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  1. It's appropriate that one of the most oddball ideas is putting Oddball in your list
  2. I'm not sure I agree. SFs with gunners are decently flexible with the back arc option, just have a better dial (5 straight and the option for a 1 hard even it's red), same hp, but a 3/3 spread is better than a 2/4 by at least a very minor margin. It also doesn't lose anything to flip to back arc since it links everything to a white rotate. Outside of the ability to flip foils for reduced attack and a linked focus -> boost, the X-Wing is just provably worse with a demonstrably worse dial, action bar, and statline.
  3. Alphas do put a lot of weight on a handful of dice. It's a strategy that, alost by nature, is not fun for one player. Either the player getting alphaed looses too many resources to recover from and spends the rest of the game marking time until they lose, or the alpha strike player doesn't get enough value out of those points due to RNG or other factors and also mostly ends up marking time until they lose. It's rare to get that middle ground where its not crippling to the player getting alphaed or losing out on the alpha.
  4. Had a lot of fun with it in it's first few outings
  5. "I played one game and this happened..." "This 1.0 upgrade was actually a really good idea..." "I have unreasonable expectations that my ship failed to live up to..." "Having the entire board state laid out for you and getting to choose between any repo actions in any order requires skill..." "Rebel beef was the real problem..."
  6. 1. Replace "skip perform action step" on obstacles for a general "cannot perform actions this turn" for overlapping all obstacles. 2. this 3. Force charges can only spend on defense dice for light side and attack dice for dark side 4. Add the stress back to Slave 1 title, it shouldn't be an every turn thing 5. Make initiative random
  7. To be fair, both of those are doable (delete slots)
  8. I mean, when I was looking at the Phantom costs vs T-65s, even the basic Imdaar came out really favorably and never got a real nerf.
  9. You can block without a linked boost perfectly fine. Access to repos is ideal for blocking, but you don't need to link it for it to be effective and if it's not the central focus of the list, but just a blocker and extra source of hp/dice, then it doesn't really benefit you to dump more points into it.
  10. I mean, yeah. We can have all the theoretical discussions in the world, but if it's not winning anything, it doesn't matter how good it could/should be. It's like when people talk about how a losing team has a lot of good players or a bad faction has good options. If they can't win, clearly something is not working. Part of the problem is probably that people assume you'll get crazy value for a generic having a linked boost and good dial, but it's a generic with 2 attack dice and 4 hp. It's not your finisher, it's a filler ship, who cares if it goes faster while being a filler ship?
  11. There's also the question of role in that, if a game element fulfills a role that it's faction/deck/whatever already has in spades, then it's slot will inherently be more competitive. If there is nothing else in that space, it has no competition, so as long as the price isn't prohibitive, it doesn't matter. If you want to have that role, you have to take that element anyways. Example: If you have one melee unit, it has no point of comparison in faction, so if you want melee, you take it. You also have the question of taxing certains roles/abilities etc for specific factions, usually with a mind of faction identity to differentiate elements. An example in say Warmachine would be if a faction had lots of speed boosts, but no Pathfinder to navigate terrain. In that case, giving Pathfinder would likely come with a substantial tax because it removes an assumed restriction on all of the speed boosts you get. This is assuming the developers even think it's a good idea to give the faction Pathfinder in the first place. In the hypothetical example, the 2/3/3/1 statline hasn't existed in the bluecoats and upgrades were added to the bluecoats to increase the agility of their traditionally AGL 1 ships, along with supporting pilots that help their offense be more consistent. We have multiple factors that will likely contribute to the hypothetical ship being more expensive (upgrades, synergies and also filling a role that doesn't otherwise exist). In this case, you could easily put a costing that would seem otherwise exorbitant and it would still see play. Moving on to the redfins, high agility and low attack is their faction identity, 2 ATK/3 AGL practically grows on trees, so upgrades and pilot synergies have been carefully curated to not interact in any over the top ways. The widespread availability of the statline making it a very competitive slot, combined with limited buffing interactions, would like necessitate the ship being cheaper than it may actually be worth in a vaccum just to make it even remotely viable.
  12. If the generic A-Wings had a dot next to their names, could you drop the base A-Wing to 25?
  13. Yeah, but so few well-costed talents, especially in HS right now
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