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  1. Tabletop Admiral updated with the Loth-cats
  2. werdnaegni

    Restless dead - wraiths preview

    Tabletop Admiral updated
  3. werdnaegni

    Charge Into Battle Announcement

    Tabletop Admiral upd...oh nevermind.
  4. Tabletop Admiral updated. I just called the new upgrade slot "Specialization", but let me know if there's another name for it that I missed.
  5. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral updates

    Yeah, I'llchange it to 9 (it won't behave right on double digits) but I do want to get the right amount in each set for the people who put in their collection. It seems like to make things consistent, I should double the amount of death knights?
  6. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral updates

    I have it as having 8 crossbowmen in the heavy crossbowmen pack. Is that wrong?
  7. werdnaegni

    Baron Zachareth

    Tabletop Admiral updated. Don't forget to update your collection.
  8. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral updates

    This should be fixed now. So the default for logged in users is 4 of each pack. I have Death Knights down as being 2 per pack, so you should have 8 death knight figures. Which makes sense that you can only add one 2x3. Are there more than 2 in the Death Knights pack?
  9. werdnaegni

    New article: Spined threshers

    No problem! It was a great suggestion. I don't know why nobody had mentioned it before. Or maybe they did and I just missed it.
  10. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral updates

    I added the tray dimensions to units on your list.
  11. werdnaegni

    New article: Spined threshers

    Okay I just did it. You might have to clear your cache for it to take effect. Enjoy!
  12. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Hm. I don't know if I could rate the lists, but some kind of metrics/data on your list could be cool. Thanks for the idea!
  13. Whoops. That should be fixed now. Sorry I'm just now seeing this. Feel free to tag me next time.
  14. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Does anyone have any ideas for "premium" features for the site? Something either Patreon donors get or maybe just a certain one-time cost? I have no interest in removing any existing stuff to charge for it, and definitely don't want to riddle the site with ads (that's not to say I wouldn't put one non-obtrusive one up if it was a decent and relevant deal). I'd just like my work to pay off at least a little bit, since I've put hundreds of hours into this. I was brainstorming with some friends and all of the ideas just had downsides for free users that I wasn't willing to implement. I want the free version to still be the best builder out there, so I need an idea that doesn't punish non-paying users or take away anything that's already implemented. Hopefully I'm not being detrimentally transparent. I just thought I'd see if you all had any thoughts. What would entice you to throw a dollar a month my way or give a one-time $5-10 donation? Anything? The answer may very well be "nothing", and if that's the case, oh well; I'm covering my costs and getting a few lunches' worth of money now, so I won't complain, I just wouldn't mind a little more (who would?)! All that said, thank you very much to everyone who's contributed to the Patreon or given me a PayPal tip. I really appreciate it and it makes my day when I get an email for it!
  15. werdnaegni

    Tabletop Admiral list building site

    Standing Orders should add automatically now. Also your command options should sort by pips.