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  1. MasterShake2

    Rebels First Impressions

    2AGL ship, even with passive focus has been suboptimal to dump a lot of points into especially when you hit repositioning I6 or I5's with a good bid. I decided early that the goal was cheap and annoying to kill. R5 almost always gets Luke 2 extra hull and more than a few times has saved him by getting rid of structural and Stealth device, on average, shrugs off the first 2 attacks pretty casually. In short, they're now trying to kill an 8 health ship that's almost immune to long range or obstructed primary shots.
  2. MasterShake2

    Rebels First Impressions

    Kanan allows you to clear stress on white maneuvers and because of the timing also allows you to take actions when hitting debris, so Han has a lot more freedom to abuse the boost or obstacles in ways that are hard to follow and when he's not doing that has a passive focus conversion. He plays really differently with Kanan. Luke just has a Stealth Device and R5 (I prefer R5 units over R2s on Luke because his actions aren't super critical, he can fix structural damage and not losing shots from the weapons disabled can mean he's still a threat while regenerating). It keeps his relatively cheap while still making him a chore to kill.
  3. MasterShake2

    App sucks.

    My initial thoughts on the app can be best summed up as: 1. I didn't pay anything for it 2. All the point costs are elsewhere so I don't need it In short, I'm pretty ambivalent about how buggy it is and how many features don't work or aren't offered. I had to pay for Warroom to play Warmachine and even with it's newer version still runs like a quadriplegic in a swimming pool, spends forever checking for updates even when I'mnot even online and sometimes arbitrarily refuses to pull my lists. If it's still crap in a few months, my status will get upgraded to "somewhat put out".
  4. MasterShake2

    Rebels First Impressions

    Funny, I played against your list with Han and Luke and tabled it without losing either. Wedge put some damage through, but single modded shots are super unreliable and Luke and Thane barely did damage when my large base boosting even allowed them to shoot. Wedge casually died to 2 turns of focused fire and at that point the game was basically over because he couldn't hold me down or power through enough damage. We can't both be right, so we'll agree to disagree, but I will say, if your opponent wasn't running Kanan, that accounts for the discrepancy because he wildly changes how that ship plays.
  5. MasterShake2

    Rebels First Impressions

    Han is way more durable than 2 X-Wings and can have pretty substantial offensive and defensive mods active at the same time. For reference, I've had a lot of games where Wedge dropped either to the initial joust or the turn after, but I've never had Han die in less than 7-8 turns getting shots that were heavily modified the whole time. Yeah he's double the points, but he does substantially more than double the work, so that's fine. My Han build for reference: Han -Title -R2D2 -Kanan Jarrus -Lone Wolf If I take an evade action near a rock (which happens a lit unless I'm boosting to not get shot entirely), I can reroll all defense dice once, then reroll a single die on top of that, I can reroll the entire attack roll and I have a floating Lone Wolf reroll, a floating force and an auto evade on the last attack. Then, if I'm out of shields and I have a damage card, R2D2 gives me a shield and, with Han's pilot ability, only has about a 14% chance to flip a card. This is miles ahead of any combination of 2-3 rebels ships I've tried in it's place both in terms being hard to catch, hard to chase down, and putting out consistent damage.
  6. He's the only I6 in the game that can double repo in any order. I've flown against him a lot in 2.0 and finally just had to bludgeon him into submission with fat Han. I think people are getting too hung up on the pilot ability and aren't seeing the arc locked meta against the last real I6 double repo dodger. He's a very legit pilot, but the approach of 1.0 Soontir will not fair well in 2.0.
  7. MasterShake2

    Extended vs 2nd?

    Actually that's not entire correct. You could do it with 2 if you made a pair of Bandits into Talas and still run 8.
  8. MasterShake2

    Rebels First Impressions

    That's weird, after doing some math and putting them on the table, B-Wings narrowly edge out the X-Wing in a lot of areas and most of the red parts of the dial aren't a problem for generics who are just trying to put dice on target and the linked action frequently comes up on top of the blue 3 actually being way more significant than it seems like it would be. for generics, 100% B-Wings. for aces, the extra AGL, more open speed 3's and boost access makes them better at getting out of bad situations and the B-Wing aces are priced a little higher than they should be for I4's and too reliant on stress. That's just been my observation and some simple number crunching. Rebels as a whole are a pile of meh right now. Even the stuff that's reasonably well costed is super uninteresting and a lot of the pilot abilities just don't bring enough to the table in the era where action economy and passive mods are so hard to come by if your ship doesn't bring them to the table. I'm not gonna, especially if wave locked tournaments become the norm, I'm definitely jumping to resistance when they release.
  9. So you've never gone into the activation phase and realized a ship still had a focus/evade from last round? Impressive, but that makes you an anomaly because even some of the best players I've witnessed forget some small detail of cleanup. But cleaning up a stray focus token is super easy, what do you do if it's been multiple turns since you forgot to pass initiative? I've played a lot of Legion and I still routinely to pass initiative until it matters for something. The game would also be a mess from order of activations if you had conflicts at multiple initiative numbers instead of just one. Just imagine an Inferno Squadron mirror match with all those different initiatives constantly shuffling every turn. Objectively, I don't feel the benefits of alternating initiative are worth the added complexity.
  10. I know it sounds easy, but you have to remember that the two other alternating initiative games, Rune Wars and Legion, use a set game length that has to be tracked. I other words, if both players forget, you can backtrack pretty easily. If both players forget in X-Wing, that's a much more daunting proposition.
  11. MasterShake2

    Showcase: T65 X-wing

    Oh yeah, realized that I didn't post this here
  12. MasterShake2

    Is 2.0 Corran Horn any good?

    No https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betteridge's_law_of_headlines
  13. MasterShake2

    Resistance Bomber speculation 2e

    To be fair, it's a bomber with turrets which is fairly common.
  14. MasterShake2

    Fenn Rau Strategy Guide

    Nah, Soontir is the only I6 that can double reposition in any order. He's a problem.