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  1. I feel a little silly about this but I want to clarify: I'm in the spot with two enemies at the start of my turn and want to attack twice. Do I finish the first drawing of cards and apply damage then click apply, or do I add the first round of damage then draw again and apply the second round of damage and THEN click apply? I'm pretty sure it's one attack, one round of damage, then apply and repeat for the second attack but it is better to know for sure than assume. What say you, community?
  2. For what it's worth, I liked your interpretation Shirys. That was my original thinking too.
  3. Just to make sure I have this correct, does the card You Cannot Pass allow a character to guard a nearby character for 3 if disguarded? The double descriptive text feels awkward so I want to make sure my group gets it right.
  4. That is the first disappointment I've had with this game. That's kinda dumb.
  5. Do you know the pg # of that? I can't find it anywhere in the reference.
  6. Today's scenario: Veers stood on one side of a barricade, Luke on the other. Am i correct in assuming Luke can't reach over the waist high wall and lasersword the guy with a bucket on his head because they aren't base to base?
  7. I have been waiting since the 16th. I emailed them a second time after getting a response telling me that the removals from my bank account would hit when my packages get shipped. The second email was just asking when that might occur but I never heard back from them. It's a little nerve-wracking to have money just sit in my account that has already been earmarked for something. This'll be the last holiday sale I'll bother to do with FFG.
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