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  1. MasterShake2

    The Resistance: A faction overview in progress.

    Obviously the irony part is "Captain" because he's never been on a ship
  2. MasterShake2

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    He has no action economy and no defensive tech and a merely decent dial, so he's not your endgame and very susceptible to just dying. and that's not even factoring in that 1 of your 2 repo actions reduces your damage output as well. I tried arc dodging with him, he was crap at it. If you expect anything from Wedge other than outputting some damage at high Initiative before unceremoniously dying, you're expecting way too much.
  3. MasterShake2

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Wedge never arc dodges and Fenn is squishier and a lot of points for 2 unmodded dice.
  4. MasterShake2

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    Uh, no he used to be 20, so an increase of roughly 30% in cost. Even then, he was only taken because he was a dirt cheap PS11 coordinate that could occasionally screw over offense. As soon as you lose the "dirt cheap", you have a pilot that's basically useless. He's the same points as Wedge with less defense, less offense and the the same Initiative. At that point, just Swarm tactics Wedge. He needs to be in the 46-48 point range. I assume his costing now is a knee jerk to the Ghost/Fenn lists at the end of 1.0, but right now he's unplayably overcosted.
  5. MasterShake2

    I need a rebel list

    About 90ish% of successful Rebel lists have Wedge, so I think it'd be more accurate to say he's one of the few things that are working in faction. I think it's very important to be realistic about what you expect out of Wedge as he has no action economy or passive mods, but a 52pt I6 with his statline is certainly decent if unspectacular.
  6. So Wedge with Outmaneuver is attacking an AGL 1 ship at range 3 outside of that ship's arc, how many dice does the AGL 1 ship roll? Wedge While you perform an attack, the defender rolls 1 fewer defense die. Outmaneuver While you perform a (front arc) attack, if you are not in the defender’s firing arc, the defender rolls 1 fewer defense die. I guess this is a technical question on how the dice pool is generated for the defender. 1: Do you apply all bonuses and penalties, then roll? 2: Alternatively, would you reduce to 0 dice, then the ship gains 1 for the range bonus? 3: Or is the range bonus applied first, and in doing so, get reduced back to 0? I couldn't find a reference for determining dice pool or sequencing on penalties/bonus application, so thanks for any help. While both 1 and 3 create the same result here, it could be relevant for other situations. Oops, wrong forum, if someone could move plz, thanks.
  7. MasterShake2

    I Fly Rebels and I Suck At 2.0 X-Wing...

    So, long story short, I found myself in a similar situation at the beginning of 2.0. I realized that I needed to git gud and that the lense by which I was viewing my games was just too flawed to make the lists I was building work, so I started from zero: This list helped a lot because it eschews things that interfere with learning basic skills like super aces with all the upgrades or lots of combo-riffic builds. It forces the user to use basic piloting skill to read the battlefield and your opponent and set up a proper turn 0 to define the engagement area along with a host of other skills like controlling the engagement speed to ensure you get the torps off and identifying proper trading opportunities. If you want to git gud, you have to start at the bottom and build a solid foundation. For Rebel players in particular, because they don't have the obvious and easy power pieces, this skill set is far more essential because you'll find yourself fighting the efficiency curve moreso than other factions. Look for gameplay solutions to problems and not listbuilding ones. I've beat opponents with this list that massively outclassed me and, while it's not the best, I think it will help a lot to adjust your mindset going forward.
  8. MasterShake2

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    *Best Han Solo impression* That's not how balance works! To be less quippy, we're not seeing enough variety from a competitive standpoint to call the current iteration of 2.0 and better than 1.0. Rebels are almost out entirely outside of the handful of good offerings, Empire is heavily leaning on Punishers and Bombers with only a few other competitive pilots/ships and Scum is very much ace(s) + quad or swarm + quad. In other words, wildly imbalanced would not be inaccurate.
  9. MasterShake2

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    But those other fleets are generally using elements that are also undercosted, so....
  10. MasterShake2

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    Yes, and it was cancerous and undesirable in 1.0 just like it is now.
  11. MasterShake2

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    So, in response to some comments, you actually do want to cost something like the Gunrunner to where it's unplayable, or at least unplayable in a general sense. It's a counter to other elements of the game, breaks core rules and removes a lot of player agency. As a counter to keeping specific pieces in check, this is perfectly acceptable, but as of right now, that is 100% not what it's being used for. It's costed so well that it can be freely included in any list and just the cost - stats ratio sans the ability is so good that even if you tractor nothing, you're still on curve, so it's just a jouster that also happens to hard counter certain playstyles. This type of piece is massively problematic from a game design standpoint because the normal process of list uilding for scum just naturally answers certain archetypes with no real effort making them almost unplayable by accident. Control should be an answer to something specific and, to keep it that way, should always pay a tax to avoid it being the default answer to a situation in order to avoid making your 2 player game a 1 player game.
  12. MasterShake2

    Where in the world is Jar Jar Binks?

    He's off in a dumpster fire somewhere
  13. MasterShake2

    Resistance Chewbacca got a wildly important buff

    I wouldn't say "easily obtainable". Observing a few games and doing some math, it came out to about an average of 2.5ish dice attack per turn (it was about a 2.7 something decimal). A lot of games also showed why it's not exactly undercosted as it would struggle to break attack 2 on the right target on key turns which is probably why it's only sporadically seeing competitive play. It also lacks the passive mods on every dice roll possible with Rebel Han. And, yeah, I would actually call a top 20 a fluke TBH. Neither ship is really becoming a meta staple or throwing up consistent performances to do a baseline power level comparison other than to say "Large based turrets seem out of favor right now".
  14. MasterShake2

    Resistance Chewbacca got a wildly important buff

    with less attack and 2 less shields and the scum pilot aren't as generally good as Rebel Han or Lando, but including that wouldn't support your conclusion.
  15. MasterShake2

    The Jakku Gunrunner appreciation thread

    I play 4 ship rebels that doesn't bid or use aces for the endgame. You don't have to fly 1 archetype to see how stupidly undercosted this ship is and how much of a skew the tractor array is. The game is about maneuvering, your opponent shouldn't tell you where your ship is and also get a damage buff at the same time for 5pts more than the cheapest ship in the game.