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  1. werdnaegni

    official drop of DT

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  2. werdnaegni

    Krennic Article! - Architect of Terror

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  3. werdnaegni

    Tauntaun Riders! And Rebel Veterans!

    Tabletop Admiral won't be updated til Monday My server access files are on my work computer, and I took the day off because my car broke down. Forgive me.
  4. werdnaegni

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    Are you checking the "show unreleased" box?
  5. werdnaegni

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    Yeah not sure how I missed those. Up now.
  6. werdnaegni

    Leading The Way. Pathfinders article.

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  7. This is done now. Clear your cache. Not super elegant, I'll have to think of a way to show it better, but it's just in parentheses after the unit cost.
  8. werdnaegni

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  9. I know you are but what am I?
  10. werdnaegni

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  11. Alright, they're all cropped to just the front now. Will have to clear your cache again. Also replaced some of the command card images I had missed.
  12. Cool cool, I'll make it happen. Should just mean cropping and rotating the ones I have.
  13. I did. They're not ACTUALLY small, though the site just shrinks them to be the same size. Do you think I should ditch those and get scans of just the front image?
  14. Thanks, yeah he did a great job. I've identified my new image scanning slave. Muahahaha.