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  1. The card does not say resolve them as if they were showing melee. It says they may be resolved as melee. So that means you get to choose melee or sheilds. Ataru strike requires a specific die face to be present. I'm on the "if you can't sound the alarm them you can't ataru strike them" train for this one.
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/6/26/find-the-spark/
  3. Knowing FFG the Leia is going to be a sub optimal support/upgrade that will never be played. The female version of Rebellion Leader.
  4. Sound the Alarm is really good now lol.
  5. 3 boxes and 9 packs. 2 of each Starter 3 force wave 2 Zeb 2 maul saber 2 Obi wan saber 2 Rebellion Leader Doc Aphra Tarkin Maul Kallus' weapon Zebs weapon Grand moff Kylos Starfighter Finn Saw Gerrera. Not bad. Only cards I didn't get were Yoda, Resistance Bomber, and Pirate Speeder Tank.
  6. Special Chaining = epitome of consistency.....
  7. I -STILL- think you are all overthinking this....
  8. Why start having flawless releases? They are 3 for 3 on ****-ups, no need to improve.
  9. I think you are all overthinking this....
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