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  1. Yes, fine. But Ketsu is only ONE ship.
  2. I've managed two games with Nantex, one game against. They are...odd. Very, very odd. I only picked up one, and it feels like they need to be run in pairs? Maybe? I've not yet encountered a Sun Fac in any fashion, but Chertek has utility - sort of. But I think - and this is still early days - that the Stalgasins and the Petranakis are going to be the shining examples of the form. Sun Fac may be decent, but the generics feel perhaps better justified in their cost - but I'm not an Ace-player, so what do I know. The tractor nerf, though. That HURT. My second game with Chertek was against Ketsu...plus something else. Suffice to say it negated Ensnare entirely, and therefore negated Chertek's pilot ability. He became just an i4 with a great dial and a wonky set of firing arcs. Game last night, I ran DenGuri (glutton for punishment, yes) against three Vultures, DBS-404, Chertek, and Berwer. Chertek had Ensnare, and Berwer had Snap/Juke. So I had a large base, and the initiative advantage, AND it was the first time my opponent had put Nantex on the table. Ensnare *never* triggered. Snap Shot only triggered once, for no effect. There was a single bulls-eye shot in the game, at range 3. They are *really* difficult ships to fly. Still, end of the game, it was 149-152 because Scum is hardly over-powered and even a mini-swarm of Vultures can shift some pain. Initial reaction, then, is that the Nantex is going to require much practice, but is entertaining. I just don't know where all the hate and the doom an gloom is coming from in that other thread. Also, given the tractor nerf, maybe Gravitic Deflection is the go-to Talent for the generics?
  3. I am having a lot of difficulty remaining civil while reading the current threads related to the Nantex. I've written and deleted this response three times now, trying and failing to keep a civil tone. **** it. Anything that challenges the supremacy of Aces is perfectly fine in my book. Don't like Nantex? Start bringing a large base or two in your list. Nantex just plain **** themselves when they see them. Problem solved. Now I'm going to try to figure out how to lock/block this thread, because it's giving me heartburn. I hope y'all have a better day.
  4. Yeah, silver lining? A lot more difficult than black lining. Looks okay on the table. But I'm not totally satisfied. Suggestions?
  5. THIS is my major beef with ******* Jedi. Double reposition with mods at high initiative. *IF* you can even get them in arc, *MAYBE* you can hit them. Meanwhile, the other ships in the list are ******* you up from those perfect flanking positions. You don't like Sun Fac with Ensnare? Nowhere near as bad as Jedi. Sun Fac can be one-shotted, just like any other four-hull ship. You ain't touching a ******* Jedi. #triggered Sorry. Sorry.
  6. I finally managed to put a Nantex on the table. I went Chertek with Ensnare and Crack, Grievous with Soulless and Crack, and two Bombards with TrajSim, Proton Bombs, Fuses, and Struts. Opponent brought Sunny, Serissu, Laetin, and a TPV, all with Shield and Autoblasters, and Snap Shot for those who could (not Sunny). It...didn't feel like a good test? In an attempt to abuse Serissu's pilot ability, he kept them in formation which made it *very* easy for my "aces" to get flanking positions. The Bombardment Drones abused those extremely pricey Sims (and reload) to control space and drop loads of crits. And the Scyk dials are just so clunky, he never had a chance to disengage/re-engage. He did say that he was basically trying to run away from every element of my list, and consequently got himself stuck in a corner, which just made everything easier and easier for me. Worse, I did as much damage self-bombing as he did shooting - the dice were extremely unkind. I tabled him, taking a total of four points of damage across the two Bombards. So, yeah. I can draw no conclusions. Except that I like TrajSim Bombards, and that the Nantex is a load of fun to fly even if I only managed to Ensnare one enemy ship once; I mean, I used it to push Grievous into better positions a couple of times, so that was good. It still feels like two Nantex would be better than one and Grievous...maybe? And I maybe need to be more aggressive with Chertek? Obviously, I need to get some table time, and more serious lists than Scyks. (And I still ******* dread facing Jedi - they feel worse to me than First Edition Kanan/Biggs.) But so far, so good.
  7. With Epic on its way, you may well be correct! I should just do it. And take my lumps when when my wife finds out.
  8. I'm still waiting for someone to tell me they have too many and want me to buy one of theirs.... I want more, but don't need more Vultures.
  9. My flgs has been taking some hits with reduced interest out here in the Outer Rim, so I was only able to get my hands on one. I'm pretty sure I want two. And four sounds a freaking treat.
  10. Berwer seems...like a trap. It's a lot of hoops to jumps through, eh? First, you have to take locks with your droids rather than the safer and generally almost as effective calculate. Second, you have to actually hit with your attack. Third, you have to have the target in your droids's arcs as well as in Kret's in order to make full practical use of the ability. And finally, you have to deal with all of your droids being stressed. That's not as bad as some of the effect-chains out there, but it's still not as good as, say, Sinker swarms. Or Howlrunner swarms. Or...a lot of other stuff. I bet it's not bad against lower initiative targets, but my local meta is choc-a-block with Jedi and Imperials - which means, generally, all i5 and i6. It feels like Chertek should make a semi-decent pocket almost-Ace, albeit hampered by i4? It still seems that they really want to have at least two on the board, or - as you say above - a singleton might be too easy to focus down. Unless it's Sun Fac doing crazy Ace-y stuff. I dunno. I'll just have to put one on the board and see, eh? And probably pick up a second, and then a third, and then.... Ha ha.
  11. @Magnus Grendel: I lately have either a Feethan or Sear (if points allow) with Kraken, three or four Vultures with Struts (sometimes Precise Hunters if points allow, sometimes with ESC), and one or two Hyenas of various load-outs. I haven't really settled on an exact list or composition, as nothing has *really* gelled with me yet. I love a fully kitted Grievous, but he always seems to have too big a target on his back. I think, with all the various versions on 0-1 Belbullabs, 2-4 Vultures named or not, an 0-2 Hyenas named or not, I'm running something like 20 wins and 15 losses. I don't have and don't want the Infiltrator - I'm not feeling large bases in 2.0. And the more I fly them, the more I test them, the less I am enamored of Hyenas - so maybe that's where I find the points for the Nantex.
  12. I've been looking at how these guys might be incorporated into my usual CIS list, and not seeing anything obvious. It sounds like they are a sufficiently different paradigm that I should think less incorporation and more replacement. Maybe three of these and a mini-swarm or something. Thanks!
  13. I second the notion of creating an index for tutorials like this one. I likewise had no idea that this one was out and about, and it's very, very good! Big thanks to @Polda for creating, and to @Force Majeure for bumping it back up!
  14. Yepyep! And that's why we were jumping the gun, ha ha. So looking forward to this!
  15. Hello, Citizens of the galaxy! MOB Games's September Casual will be held on Saturday the 28th! Doors open at 11, dials down at 1130. Hyperspace format for this one, because why not? $5 gets you three rounds of casual-competitive X-Wing and a shot at Wave Kit prizes, and maybe some Curled Paw tokens or maybe even some alt arts if attendance is high enough. You know what your Supreme Chancellor would say: "Do it." MOB Games 303 91st Ave NE, Ste E504, Lake Stevens, Washington 98258
  16. In semi-serious preparation for thinking about maybe attending ONE hyperspace trial this year, and in an attempt to replace my frustrating and beloved Scum with slightly more reliably janky CIS, I have been fielding a fairly wide variety of drone lists. Generally, my lists include one Belbullab carrying Kraken (after a few iterations with other Relays), two Hyenas with a huge variety of load-outs, and some set of three or four generic Vultures, sometimes with ESC, sometimes without. This iteration saw Sear and Kraken accompanying three Precise Hunters and two Baktoids - one of which had Diamond Boron Missiles and the other carrying Barrage Rockets. The plan was to abuse those i3 bullseye effects without chasing them, and using whatever locks were available to throw a variety of missiles around as the situation dictated. The two Baktoids also carried FCS, as they were generally expected to be locking, and also equipped Munitions Failsafe as I had the points. And all the drones equipped Grappling/Landing Struts, because it's such an entertaining mechanic. My opponent for the evening turned out to be the only other local who owns - let alone runs - CIS. He brought Sear with T175 and Soulless, four Trade Fed Drones, DBS404, and Trade Union with Proton Bombs and Cluster Missiles. I had the two point bid and took the initiative. Here is the immediate aftermath of turn one. We both slow-rolled (me less so), with me abusing my Struts. My opponent's DBS404 is on the left, while his Sear is on the far right. I am expecting a flank with his Sear and 404, while the TFD's are expected to gum up the middle. I'm not sure where his Bomber is headed. And I decided I didn't much care. My plan after this round was to use the Hunters' bullseye ability to punish whoever landed in front of them, and lock with #3 to enable the Baktoids to use their ship ability. Dials down after round two. My Barrage Baktoid plinked one hull off of his TFD #1, as did he Diamond Boron Baktoid - which only managed to plink one hull off of BDS404 and no further effect. on the other three targets. Lame. My Hunter #5 suffered one damage from four shots. So. An acceptable round for me. My opponent did a lot of unintentional self-bumping here, which our dice collectively decided I should not be able to capitalize upon. I also forgot to use my Munitions Failsafe on the that stupid bloody Barrage Rocket attack. Round three engagement. I locked my opponent's Missile/Bomber with my Baktoids, and took an unfortunately too-aggressive bump on my Sear. My opponent's Sear, on the other hand, was able to roll out of arc and strip my shields with no return fire. His Cluster Missile bomber put one damage onto my Hunter #5. I only managed to put one more point of damage onto his Bomber, but dropped his 404 to one hull, and put one damage his Drone #1, unable to concentrate firepower in any more effective manner. End of round four. My Sear was unable to deal that one last point to 404. It took him four attacks, but my opponent killed Hunter #5. I stripped one more hull off his Bomber and needed three attacks to kill his one wounded TFD. Dice variance...what are you going to do? End of round five. DBS404 suicided over the rock. One of his drones suicided over a rock. His Bomber put two damage onto my Barrage Baktoid. My Sear hurt his Sear plenty, while his Sear one-shot my Hunter #3. I killed a Drone, and he put some damage onto my now-DBM-less Baktoid. Again, dice variance was both a help and a hinderance this round - on both sides. It still feels like anyone's game, but I feel like I have a slight positional advantage, due to the Struts. Round seven was time, and I forgot to take a picture. I killed his Sear, and he killed a Baktoid. Final "official" score was a win for me, 137-111 (I think). We went ahead and played it out, and I finished with half a Sear, half a Baktoid, and half a Hunter. Conclusions: 1) I think that Kraken is just plain better than T175. I had only one turn where Kraken was unavailable to me, while he only had T175 activate twice. I just hope that FFG decides to buff the other Relays rather than nerfing Kraken with points adjustments: Kraken feels fair at 10 points - it's the others that feel too expensive. 2) I was only able to use Sear's pilot ability twice, and my opponent never. While it feels more relevant than Wat's ability, I think I will stick with the Feethan as my Kraken carrier in future. 3) I'm still on the fence concerning Drones vs Hunters. I did manage ONE initiative-kill. And their ship ability activated about once per round per three ships. But the extra points could go elsewhere, and the relatively unblockable Drones are just **** solid. 4) Missiles still just feel bad, even on a platform designed to abuse them (Baktoids). I've toyed with Trade Union Bombers, Separatist Bombers, DBS-404, and Bombards. None of them *feel* right, somehow. And the Coordinate Bomber just feels too **** expensive. I think...I think, given my proclivity for jank, that I will make a few more attempts to make the Bombards work. But maybe Hyena Bombers just aren't that good. Maybe moar Drones is the way to go. edit: Having my ships custom-painted was a massive **** joy in this near-mirror match!
  17. We decided we couldn't wait for the box sets to come out. We probably should have. 300 points apiece, 4-way furball. We called it after 4 hours. Player One had one one-hull Defender remaining in his second ever 2.0 game. Player Two had a shieldless Vader remaining. Player Three had a nearly full-health Kanan and a one-hull Red Squaddie. And I had my full droid squad, less six total health. Funny thing, they all loaded the rocks down on my end of the board, and then declined to come into my lair. Huh. One player described the slow advance of my rock-hopping squad as being like to watching an industrial steel press advancing down the board. I like that. edit: I think this second picture is Turn Six? Almost two hours in? And a single ship has been removed on the other side of the board.
  18. The VERY few times I've used it, it's been in, like, the first two rounds or so. When it didn't really matter. 'Cause, like you said, the 'Viper generally prefers to get stressed using that incredibly useful linked action. But usually, I've equipped my double-mod-slot 'Viper with both a Shield and Afterburners, so. Like, never. Really. Yeah. Good times.
  19. I dropped my 4xTPV again last night, this time escorting Fearless Teroch instead of Zuckuss. I flew against a relatively new player (under one year) who had two Warden K's (one bomber, one missiles) and a PHAT Braylen. It is difficult to draw too many conclusions from this game, as my opponent is so new. I beat him, but he employed a sub-optimal turn 0-2 strategy - slow-rolling - which allowed me to engage his ships more or less one at a time. The conclusions I *can* draw: 1) Bullseye arc effects are money against medium (and large) bases, especially if they are slow-moving, lower Initiative, and/or lack repositioning. 2) Teroch is MUCH easier and more effective to use as bait than Zuckuss. 3) Green dice are still a *****. Honestly, they aren't bad. They're just not good enough for the points. If they cost the same as a TIE, or even a point more, they'd be great little fillers if flown naked. The problem with them is that they pay a tax for that "Special" slot. And then you have to pay for the weapon itself. You end up paying twice for something that is often situational. Even if you don't fill that slot, you're still paying for that empty space, on a ship that can be one-shot off the board (as happened to me last night). Reduce the price to TIE or near-TIE levels, then let people decide to load them up with points if they dare. And maybe they move from an optimistic B-tier to a solid A-tier ship giving you meaningful choices in the list building stage. Which is I think the best you can ask for any ship.
  20. Because it's not just a slightly worse version of a TIE. It's a slightly worse version of a TIE entirely lacking in a ****load of synergies that elevate the TIE's effectiveness well above its cost.
  21. I flew four TPV with Marksmanship and Autoblasters alongside Zuckuss last night, facing Kenobi/Koon/Padme with R4/7B and ProTorps/Juke. My opponent went for the Zuckuss bait, and he soaked up just enough attacks for the Scyks to whittle away at both Obi and Padme before he went boom. Game ended at time with two burning Scyks and one untouched chasing down a shieldless Koon. I never once got to trigger Marksmanship or get the extra die from the Auroblasters, but having that many arcs on the board meant that I did once in a while get to sneak in an uncancelable crit. And while Zuckuss never once fired, my opponent said that he flew differently in order to avoid getting in that arc, and also said that he flew differently trying to avoid those bullseyes. This was my first time beating Jedi in 2.0, so pretty happy with the list so far. Although this was a filthy casual, as opposed to the slightly more tournament-oriented fare of my Thursday group. More named Scyks miiiight be more effective, but I fear that I might end up trying to chase their pilot abilities, which might lead me to fly them to less effect. This result leads me to believe that massed matched-Initiative Autoblasters might be the best way to run Scyks. I also think they will live and die by their wingmate - and while Zuckuss does provide the very scariest of bait at an almost reasonable price, he does die very, very quickly. So. What's the groupthink on the most effective 60 points Scum can field? Is it the big Z? Or can we do better?
  22. Continued discussions of Scyks forced me to finally repaint the fourth little bugger I picked up a few weeks ago. I picked up a few weeks ago, and have not gotten to play a single game since. Siiiiigh..... At any rate, painted the new one, touched up the second one, and now all four are ready to fly.
  23. There is a strong element of deja vu going on here.
  24. Ha ha, I bet the reactions were entertaining. I admit, most of my recent attempts at Scyks have centered around Serissu - which is probably a trap. In further response to the OP, I haven't yet tried the Autoblaster swarm. It's always been a mixed cannon swarm for me, and results have always been mixed. Again, trying to fly formation with Serissu to try to ensure that at least one of the cannon effects actually hits, maybe not the best strategy. A bunch of Autoblaster sleds scooting around might well be the best way to go. Maybe with something beefy like a Han or a Scurgg on the side.
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