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  1. Whoops. Thanks, all fixed now except for HQ Uplink, which again I'll have to tackle later since this is the 8th pack it's appeared in and I only have space for 7 in my current model. Not a big deal, but that involves some code which I can't do right now. Thanks again!
  2. I'm going to try to come up with a good solution for this. For now, I just scooted those images down a little bit. Maybe it will help a smidge, but I'm trying to figure something better out now.
  3. Thanks for doing all that research! I think I've got it all straight now, except for HQ Uplink which now shows up in 8 packs, and I only have space for 7, so I'll have to adjust that. Thanks again for the help!
  4. It should be better now, but I'll have to check it in more detail when I get to the office.
  5. I did a revamp of the mobile version. Images should float for you when you tap a unit now so you don't have to scroll. Please give it a shot and let me know if it works as expected for you. Every phone is different, so something could go wrong for somebody. Tap anywhere to close an image.
  6. I added a footer with your points and rank totals. Let me know if you all like the change. I think it helps!
  7. Yeah I might make the images just pop up in the middle of the screen on mobile. Then you just tap to make it go away. No scrolling that way. Looking into some other mobile improvements too...maybe a thin footer that has your points and how many cards of each rank you have? That way you don't have to scroll for your score, plus you kind of get instant confirmation that adding a card actually worked.
  8. Made some styling changes to the homepage and navbar, and added a news section to the home page. I'm uh, trying to actually get a web development job so I thought I'd make it look a little better. Open to feedback! Tried not to do anything too drastic since nobody likes when a site they use regularly gets all crazily changed. https://tabletopadmiral.com
  9. Tabletop Admiral updated That was a lot.
  10. Tabletop Admiral updated. Nothing new that I saw, but clean images are welcome.
  11. Fixed now. Might have to clear your cache.
  12. Sorry I just saw this, but I'll look at it in the morning.
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