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  1. I see a name I recognise - World Champ Phua from Singapore, who placed 10th in Swiss but did not make the top 8 overall. Was it actually him or someone with the same name? It's next door to Singapore and connected by a land bridge, so it could well be him.
  2. I saw on reddit that polish nationals are in juggler now http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3425 Winner had a rebel operative (generic hawk) and leebo made top 3. I won't be here for the resulting flame war
  3. I'm an ICV2 subscriber, and they do claim to include direct sales. Their numbers are actually primarily from distributors and publishers, and not individual hobby stores. GW and Asmodee's revenues are well known. For GW's their ratio of direct sales, trade and retail breakdown is public in their investor reports. What we don't know is the ratio inside GW that is 40K, Sigmar and others like Bloodbowl. The 40K community says that right now Sigmar is somewhere between 25-33%, and hobby (paints) is over 5%.
  4. Compared to other games of its type, X-Wing makes a lot of money. Very true about miniature quality compared to 40K. However they do appear to be priced a lot lower. A 40K starter box is about $160. Legion is somewhere in the 2 digits, I think. There certainly is a market for miniature games in the lower price bracket.
  5. Moppy

    Worlds Location

    Absolutely, though Asia probably doesn't have the player base right now to justify it. It's not just about the price. It's also about your credibility as an international event. It would be unthinkable if the olympics was in the same place each time, even though most competitors are sponsored by government and have no trouble raising the funds to attend. Remember that FFG have said that just over half of their sales are international. I also want worlds to be an invitational, or need qualification. This would give us higher quality games, and not require such a large event.
  6. Fundamentally, competitive scenes don't really mind that much if a game isn't balanced. Competitive players will pick whatever they need to pick in order to win, and will just get on with it. A lack of balance might make some games boring, but it doesn't make the game unplayable. Of course, they still complain about balance. :-) It's the casual community which most needs balance. Players there want to play specific, themed squads (or do not own all the things), and are heavily disadvantaged if those squads cannot perform, to the point where the game can be unplayable for fans of that squad. The effect of imbalance is much more severe and important here.
  7. My reasoning is that you'd only bring small rocks if you were afraid of hitting them yourself. i.e. you are not confident of manoeuver. That is, my belief is that better players will be more likely to bring the larger asteroids. 1/ It would be nice if ListJuggler would record rock and obstacle choice as they are part of the list. 2/ Have people noticed a correlation between player skill and asteroid size? I am reasonably certain (but haven't recorded and counted) that I see more smaller rocks in the early rounds of swiss. edit: What rocks or obstacles were brought at worlds?
  8. and Sure, but what percentage of lists overall does "scum with mindlink and no jumpmaster" represent? How can you tell if this legit made it into the top 4 or if it's broken? Adjusting two variables at once is a bad idea. How can you tell the individual effect of a change, if there's 2 differences? We agree the JM5K is broken so we need to sort that out, and then after that, we can look at whether mindlink is still broken, or if it's OK.
  9. Four nerfs. Two world champions. Clearly deadeye Zuckuss Manaroo mindlink was the problem. How can you balance mindlink when it's put on a broken JM5K? You need to fix the JM5K first before you adjust anything used on it.
  10. Moppy

    Stele Open lists

    So I notice Nand Torfs making #2 with something very similar to something he wrote for FFG's website. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/2/24/x-wing-101-fly-with-the-world-champ/ Maybe there's something in publishing your squads and getting valuable feedback on them? Just saying...
  11. Don't all of the attanni lists have jumpmaster? Let's make sure we're looking in the right place (the jumpmaster), and that we fix that big problem before we look again at things that might not be a problem once that big problem is (finally) fixed.
  12. @stayontheleader: it's a thing
  13. Alamak! How this happen lah? They fix jumpmaster 4 time liao leh. 4 time! FFG bodoh?
  14. "Alfaris"? Can FFG's software not handle multi-word names? I have one myself...
  15. LOL @ 2 ship mindlink. 4 Hawks is good for swiss but not good for the cut. It has too many bad pairings. You can run into a bad pairing and still do OK in swiss, but in the cut, you're finished. I'd bring 4 hawks if I wanted to get on camera and knew I couldn't win the main event (or I had to leave before the cut due to scheduling). I don't know why Mark Stretch brought it and I'm not implying anything about him.
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