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  1. The column sort function on reports isn't working. I love the report feature. I create filters for the books I have so I can give my players a complete list of available items with the book and page.
  2. Here's a silly question. I've added the text for all the talents. Will I lose it if I upgrade to version 2.x?
  3. I'm confused. The player wants to play a non-combat scientist character but neither of you want him to useless in combat so you give him non-sentient technology that he must essentially use combat skills to utilize? I say let him be useless in combat until he is able to develop sentient droids that he can control verbally. Until then, if his scientist feels the need to be combat relevant, let him come up with ways to MacGyver things on scene, come up with ways to use his knowledge to manipulate the combat environment by providing boosts to his party and setbacks to the enemies. I generally take issue with a player that says they want to play a non-combat character and then focus on being combat effective... but that's me.
  4. It works fine for me. Are you sure the ship your adding to the character meets the silhouette requirements?
  5. "We don't have any cows... we have a bull..."
  6. What's the base difficulty for such an action? The Security measures attachment upgrades 2 difficulty dice but I can't find the RAW for the base difficulties. Anyone able to point out the source rule for me?
  7. Bah! that would only apply is football was named using a paradigm based on qualitative parameters! But more importantly, that naming scheme doesn't affect the greatest sport of all... Hockey!
  8. 2P51's suggest works well. IF the PC's suspect they are being followed but actually aren't being followed I wouldn't make them roll. If they suspect they might end up being followed and naratively describe an extended state of vigilance then I would grant a boost die to any eventual perception or vigilance checks. In these cases, an opposed perception check isn't usually instigated by the PC's but rather triggered by the actions of the NPC. An NPC starts to follow them, the PC's roll a perception opposed by the NPC stealth (or whatever skills you deem necessary) because of the NPC's actions. However, if the PC's are in an area with the NPC that will eventually follow them and PC's want to make a check because they suspect something amiss. I would likely have them make a streetwise (or perception of you prefer) check opposed by the NPC's cool (or skullduggery or whatever) to see if the PC's can spot someone in the crowd exhibiting shady characteristics. After all, the NPC isn't following them yet, but he intends to and his behavior might reflect his preparations to do so. Make sense?
  9. The anthropological definition of "warrior culture" is one that prioritizes raising soldiers first, everything else second. But they still do everything else. Whether support activities (hunting, gathering, etc.) are done by the soldiers, those that couldn't hack being a soldier, slaves, droids, whatever, doesn't alter the warrior culture's primary motivations. The Marine Corps is a warrior culture in the US. Every Marine is a rifleman but many Marines serve in supporting roles. The Spartans were an extreme warrior culture where children of 6 were taken to the live in the barracks, by 12 they were expected to show military prowess, and at 18 were considered soldiers. Yet they weren't allow to openly associate with "adults" until they were 30 and were expected to serve in the military until 60. Sparta's support roles (agriculture, etc.) were the responsibility of the Perioeci who were free but non-citizens and the enslaved Helots. It was actually a huge fear of Helot uprisings that helped form the Spartan's warrior sensibilities. Sometimes those "classics" classes pay off, haha.
  10. I don't remember if these are restricted or items or not. If they are, perhaps, the quality control isn't up to snuff? Perhaps the supplier isn't particularly interested in getting the best product, just product he can unload at a profit. Buying rockets of poor quality can increase their profit and such inferior products can easily increase set back as well as upgrade the difficulty on jury rigging attempts.
  11. In the Lords of Nal Hutta, the planetary section for Nal Hutta says that Gardulla's palace has been taken over by the Hutt Council because Gardulla's whereabouts are unknown. I've check every source I can think of and can't seem to put together the reason for her hiding. Anyone know anything I might have missed? I would have thought this would have been given more detail in the Besadii Kajidic section but it doesn't mention a thing.
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