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  1. For Sacramento players. I am still working out where people play outside of homes. Great Escape Games(GEG) staff say that there are people who play armada at their store but that it is a small group. GEG is listed as a location for a store championship this year though there is no posted date yet. There is a star wars armada facebook page which seems to be a fair amount of players connected. I requested to be added but haven’t been added yet. However, even if there were no other players in Sacramento I'd be down to play. I have a medium-large collection with a goal of being able to have balanced imperial and rebel fleets. If you're up for a game, let me know. I can send you a list of what I have and we can share.
  2. I am in Sacramento, are you guys still playing? Not...Of course...One super long game, but are there still people in Sacramento who are playing Armada. If so, where?
  3. Been trying to find where people play in Sacramento. I saw there was a regional in Sacramento last year with a good number of players but I don't know how to connect up with players here. All the information I have is old (about a year old). Can anybody connect me to the local scene?
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