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  1. Yes, the Atlanta Hyperspace trial was won a by a TIE Swarm player that's going to worlds. He was trained by another TIE swarm player that piloted crack swarms and won store champs back in 1.0. The atlanta system open had a TIE swarm just short of making the cut in extended in a field of 176 players. Yes, there are fantastic TIE swarm players in Atlanta. I made a list with 1 uniquie pilot, the Baktoid Prototype, and six generics that I was so confident in, I gave the list to someone who doesn't play CIS and he was the top placing CIS player at Gencon. High initiative, aces and beefy large ships do not concern me.
  2. Objectively, what is the 23pt TIE failing to compare favorably to? Obviously, my experience is skewed because my meta has 2 fantastic TIE Swarm players, but as a completely serious question, what is it not measuring up to? Is the TIE the problem, or the thing it is failing to measure up to the problem? I mean, TIE FO and SF generics are making cuts pretty regularly and 26pts for that dial combined with 4hp and AGL 3 is really solid. Just because they don't meet your preference for play doesn't mean they're bad or in need of a fix. Not sold on this. vs X-Wing: +1 AGL, better dial, addition of evade action and ship ability for long range locks. Nothing about that seems off for 52. Considering that 4x T-70 is a thing and 4 E-Wings would be just as powerful if not more (-1 hp, but +1 die, everyone is double modded on initial engage, better ability to hard roll it's way out of bad situations), I see no reason to drop below 51. Are we on a different plane of existence? Are there no Sinker swarms in your reality? That list is beefy AF, and in no way should any of those generics EVER drop. If anything, they're both undercosted by a point. Scum Z's and Quads have a lot of access to buffs (Drea reroll, tractor effects, etc) that their Rebel equivalent doesn't. I'd also say Quadjumpers are fine. Quadjumpers SHOULD be a specific answer to a specific question. They remove too much of the core engagement of the game i.e. actually getting to move your ships without your opponent telling you where your ship is. Please tell me any of my opponents that you think my Hyena's should be cheaper and make sure to let me know if you can get out the entire statement without them bursting with laughter or looking at you like you just said the world was flat. 32C is overpriced, but the rest are fine. "I want a way for Republic aces to be harder to kill cheaper" -literally no one...ever. ? Double repo 3 ATK, 3 AGL, 6hp ship for 48? Seriously? No Meh, ace lists can triage points more easily than generics. Go for it on upping the points, but it won't change much and, in all honestly, regen doesn't adversely change as many games as most think. It's at best annoying and the fact that we're really only seeing regular R2 use out of republic, despite 2 other factions having access, is a strong indicator that it's fine as is and that, short of a deliberately punitive increase, it will continue to see play with that archetype.
  3. Yeah, I started porting over a few military articles just for the **** of it. Only three now, figured people could skip it if they didn't care.
  4. Dorks are questionable, only 2 of your ships can lock and Grievous has a passive reroll if he gets out of arc. You also only have a Jam if you take Scimitar. Value just feels iffy because it's mostly a joust tool and that list wouldn't really be a joust list.
  5. Honestly, given how weird everything is in CIS, I just assume all initial power level assessments based on cost will be wrong.
  6. An average unit in Legion is roughly Team-sized in terms of modern military force structure. Each team in a squad will generally have symmetrical weapons (1x Grenadier, 1 Squad Automatic, 2 riflemen for example), so that either can be used as an assault/base of fire element as needed. While the specifics on this vary from military to military, it's pretty common to have all teams in a squad (usually 2, but the USMC, notably has 3) to have a higher casualty-producing weapon to augment their riflemen. Whether or not this is how Star Wars militaries operate, who knows, but it's not an unusual organizational structure.
  7. Star Wars: The search for more money
  8. I've ported a lot of my older game design write ups to Blog form for a convenient place to access them. They seem to average about a 10 minute read and a lot of them cover topics that relate to X-Wing. The process did involve a lot of editing...including updating part of the Accretion article where I theorize that the only way for X-Wing to move forward would be an edition change and going virtual. Anyways, check them out if you're interested in game design theory and practice! https://blaisdell105.wixsite.com/website
  9. Because it is possible (although rare) to be at R0, but not overlapping. R0 is both overlapping and in base contact, so a ship moved in such a way that it did not land on the buzz droid, but was in base contact, you could theoretically affect 2 ships. This almost never happens, but is theoretically possible and is likely just meant to be an inclusive passage.
  10. Almost had to DQ someone from a Legion Rally Point Qualifier for coercion. That **** is stupid, just play the game.
  11. Tallie sees play because she has a "I'm sorry your pilot ability is useless" discount. Tallie is not good, she's cheap, it's an important distinction.
  12. You likely only need 1. It's still something annoying that they have to focus on instead of the droids. Also, even if their generics block you, you can still rotate, tractor and pass tractor, so still really dumb.
  13. A cheap blocker that can tractor aces it blocks or just mess with generics is still super good. I have gotten wrecked by enough Ketsu's and Tugs to appreciate being able how much an ability like this is "destroy target ship"
  14. 2 of the pilots basically need Ensnare or they have no pilot ability (outside of taking Tractors elsewhere in your list). Deflection is weird, I guess it lets you repo without getting boned by the -1 AGL, which might make it good if you want to use them as cheap flankers (I assume Deflection is in the 1-3pt category because outside of oddball cases, it's just mitigating the die you lost for being tractored). I'll be surprised if Ensnare isn't in the 15-20pt range (at a minimum).
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