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  1. Hey guys! Let's all learn to play, meet the local players and enjoy the swagggggg Saturday, Nov 10 at 12pm Paper Heroes Games 14109 Burbank blvd. Sherman Oaks The store is big, clean and full of nice folk. There's a great active L5R community there as well that will be playing at the same time. If you don't show, you're niffle droppings ;) https://www.facebook.com/events/555297128264948/?active_tab=discussion
  2. Ohayō gozaimasu Everybody! I am pleased to announce a meet, greet and learn to play at the local friendly game shop of Sherman Oaks - Los Angeles area - Paper Hero’s Games Located at: 14109 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, California (818) 394-6999 Wednesday, September 13th, 6pm In the spirit of Legend of the Five Rings community building efforts, the crew down at PHG would love to host us for a get together and to meet local players. They will be doing their best to support L5R via launch event, pre orders, weekly slots to come and play, as well as coincide with FFG Organized Play rewards. I will be there with my 3 core sets from GenCon. It should be good enough for a few people to play with, while showing others the game and explaining rules if needed. Please bring your cards / proxies as well, so that we can get more friendly matches going on. On a personal note, this game will become as strong as the community it supports, and vice versa. I would love to play and get more involved, as I am sure most of you are. For that we need other local people to play with, and although some already have their familiar groups, the game will be best enjoyed when including others warmly in a friendly environment. So please, come and hang out. Tell us what clan you will be representing. What is your favorite card so far, and why you think it is Moto Horde? Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/272610559908431
  3. Just give me Moto Hordes ALL DAY Unicorn is plenty fun to play, and can hold it's own when you get the right draws. People mostly play too cautiously with them, from what I see. I think in order to be good with them, you need to be on the edge and take risks, like reflected in their province - which in turn take a character away that could potentially defend in future turns. It's really all about face value. and by that I mean, how hard you can keep punching people in the face , and keeping them in a defensive position. I think that's the point of staying 1st player as well. Just as a side note, not every Unicorn character is good right now, or even worth running. I personally think that Ide messenger, Aggressive Moto and even Shinjo Tatsou are not viable at the moment due to their costs and lackluster abilities / constrictions when comparing to other characters. Swift Majistrate is a blessing for the clan. And honestly, the characters with the best actions are 2 costers and will easily die to assassinates. So how do you play them at the moment? GET THAT HORDE OUT, YO. Use them cavalry plays with cheap characters like Moto Youth, and get some attachments on them. Giver of gifts to keep those attachments around. Born in War those battle maidens and see people's faces melt. LOVE THE HORSES WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND THEY WILL PROVIDE, just like jesus.
  4. I chimed in and was about to say that I didn't feel their use was good enough to justify the risk of sending a character home unbowed. But after reading the comments a bit, I think I will actually try Rout again and see how it goes in a 3 core environment. I have a feeling that clutch scenarios will come up more often.
  5. In the old version of L5R, did Unicorn have any sub-theme associated with falconry?
  6. I'm feeling Charge and Route are gonna be extra groovy in Unicorn games
  7. https://www.facebook.com/paperherosgames There is no community yet, but I'm gonna name drop this store in Sherman Oaks - Paper Hero's Games People are already showing interest to play there weekly. It's a cool place with cool people, and the owners are very friendly, encouraging local game groups. Keep an eye out for people starting to play there soon. I'll push to have it organized myself if it doesn't start shaping after GenCon. I'll have cards by then and would be happy to sit and play and show people the game
  8. "free horses are worth ten times a chained mountain cat" - best line of the fiction, hands down. I enjoyed it. It let me understand the Unicorn clan much better as a newcomer to L5R. I love their philosophy. If the preview looks good next week.. maybe I found myself the clan I'll represent at Gen Con.
  9. They only have until August 23rd to order the launch event kits. They need to prepare for the invasion. They might not be in the loop and that would be a total shame. It also might give them a good inclination to host Organized Play if they don't already know what it is Contact them by mail, phone, FB messenger.. Just make sure you do. I doubt L5R would have the same issues Star Wars Destiny had at launch, but that **** was disastrous.. I am not sure the SWD community has recovered properly since.. I personally contacted my local store- Paper Hero's Games in Sherman Oaks, Southern California. They weren't aware of the impending release, and I am happy the were awesome enough to cooperate. I am looking forward to have a good local presence of L5R in LA in a new, clean and not crowded place with good vibes. We should also make a list of places that will be holding Launch Events, but it's probably to early for that, right? ------ For those of you in the Reddit, yes this is a straight up copy / paste - but you know what, THIS IS IMPORTANT - UUUUUTTTZZZ!!
  10. I think the usefulness of spells are going to be dependant on how reliably you can get shugensas out and kept on the board. We haven't seen many basic shugenja characters from Phoenix yet. I am highly anticipating next week's reveals!
  11. Can you expand please on Provinces and Strongholds, now that we noticed ring symbols on the bottom. Does it mean you need one of each type when Deck Building?
  12. Is there a place to read up on story summary? or is this RPG just a live thing?
  13. I took everything you said seriously, until I saw "Nu53". I will never call anything Nu. That's just wrong.
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