to happen with this I don't think. Maybe as a Patreon stretch goal or something, I don't know. I don't know legally if I could SELL an app, since it uses FFG assets. I just tried saving the page, and it seems to work offline. Images won't load of course, but it seems fine functionally. Saving a list won't work either, but the proper code should generate so you could just save that somewhere. But yeah I mean I'd like to magically have an app appear, but I just can't justify the time it would take. I've made about $1/hr over the course of making this site haha. Learned a lot, but starting over from scratch on a different platform doesn't feel wise. But I don't know, I've got a few projects to finish and maybe that will be smart. Convince me if you feel you can!
  8. Ah I see. I'll take care of that on Monday. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Jyn's Blaster cost should reduce properly now on Tabletop Admiral
  10. Tabletop Admiral updated. Jyns Blaster still needs to be fixed to be cheaper on K-2SO if Jyn is in the army. Right now it's only cheaper ON her. I'll do that this afternoon.
  11. Do we know anything about Fives or Echo? All I can see are the name and cost. I added the droid poppers.
  12. I put asterisks next to unreleased units/upgrades and have the "show unreleased" box checked by default now. People were kind of missing it and asking where units were when they didn't have the box checked. Hopefully this is a decent solution.
  13. http://ttashare.com automatic posting from tta wasn't working due to a bug introduced by the new url changes. Fixed now.
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