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  1. MasterShake2

    Easiest faction?

    The faction you're playing against. NOTE: This does not preclude the faction you're playing, just assume the other player is playing somehting "cheesy" and WAAC and you're good to go. For Example: I may be playing Rebels, but Luke AND Leia? That's too OP, so I'll just handicap myself.
  2. MasterShake2

    New vehicles!

    ...Adding 1 crit to a large cross section of attacks actually does kind of change the math i.e. it takes more crits, but it's easier to score them. In that regards, I don't really understand your thought process. Especially because the simple math of survivability also doesn't account for weapon effectiveness.
  3. MasterShake2

    New vehicles!

    To be fair, it has Weak Point on the sides and the side arcs are huge, so it probably takes less than it seems like it does to bring down. Also, Luke probably still beats it pretty hard.
  4. MasterShake2

    New vehicles!

    "I'm sorry, I can only transport 1 model units" *shoots other trooper in unit* "Welcome aboard sir"
  5. MasterShake2

    New vehicles!

    wait, the speeder has Armor 2...that's new
  6. MasterShake2

    New vehicles!

    Missile Launcher drive by you say?
  7. MasterShake2

    Showcase: T-70 X-Wing

    Huh, guess I didn't put mine. Oh well, here they are: And a slightly updated version
  8. MasterShake2

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    Considering how bad Rebels are now, I'm pretty confident someone will call them being not crap "Rebel Bias". Although a lot of people seem under the impression that FO and Resistance points aren't already tuned off January which I'm pretty sure is the case.
  9. MasterShake2

    Flock of Vultures?

    I mean, if a swarm of vultures become a thing and people don't take to saying before the first shots, "The committee would like a word with you", we have all truly failed.
  10. MasterShake2

    Points! Not today - January 28!

    INB4 claims of Rebel Bias...
  11. MasterShake2

    Flock of Vultures?

    I am not a committee!
  12. To be fair, a more accurate translation would be, "I respectfully put forth the opinion that the aforementioned vessel offers an insufficient advantage to be elevated above other available options". For the sake of brevity, it's easier to just say that they'd be rubbish.
  13. It's a bookshelf you uncultured swine!...well, unless you follow directions like I do, in which case is a loose collection of obscenities and failure.
  14. MasterShake2

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    I'm not going to lie, the current bid system doesn't fix this in any way, shape or form. IMHO, the current system for bids makes people feel like there's a real strategy and they have a chance, but in reality, is more like the lottery and your decisions are far less meaningful and the outcome far more random than people like to think. Unless you're bidding something positively ridiculous, you might as well be rolling a dice and that's in the match-ups where it even matters. A lot of the arguments against a random first player system also seems to inadvertently make the really weird assertion that the "skill" of deciding your bid is more important and indicative of a good player than being able to play against someone moving 1 or more ships after you. This assertion really baffles me to no end. Why should a player not have to learn the skill of accounting for someone moving after them? There is no compelling argument that there would be a meaningful adverse effect to a random first player system.
  15. MasterShake2

    Hyperspace I5 bid predictions

    I think this creates a fundamentally different problem. Bidding is not a problem, it's a symptom of how much of an advantage moving last can be. Bidding becomes necessary the more pilots are at the same level, but even if you reduced bidding by spacing the pilots out more, you don't remove the core advantage that bidding reflects. In fact, you've basically made it worse because there are fewer options to beat a dominant pilot. I'm pretty convinced that it's nothing but positive for the game to remove bidding on favor of a simple die roll because it keeps players from leaning on the perfect knowledge crutch and shifts the focus to gameplay decisions. For reference, I've been playing nothing but 0 bid squadrons since 2.0 came out and I don't feel it's hurt me in any game.