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  1. You can Be DQ'ed if you have 2 cards but 1 die. If a player calls for a deck check on another player the TO or judge will verify card to Die. If you don't have it a TO or Judge can DQ you for not having a complete deck. I seen it done and had to do twice myself. Any card that has a die to it you must have a die for it even if it is unique.
  2. I would rule it works. I ran this by another TO and he said it would work. Ran it across another TO and he said no because its an continuous effect. As you stated you exhaust the plot, it checks the board state, play event which triggers Jyn which reduces the event cost.
  3. Yes. Choosing Zero is a legit choice in Destiny.
  4. Right now no store is really buying singles from the first 2 sets. We stopped buying them months ago and we turn away people that come in even trying to sell it at bulk prices.
  5. Omg I cant believe this is still going. It was ruled in Discord by one of the FFG world judges and an FFG employee that it works. If you don't like it send an email to them. Trust us this was like a 600 post thread on facebook and very heated long discussion in Discord. It works.
  6. This was a very long debate on facebook and a long one in discord. As stated by many TO's and Judges it works due to the word "resolve". The removal cards and other cards say the word "SHOWING".
  7. many TO's and judges rule it works. Until FFG rules yay or nay most judges will say it works.
  8. If I am correct its based on area, easy to get to, room to hold enough player and spectators, strong purchase relations with FFG. Also must have judging onsite. They don't send judges to these. The one held here is a strong store with plenty of room for about 150+ players, a lot of purchasing with FFG, Holds multiple big Magic tournaments (knows how to handle a big event), knows judges for to run events for every card game played. If they don't think the store can handle that big of a tournament smoothly you wont get one.
  9. I have to ask what would make you think that indirect damage should be tied to this?
  10. As stated unless you catch it and call a judge. The judge will instruct the player to pay it, or rewind the play or its a dead card (placed in discard) and it ends the turn. If you can recall what the dice were before the reroll all dice would be put back to that side and damaged removed it it did any to you.
  11. How is this the games fault? Yeah Errata's suck but its better than a full blown BAN like magic does. I rather have the errata's then a BAN. Any CCG is this way. If you cant invest the time or buy the cards you will never compete with players that do. Just because you buy 1 starter and 2 packs doesn't mean you now have everything to compete. Magic, Pokémon ( yeah pokemon), yugio, etc ,etc have meta decks that will crush a new player to bits. If a new player thinks that any deck can compete by playing the minimal then CCG's are not for them.
  12. I got 3 boxes on preorder and that will be it. Might buy a pack here and there but that will be it. Anything I don't get will be traded for. Will play competitive play when the chance comes up. I play at 2 different stores on different days which makes it beneficial to play more and see different decks.
  13. Really!!!!!! Did you even think what you typed?? A lot of us here are magic players and not X-wing players. So trying to say we have no social skills if kind a.....F@#& it not worth getting banned here.
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