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    Kleeg005 reacted to Stryker359 in [BLOG] Philadelphia System Open - World's Biggest Hyperspace Trial (So Far!)   
    My experiences at the Philadelphia System Open this year. The format change and late announcement may have affected numbers, but it was good fun!
    Article here!
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Hiemfire in X-wing Epic showcase in Maryland   
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Parakitor in X-wing Epic showcase in Maryland   
    It was awesome! We had six people show up, and all factions were represented except Scum. Well, Rebels came late, and joined the HUGE 900 point team battle. I made an imgur album with some comments on the pictures. I'll put more of my thoughts down tomorrow.
    EDIT: The album on imgur had problems, so I uploaded it again with a new link. It should work now.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Parakitor in X-wing Epic showcase in Maryland   
    Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, MD is having an Epic showcase event on Saturday, December 7th for all those people too poor/busy/casual to attend the System Open at PAX Unplugged. So far I'm the only one signed up to attend for sure, but there are about 8 people interested. I'm hoping at least half of them show up. Anybody here on the forums think they'll be able to make it to the event? It would be pretty cool to meet you.
    Bring a 300 point squad.
    Round One: Passing Engagement
    Round Two: Atmospheric Entry
    Round Three: To be determined by rounds one and two!
    Hope to see you there!
    Facebook link, for those that do that.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Hiemfire in Huge Ship Builds   
    DCT, 88D, IGRMs, Lando, and Merchant One are the essential parts that turn the PDB from decent to a crit storm. Lando can use any green token, including the Reinforce token for his ability, DCT both increases its survivability and provides tokens for Lando to use, 88D increases the number of tokens available giving access to an additional reroll and helping to make sure IGRM's requirement for triggering is met. Dorsal Turret adds another attack that doesn't require energy but is optional, Corsair technically is optional as well since Merchant One also adds a turret slot though the increase in energy reserve is nice as is the cannon slot that Corsair adds.
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from Cuz05 in Huge Ship Builds   
    I have two C-ROCs (yo-yo!), and when my FLGS *finally* gets the conversion kits, I intend to run both with slightly stripped down versions of this.  Hunter-Killer, right?  Blast in, get up close, and jab at something until it melts.  Base build is P-DB, Tibanna, Damage Control, and Deadman's Switch.  After that, season with titles and crew until I hit around 200 points for the both combined.  Run a wing of Doom-Skates (HLC Scyks), some beef, and an Ace for the fun of it.  
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Stay OT Leader in [BLOG] Rule #32 - Enjoy the Little Things   
    Z-95s, Torrents and TIE Fighters?  Oh my!
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    Kleeg005 reacted to KineticOperator in I Miss You   
    I don't know if anyone here even remembers me. But I have to say...
    I really miss you.

    I've been gone from X-Wing for personal/health reasons, but I have never known a better group of people. Worldwide, the X-Wing community was the best, most decent and consistently human group of people I have ever known. I was never more proud than when I would sit in a top 16 in the WORLD, and watch people around me saying (and doing):

    "No worries, we have all been up for 20 hours. Just do what you meant to do, we will figure it out from there."
    "Yeah, cool. Go to the restroom, I'll keep an eye on our stuff."
    "No, you're wrong. I really did land on that asteroid, I don't get an action or an attack."
    "Hey, we've been at this all day. I'm grabbing some food while you move, go ahead and finish I won't be moving till 7. Want me to get you something?"

    All of these are actual things I have experienced. I really, really miss being there with you all.

    Fly Casual.
    - Aaron
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Bort in My first huge ship experience.   
    Lessons learned (in no particular order)
    500 points sounds a lot, but it really fills up fast.   I suspect in 300 points a raider would suffer without proper support. 6 Obstacles is probably too few for a 6x3 table (although one of the epic battle scenarios uses this, which is what we used for our deployment zones and obstacle number) Against huge ships Jamming can be quite devastating.  The fact that the C-ROC shoots before the raider, and this particular raider really depended on the Target Lock for its additional shots was amazing.  Also the C-ROC survived a lot on the reinforce. One Jam could have removed that. Turbolaser requires a target lock.  Yes it's obvious, it's right there on the card. But easily missed. The Huge ship bank moves are actually quite massive, the tail-end swing is also surprisingly big if you don't expect it.  The Straight moves on the other hand seems quite small. Precision shot mechanic is counter intuitive.  In turn 3 the C-ROC got one of the bullseye crits.  I'm in the Raiders bullseye,  it is far from mine. But the effect triggers. Wing economy is amazing.   Having a wing leader that can boost/barrel roll, and then just drag the rest with AND then let low initiative pilots take target lock effectively at higher initiative is just awesome. Guri is amazing wing leader. Even though I goofed up one turn, all the rest were legit, and was still really good.  I think she might also be the only pilot (or rather Starvipers are the only ships) that can actually barrel roll using advanced sensors without overlapping the wingmen.  The banked-roll they do just nicely fits over the wingman.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Bort in My first huge ship experience.   
    Turn 4
    Both defenders were now close to the C-ROC, facing the same problem the Y-Wings had a turn ago.  Face-to-face with a huge ship.  One banked left and one right trying to go around.
    Y-wings surrounded one defender.
    My Z-95 wing split up, one turning towards the raider, the other making a miraculous move across an asteroid, but somehow just missing my Y-Wing as well as the opposing Defender.
    Starvipers moved to stay behind the defenders.
    C-ROC turned back towards the raider, bumping the defender that banked right out of the way.  Once again miraculously missing the Raider. There was literally about 2mm between the two huge ships.  (I was actually hoping for a collusion from the Raider, because it had a face-up crit stating it takes 2 addional crit dmg if it overlaps another ship/object)   Opponent placed the Defender in between my fleet and the C-ROC.
    Raider didn't move, so no extra free crits.
    Starvipers killed one defender, but not before it managed to get 2 more dmg on the C-ROC.
    C-ROC, Z-95 and Y-wing plinked Raider a bit, but once again I hit it with the Jamming beam stripping the calculates (I made the mistake of leaving the target lock)
    Raider hit the C-ROC with range 1 proton torpedo and range 1 bullseye primary... and somehow only managed to put through 2 or 3 non-crit damage.  Game called after that shot. 
    Foto taken after red Defender was destroyed.

    *EDIT.  Oh. Obiously this is my very one sided view of the battle. Opponent may have a completely different perspective. That being said, it was a fun game and I thank him for it!
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Bort in My first huge ship experience.   
    Turn 3.
    Things started getting quite crowded now.  All my ships were basically facing the Raider. And both the huge ships were facing each other.
    Y-wings were in for a hard time, face-to-face with the Raider, so a collusion was going to be hard to avoid.  I did a 1 bank hoping for him to stand still.  Defenders went for the C-ROC, while the Starvipers continued their pursuit of the defenders in return. Z-95s made a right turn and roll away from the Raider.
    C-ROC did a 3 bank left.  I was once again trying to have the 1 evade die, and thinking that I might hit the defenders and interrupt their plans. Its more than 0.    Again reinforce front and double calculate.
    Raider banked back to its original course right over the Y-Wing wingman.  But was only a 1-bank so Y-wing only lost a shield.
    Foto was taken in middle of shooting, after Tie advanced already died.

    N'dru and the vipers killed the advanced.  (unmodded defense vs shooting at defender with evade and focus token).
    C-ROC, binary pirate and Drea did quite a number on the Raider.  Think about 3 crits and 3 normal damage.  (so in the bigger picture still not really much. 20 hull is a LOT). But once again I used the Jamming beam against the Raider stripping the calculates.
    Raider and defenders got some shots in on the C-ROC, but took my shields and did 2 normal damage.   Between the single evade die and the reinforce I managed to mitigate quite a bit.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Bort in My first huge ship experience.   
    Ok, so this is a bit of a battle report, but also a squad list post, general epic/huge chatter and maybe even a rules question or two.  So didn't really know where to put it.  I also added some interesting observations in the lessons learned at the end. So it might be interesting to some of you.
    Big wall post.... but I'm excited about the game.
    Played my first huge ship game last night, 500 points Scum vs. Empire.   We opted for a simple head-to-head deathmatch because we already had to keep track of new rules for wings and huge ships we didn't want to keep track of scenario as well.
    My List:
    I went wing crazy.  Mostly to get a good feel of how wings work, move and placement etc.
    z-95 wing: - [99 total] N'dru Shulak, Veteran Wing Leader, Afterburners, Expert Handling [41] 2x Binayre Pirate, Cluster Missiles [29] Y-wing wing: - [112 total] Drea Renthal, Veteran Wing Leader, Ion Cannon Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, R4-Astromech [66] Crymorah Goon, Ion Cannon Turret, Veteran Turret Gunner, R4-Astromech [46] Starviper wing: - [184 total] Guri, Veteran Wing Leader, Afterburners, Advanced Sensors, Predator [84] 2x Black Sun Assassin, Predator [50] C-ROC - [105 total] Jamming Beam - 0 Tibanna Reserves - 3 Corsair Refit - 15 0-0-0 - 5 IG-88D - 3 Targeting Battery - 9 Concussion Missiles - 6 IG-RM Droids - 2 Broken Horn - 4 500 points total  
    Choices: So Drea is in there because, guess what C-ROC pilot is non-limited. So rerolls on huge ship attacks.  This lead me to take quite a number of non-limited wingmen.
    N'dru is there purely for the initiative boost.   With afterburners and a white barrel roll he can drag the pirates quite a bit making a target lock on them much more viable than on initiative 1.
    Guri, well, she is one of the most maneuverable ships in the game, the wingmen adds additional firepower and health, even though the wing is a bit of a gamble because of the higher cost. 
    C-Roc loadout was the hardest. First game and all I wanted to test everything.   88D was there purely for the double calculate, but will see future play along with 88B in the fleet.
    Jamming beam was a last moment addition, because 0 points and I have the slot. But keep reading.
    Opponents List: 
    He went very light on the actual fleet, using mostly generics with minimum upgrades, and full blown on the raider.
    2x Onyx Squadron Ace, Dreadnought Hunter.  [85x2] 2x Storm Squadron Ace, Fire-Control System.   [42x2] 1x Nu Squadron Pilot, Os-1, Diamon-Boron Missiles [38] Fully loaded Raider  [208] Boosted Scanner  - 8 Captain Needa   - 8 Turbolaser Battery - 15 Ordnance Tubes - 2 Concussion Missiles - 6 Ordnance Team - 4 Bombardment Specialists - 6 Corvus - 3 Adv. Proton Torpedoes - 6 500 points total  
    Opponent had initiative, so he deployed Nu-Squadron to his left, and then the Defenders together just right of centre.  I put down the starvipers far on my left, with the rest of my force around the C-Roc. Opponent then put down the Raider (with the two tie advanced docked) facing my C-ROC.  I was actually quite surprised how empty the table looked at this point.

    Turn 1:
    Nu-Squadron does a 3 left turn, followed by a 3 right turn slam trying to get to my flank.  Defenders did a 3 bank turning towards my C-ROC.
    I went in quite aggressive.  Y-wings went 3 forward.   Plan was to try and intercept the dreadnaught aggressors before they go full out on my C-ROC.  Also to ignore the Raider turn 1 and kill support ships. So N'dru went 4 forward, followed by afterburner boost and then a roll to the left away from the raider. As planned this put the pirates in range for target locking.  In the meantime Guri also dailed a 4 straight, but since the defenders had already turned away at this point I used advanced sensors to roll right-back first, then 4 fwd also followed by afterburner boost.   [Edit.  Doh!  Couldn't have boosted after using advanced sensors.  Thanks @Hiemfire for pointing it out]
    C-ROC also went 3 fwd, wanting to make use of the extra evade gained and getting R3 of some ships.
    Lastly Raider went 1 fwd.  Opponent seemed quite stunned by how short a 1 fwd on a capital ship looks.
    With my shooting I was able to take the shields of one defender.  And the Y-Wings and C-ROC killed the Nu-Squadron pilot.  Shooting the targeting battery first, then using a fully modded normal attack worked well. In return one Z-95 was taken down to 1 hull.  Defenders were out of range 3 from the C-ROC, so no dreadnaught shots yet.   (Dice was on fire for me. I rolled a lot of hits and opponent a lot of blanks).
    Turn 2:
    Both Tie Advanced deployed, one from fron and one from side of Raider, both turning towards Guri.   Defenders moved closer to C-ROC.  Z-95s overshot the defenders with right bank, afterburner boosted again to the right to get behind that nasty middle line of the Raider.  Guri managed to pull her wing behind the defenders.  Y-Wings banked towards the Raider, using the wing concept to jump my wingman over an asteroid.
    C-ROC did a 0 move, not wanting to get too close too soon, because I doubted a huge ship can turn around in a game.  At 45 degree banks a 180 will take 4 turns.  I did double calculate (IG88) and reinforced front.
    Raider did a unexpected left bank.  It was now facing my y-wings head on, but had its back to most of my force.  It target locked Drea  (also gaining 2 calculate tokens as part of the same action, great economy), and Jammed one starviper.

    Because of my 0 move the defenders ended up still being out of range 3.  One tie advanced also ended up out of R3 from anything. So my opponent only had 1 tie advanced and the Raider shooting, while all my ships had shots.
    I managed to kill one Tie advanced, and strip off all the shields from the Raider.  In return I lost one shield on Y-Wing and 1 on Starviper.  Here we also had an interesting effect from Precision shot as discussed here:
    The precision shot caused 2 jams on the raider AND flipped his ordnance hardpoint.  Leaving him with only the normal shot, and turbolaser.  
    I also discovered how amazing Jamming beam can be at the right time.  The C-ROC shoots before the Raider.  And in this layout the raider had a ton of weapons that all depended on having a target lock.  So strip the target lock, and no pain!  It basically reduced the raider to taking its primary attack only.  Now make no mistake, at R1 and bullseye that shot rolls a lot of dice, but its still just the one shot.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Darth Meanie in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    My wife loved TLJ, so she's hyped.  We'll be going on Friday the 20th.
    I'll be ****** if I let my wife be a better SW fan than I am!!
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in Showcase: Belbullab-22 Starfighter   
    I may have to darken the lines to make it pop better on the table.  But **** I like this model!
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from CoffeeMinion in Showcase: Sith Infiltrator   
    The number of the counting shall be two, and two shall be the number of the counting.
    Right out, three is!
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from Managarmr in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    Just gonna use this thread to vent a bit.  My FLGS still hasn't received any of the kits.  Asmodee ****** up the order, and then there was some unspecified "trouble" with the second attempt at delivering the reshipped order.  I really want to support my tiny little independent FLGS, but it sure feels like Asmodee wants us to buy Amazon or not at all.
    So, that's my experience with Epic 2.0 so far.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to LagJanson in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    I've found the stores that order small quantities have been very hit and miss on receiving orders. The bigger volume stores seem to have no issue getting stuff on time.
    Not sure this is distribution or what... but I know your pain and understand how you feel. At least in my case there's enough stores within an hour that I was able to find a huge ship conversion early.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to gennataos in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    Brazilian Grands.  LOL and gross.
    5         1             Marcelo Boldrin  5         1665 0.57 Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
    Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
    Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
    Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
    Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
    Techno Union Bomber + Proximity Mines + Landing Struts
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from heychadwick in Poll: Thoughts on Epic (now that you've played)   
    Just gonna use this thread to vent a bit.  My FLGS still hasn't received any of the kits.  Asmodee ****** up the order, and then there was some unspecified "trouble" with the second attempt at delivering the reshipped order.  I really want to support my tiny little independent FLGS, but it sure feels like Asmodee wants us to buy Amazon or not at all.
    So, that's my experience with Epic 2.0 so far.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Biophysical in Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast   
    That's the rub.  Almost all aces are blunt instruments.  The blunter they are, the better they perform.  If you haven't, consider listening to Oli Pocknell's report of his championship run on the 186th podcast.  Seems like close to half his games had some variant of  "So I just jousted them", "nobody expects a triple ace list to joust", and/or "mutiple double modded 3 dice shots do a lot of damage".  His squad was an extremely force-heavy triple Imperial list.
    As a real fan of mid and low initiative generics, the hardest games to plan a strategy for are triple ace lists because they out initiative, out maneuver, and hit harder than my generic squad, despite having fewer ships.  Yet despite this, triple aces liata rarely opt into a joust, thinking they can outmaneuver a low initiative list easier.  They sometimes can, but so often they actually don't even have to try.
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from PartridgeKing in Showcase: Sith Infiltrator   
    The number of the counting shall be two, and two shall be the number of the counting.
    Right out, three is!
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    Kleeg005 reacted to SabineKey in New Class of Destroyer   
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    That there is the ISD Just Deserts.
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    Kleeg005 reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in New Class of Destroyer   
    The IDAB*  Heavy Caloric 
    Happy Thanksgiving All  
    * Imperial Diabetic Artery Blocker 
    edit - what would you name her?
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    Kleeg005 reacted to svelok in Another way to ask questions to FFG   
    every time FFG does something cool for a part of the playerbase, why is the feedback always "stop doing it unless I get it too"?
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    Kleeg005 got a reaction from FriendofYoda in TO after-reports   
    So I've been putting some (very) brief after-reports of the small, casual tournaments I run into the Organized Play subforum.  My query here is if folks think it would at all useful to collect and post them here, even though they are not traditional, full batreps?
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