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  1. The card does not say resolve them as if they were showing melee.  It says they may be resolved as melee.  So that means you get to choose melee or sheilds.

    Ataru strike requires a specific die face to be present.  I'm on the "if you can't sound the alarm them you can't ataru strike them" train for this one.  

  2. 3 boxes and 9 packs.  2 of each Starter


    3 force wave

    2 Zeb

    2 maul saber

    2 Obi wan saber

    2 Rebellion Leader 

    Doc Aphra



    Kallus' weapon

    Zebs weapon

    Grand moff

    Kylos Starfighter


    Saw Gerrera.  


    Not bad. Only cards I didn't get were Yoda, Resistance Bomber, and Pirate Speeder Tank.  



  3. On 12/27/2017 at 11:19 AM, ficklegreendice said:

    Consistency isn't everything

    Someone like Poe2 isn't just consistent,  but can control your opponent and special chain into incredible damage with his blaster 

    Also no pay sides is a huge deal, as is being a lot cheaper 

    Unless I'm misunderstanding and kallus' power action affects both dice (unlikely with "this die") he's just too low impact for his cost. 

    Special Chaining = epitome of consistency.....

  4. 7 hours ago, Vineheart01 said:

    my understanding from the last article its the full release.

    But i could be wrong, since FFG likes to fudge this game's releases up hardcore.

    Why start having flawless releases?  They are 3 for 3 on ****-ups, no need to improve.


  5. 30 minutes ago, Mep said:

    Yes, Zero is even under the old system. Under the new core curriculum standards it is Okay to be an even number and if you are an odd number, well you are Okay too. Therefore since even=Okay and odd=Okay then even=odd. So it is perfectly Okay for numbers to decide for themselves to be either even or odd since this is a safe place without judgement. You can even add even and odd numbers together like this, even+odd=2xOkay. So mixing even and odd numbers together is twice Okay to do. However since even=Okay and odd=Okay then even*odd=Okay^2. It is NOT Okay to be a judgemental Square so Okay =/ Okay^2 so multiplying even and odd numbers together is NOT Okay.

    All of this is true because I showed my work.

    Do I need to learn new pronouns?

  6. On 12/10/2017 at 0:19 PM, Mep said:

    I think Legacies needs to come out before any adjustments are made. Those two characters won't be getting adjusted during the movie's first run schedule. I am also not sure they are too good. I think they are just the most consistent deck. In tournaments consistency matters - a lot.

    I think Poe will be problematic going forward though increasing his cost gets him paired with Aalya instead of Rey.

    BTW, FFG has ZERO ISSUES with changing the rules of this game. They have added to and modified this game quite a bit in the past year. If the special chain becomes a huge problem, it will get changed. We all see it coming, but it has to happen first before anything is done about it.

    Pairing Poe2 with Aayla is arguable worse than Rey2,  as in worse to play against.  You will never have a beneficial die roll against that deck unless you can immediately resolve.


    To add on ...

    Special chaining is going to be the new action cheating.  I also think that Hero's ability to special chain will offset Villain's explosiveness and "better versions" of cards...

  7. On 11/7/2017 at 6:18 AM, JonasBenz said:

    Yeah man, I'm still getting folks into the game, but luckily as the card pool grows the relative power of legendaries decrease. Thats why from here on out I'm buying the occasional pack and mostly getting singles.

    This... I'll buy a box of Legacies, but thats it.  Singles are way cheaper given that there is maybe one or two "money cards" per set...  Awk had Vader, SoR had Force Speed, and EaW had Ancient Lightsaber.  


  8. 3 hours ago, RJM said:

    Heh.  I was speaking in USD, so we're not actually that far apart.  But I think, sure, people hunting Yoda the first few weeks might pay $40.  But look at Thrawn.  He was hyped and selling for $40.  Now I can BIN on eBay for about $17 USD shipped.  History has shown exactly what kind of cards ride out the hype, and it's very rarely anything but neutral, all purpose legendaries.

    Thrawn lost is gas petal when Unkar got nerfed that's why his price went down.  I tend to agree that Yoda will start high but I don't think he will settle lower than $30.  As for Maul, I also think he is going to settle around $17-$22.  Thrawn is still $33 on chance cube.

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