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  1. I'd take swarm tactics off howlrunner since she already has a lot of target priority, and put it on Marek, then use that point from marksmanship to put a crack shot on one of the ties. The crack shot will help get rid of the shields, the swarm tactics will last longer on a ship with 5 hits versus your standard tie, and Marek already has the push to crit off of advanced sensors.
  2. Part of my thought is use him behind Marek, give him room to aileron, then green bump behind marek so it's almost impossible to block.
  3. TIE Advanced x1 - •Maarek Stele - 46 TIE Advanced x1 - •Darth Vader - 65 TIE Advanced x1 - •Zertik Strom - 44 •FCS TIE Reaper - •“Vizier” - 45 Total: 200/200 So what about this? bare Vader and Marek, PS 6 and 5. Zertik Strom in advanced and Vizier reaper. Use vader's ability for full mods, coordinate via Vizier to Marek for the focus and have a full mods when he TL's. Zertik TL's for ability to flip mods. Now you have fully modded 3 to 4 die attack at PS 6, and 5 with Marek hitting hard when the crit gets through. Zertik gets decent and 1 re-roll on the FCS, and flips a crit on his target locked victim, Vizier can coordinate on ailerons or normal move, so you have 2 chances to coordinate to Marek, or zertik if they manage to kill Marek. He also throws 3 natural red dice. If he coordinates on Ailerons, he can green maneuver it off and still have full movement. Definitely a temptation at 1 agility as well to take some hits off Vader/Marek.
  4. I like the Idea of D with contraband and bombs. Choose a K turn, have flexibility for where they will be, contraband to drop a bomb on them. Little janky but sounds like it could be fun.
  5. I've played the Google game for a while and figured I'd ask her now. Does anyone have a good file for laser cutting maneuver templates and range rulers for X-wing 2.0?
  6. Interested in thoughts on this list, fly in a diamond for the joust, bomber in the front easy to shoot missiles, use the extra charges to reroll some defense dice, full range, and he keeps a range or so from the alphas on either side to make it easy to keep them outside range 1. Alphas fire nodded by focus, and if in bullseye rerolls. Soontir in the back passes PS6 to everyone, and stays farther back to stay alive and make people really think hard about who to target. Initial joust should really hurt, alpha wings can slam away, bomber and fel both have high maneuvers, regroup and fire again. New high PS_a1d7d0b9-6921-427e-9e59-a75254151607.pdf
  7. Points that have been made and some that haven't. Fearlessness-GREAT ON KETSU. different styles of play clearly, but I've loved it, and it's won me games before. Gyro-Not so great on Ketsu, his power comes from the forward double arc (yes i know it's possible to trigger on the edges, but no.) He gets a much better benefit from Engine Upgrade, especially if you're using expertise/dengar. K-4 remains the choice if you're using fearlessness. With soo many rebel stress dishers, a 1-2 with Dengar doesn't cut it on a 4-5 dice roll. Yes Poe is a pain, but I've found that is a much smaller issue than not having enough re-rolls especially if you can tractor someone into a 5 dice attack. Also with all the alpha no name strikers out there, Dengar doesn't cut it against them and needs the extra Expertise- I've run expertise/vs a VI one, as well as Expertise vs a PTL one. Both situations I found Expertise to be inferior. If you're not a fan of Engine Upgrade, Countermeasures is my strong second (for Ketsu, my number 1 for Asajj) especially if used in conjunction with a glitterstim. third is Gyro. so combo's I stand by. If you're Gyro'ing, I tend to hold to K-4 since you like most of those movements together. Expertise is not my favorite, but if you use it, Dengar is the way to go. PTL, Glitterstim and Countermeasures tank them up, especially if you add scavenger crane. Use VI/adaptability only based on the ships you're pairing with. If you could possibly tractor someone before you others shoot, otherwise you're competing in the PS Meta you're losing in already, so move it around your ships, and not so much about others. Long story short, Ketsu is great because he's very flexible, but I'd pick the pairing that works best with your other ships. If you're prepping him for long game, Dengar/glitter/countermeasures/PTL/scavenger crane is the way to go. If you're calculating on hard first strikes, then I'd go stronger Fearlessness/EU/K-4/2x glitterstim Of course title needs to be on all of them. that's a no brainer.
  8. on a serious note, I like the Rigged Cargo for 1 point, or Hot Shot for 3 like @Estarriol shared earlier for the donut hole. cargo to create an obstructed if needed.
  9. Snuggling compartment. Quite the Ladies man aren't you?????? If it's in space would it still be considered the mile high club? I mean it can definitely get lonely. Han had his Wookie, but poor Dash. All alone with only a droid named Leebo.....
  10. Here is my two cents. (I know you don't want to adjust the first list but....) switch from the first list the PTL to Juke on inquisitor. Then you can make your second list with 2 of the Rho's with an ace. or still vynder with a smaller ace. two misssiles/torpedoes on a boat is a little redundant and costly. I.E. 2x RHO, Adv SLAM, OS-1, PTL, Harpoons. total 32 points each. 37 if you bump to Vynder. The PTL's will make it extra effecient because you can fire harpoons every turn if you play it right. with fully modded on the first throw of the chain. Add Vader at 36 point who adds the crits, the above vessery, or any other ace of choice for long game. 31 points if you take Vynder.
  11. So I'm pulling this one back out of the dust. we're talking about doing this in our X-wing league. So here's my two cents now and really theory crafting. (they're also planning on a random number of points. I think someone's 4 year old daughter is picking a number between 1-50 and we're adding 100 to it.) IG-2000 had the limit of scum only. all of that is removed, so now I can put IG-2000 title on Tie Aggressors. I just realized that I can make a Bossk that if he misses with his first shot (use a cruise missile, don't add any to it, and re-roll if it's a hit) who could attack three more times. Give him IG88D, table him with double edge who can have the IG-2000 title since it's factionless now, gunner, and IG88B with title. Miss with first, use either double edge or IG88B, then the other, then use gunner. Gunner has to be last because his is the only that says you cannot attack anymore this round. If you use a Mangler cannon adding damage is great from Bossks ability, a Glitterstim helps not to need focus tokens for the whole round, Rage would give re-rolls for all of them, and if points go deep enough, Kestal w/IG200 would allow some impressive defense cancelling for each focus token you can get on Bossk. all sorts of other play could come off of this one too, but that's my first thoughts.
  12. Reporting back to those interested. It was a VERY fun tournament. making every card unique was quite the challenge, and created all sorts of fun. 6th out of a dozen or so players. round 1. I lost but barely. I ended up making an aggressive move that I knew I shouldn't have which killed me. had I played conservatively like I should have I would have won. long story short, it ended up Wampa chasing a more than half finished Bossk. tried to push for the easy range one, rather than position solidly behind bossk at range 2 and ended up barely in range. Lost but should have won. round 2. I won. I faced an ace type list. They tried to focus/evade strip which basically was pointless since mine was markmanship and kylo/emp based at this point. strong win. round 3. I lost. 3 auzituks. lost fairly handily. it pretty much strong countered the list. unfortunately, this tournament went for something that the Auzituck Meta handled very well. Round 4. I won. played Asajj/Kavil/old Teroch and some other bits I don't remember. It took a while, but trolling Colzet and repeated blind pilots bought time. I ended up winning fairly handily and left only Kavil on the table, having only lost 1 of my cheap ties, and some half damage on RAC when time was called.
  13. the trick with this escalation is every card is unique. so I can't take adaptability twice. PTL is already on Major Vynder so he can throw fully modded harps every turn. Tomax is a bit to throw a bit of extra distraction. when points hit 150 it should be pretty easy to get most of those clusters eaten up by my opponent.
  14. I promise I won't bother you all with this crazy escalation guy again since my tourney is this weekend, but I wanted to give 2 lists and see which people would choose. or my other Round 1 60 pts. 1. Major Vynder. PTL, OS-1, Harps, ADV SLAM. 2. Pure Sabacc, adaptability, adaptive Ailerons Round 2 90 pts. 1. Major Vynder. PTL, OS-1, Harps, ADV SLAM. 2. Pure Sabacc, adaptability, adaptive Ailerons 3. Inquisitor, Juke, Title, and autothrusters Round 3 120 pts. 1. Major Vynder. PTL, OS-1, Harps, ADV SLAM. 2. Pure Sabacc, adaptability, adaptive Ailerons 3. Inquisitor, Juke, Title, and autothrusters 4. Vader, Tie x1, advance target comp, score to settle. Round 4 150 pts. 1. Major Vynder. PTL, OS-1, Harps, ADV SLAM. 2. Pure Sabacc, adaptability, adaptive Ailerons 3. Inquisitor, Juke, Title, and autothrusters 4. Vader, Tie x1, advance target comp, score to settle. 5. Tomax Bren, adrenaline rush, cluster mines, extra munitions. the top list was explained above, and the lower list is pretty self explanatory with aces all across except Tomax. Tomax uses adrenaline rush to do a 5 K turn on the initial approach, use adrenaline rush to turn it white drop cluster mines. if he survives into round 2, you can play several routes, but a hard 2 with clusters could put someone that chooses to go straight through all cluster mines, and hash up all sorts of people going in the same direction. Which would you take? and in the second list most of them are 30 pts builds, would you switch any of them to be in sooner. the round 1 has to be pretty set due to them not being exactly 60 though.
  15. With my son, (9) I find that things that are fairly easy and super consistent tend to work best. This is what he flies for competition type stuff, while I encourage him to make his own lists for us personal. 51 PTS. Dash with Push the Limit (Let him get that extra action), Mangler cannon (most people use Heavy's but the Mangler is good one for all three ranges), Kyle Katarn (This is the hardest concept, but he's got it down pat after 1-2 games playing with me reminding him and having him read the card to understand why), and Outrider. This build gives him forgiveness for running over asteroids, and he loves the Barrel roll. It lets him choose his two actions each turn and gives him extra when he pulls stress off with Katarn. 49 PTS. Chewy with Predator (free re-rolls), Baze (second chance if he misses), and the traditional falcon title for the evade token. These concepts keep him thinking what actions he wants, but still flexibility to always do damage. Chewy helps with the no face up damage realm so he doesn't have to deal with critical damage as much. I would definitely not have a 0 agility. it's frustrating to know you're going to take damage and the good combo's start to get complicated for my boy real quick. That's my 2 cents.
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