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  1. I dropped my 4xTPV again last night, this time escorting Fearless Teroch instead of Zuckuss. I flew against a relatively new player (under one year) who had two Warden K's (one bomber, one missiles) and a PHAT Braylen. It is difficult to draw too many conclusions from this game, as my opponent is so new. I beat him, but he employed a sub-optimal turn 0-2 strategy - slow-rolling - which allowed me to engage his ships more or less one at a time. The conclusions I *can* draw: 1) Bullseye arc effects are money against medium (and large) bases, especially if they are slow-moving, lower Initiative, and/or lack repositioning. 2) Teroch is MUCH easier and more effective to use as bait than Zuckuss. 3) Green dice are still a *****. Honestly, they aren't bad. They're just not good enough for the points. If they cost the same as a TIE, or even a point more, they'd be great little fillers if flown naked. The problem with them is that they pay a tax for that "Special" slot. And then you have to pay for the weapon itself. You end up paying twice for something that is often situational. Even if you don't fill that slot, you're still paying for that empty space, on a ship that can be one-shot off the board (as happened to me last night). Reduce the price to TIE or near-TIE levels, then let people decide to load them up with points if they dare. And maybe they move from an optimistic B-tier to a solid A-tier ship giving you meaningful choices in the list building stage. Which is I think the best you can ask for any ship.
  2. Because it's not just a slightly worse version of a TIE. It's a slightly worse version of a TIE entirely lacking in a ****load of synergies that elevate the TIE's effectiveness well above its cost.
  3. I flew four TPV with Marksmanship and Autoblasters alongside Zuckuss last night, facing Kenobi/Koon/Padme with R4/7B and ProTorps/Juke. My opponent went for the Zuckuss bait, and he soaked up just enough attacks for the Scyks to whittle away at both Obi and Padme before he went boom. Game ended at time with two burning Scyks and one untouched chasing down a shieldless Koon. I never once got to trigger Marksmanship or get the extra die from the Auroblasters, but having that many arcs on the board meant that I did once in a while get to sneak in an uncancelable crit. And while Zuckuss never once fired, my opponent said that he flew differently in order to avoid getting in that arc, and also said that he flew differently trying to avoid those bullseyes. This was my first time beating Jedi in 2.0, so pretty happy with the list so far. Although this was a filthy casual, as opposed to the slightly more tournament-oriented fare of my Thursday group. More named Scyks miiiight be more effective, but I fear that I might end up trying to chase their pilot abilities, which might lead me to fly them to less effect. This result leads me to believe that massed matched-Initiative Autoblasters might be the best way to run Scyks. I also think they will live and die by their wingmate - and while Zuckuss does provide the very scariest of bait at an almost reasonable price, he does die very, very quickly. So. What's the groupthink on the most effective 60 points Scum can field? Is it the big Z? Or can we do better?
  4. Continued discussions of Scyks forced me to finally repaint the fourth little bugger I picked up a few weeks ago. I picked up a few weeks ago, and have not gotten to play a single game since. Siiiiigh..... At any rate, painted the new one, touched up the second one, and now all four are ready to fly.
  5. Ha ha, I bet the reactions were entertaining. I admit, most of my recent attempts at Scyks have centered around Serissu - which is probably a trap. In further response to the OP, I haven't yet tried the Autoblaster swarm. It's always been a mixed cannon swarm for me, and results have always been mixed. Again, trying to fly formation with Serissu to try to ensure that at least one of the cannon effects actually hits, maybe not the best strategy. A bunch of Autoblaster sleds scooting around might well be the best way to go. Maybe with something beefy like a Han or a Scurgg on the side.
  6. I mostly agree with you. Not totally underwhelming. But if you feel liking jumping to another faction, you can get something more competitively effective for the same or even less points - like everything in Scum. But Scyks look good on the table and aren't totally boring to fly, so I'll keep feeding other folks' egos. And hope that someday FFG gets the costing right. Unfortunately for me, I've turned my local meta into anti-Guri experts.
  7. I have tried a Sol, but a Proxy/Seismic version. Tried alongside Emon, both with Skilled Bombardier, for maximum bomb-dropping jank. It was great fun, but i lost rather badly over the course of something like four or five games. Perhaps with a good lot of practice? But bombs feel so anemic right now. I had a guy fly over three Proxies (from a different list) in one maneuver and take only four damage. The whole reason I used to take bombs (in 1.0) was that my dice were *so* unreliable, I needed the auto-damage. That's no longer viable as a winning strategy all on its own. Bombs are merely an aid, a bonus, rather than a core strategy. But they feel priced rather high for being just a bonus. Dunno. Maybe if you could fit Nym, Sol, and Emon? Hello Epic Jank.
  8. I mean, it's not that they're *no* good. It's just that - especially in faction - the equivalent points in T-70's is far more competitive. More gooder. The Transport and its contents do help. But there's not much to be done for the general overcosted nature of the beast. ^^Heartily seconded! However much I may grumble. I think a large part of the difficulty with the Starfortress is its dual nature. It is both gunship and bomber, and is costed as if both uses had equal utility, as if you really were getting two ships in one. But that's not quite the case. Especially as bombs aren't quite as good as they used to be. I know most folks don't want to go back the old days, when bombs were pretty clearly too good. But. Right now, it seems that you're generally better off just using your points to get more ships on the table.
  9. By all means, let's walk this little tangent. TrajSim only received that nerf because it was too good on the already too-good Punishers. Any other ship, it merely makes the ship an almost acceptable bomb-tote, except that it is now far too costly on what is generally already a too costly ship. Look at a base Punisher vs. the base Whale. Less health, less attack, fewer attack arcs, yes. But *much* better dial, repositioning, linked actions, more versatile upgrade slots, higher initiative, and **18** points cheaper. Why?
  10. I had a *lot* of success with these in 1.0. Which makes them desperately disappointing in 2.0. I have put in fairly solid table time with these guys, running everything from a Vennie gunship to two Cobalt gunships, fully loaded Finch and Edon, stripped-down Finch, loaded or stripped Teene, with any combination of one or two RZ2's or T-70's. And man. Any Ace-style play just eats them for lunch - which is generally true of any large base right now, but still. By the time you build one out to make an effective gunship, to make use of all those firing arcs and so forth, the thing is a bloated whale of a target that still just burns in about three rounds of fire, and doesn't leave you many points for an escort. The general de-powering of bombs hasn't helped their case, nor did the nerfing of their already limited dial, the increase in the cost of Ablative Plating, Trajectory Simulator, etc, etc. Naked, they are a little pricey. Built out in any useful fashion, and they're insane. Standard 200 point match, they're just...not good enough. You want a bomber with bombs? Take a Punisher. You want a gunship? Take a X-wing. Or anything else. Now, Epic finally drops, and I hope there might be something to work with. Except that any of the "capital" ships are just going to burn these guys down without even hardly trying. I had been hoping that the Transport might have something to make them sing, but if it's there, I haven't found it yet. Or maybe it's just that my local meta has learned too well how to counter them due to my frequent play.
  11. Kleeg005

    Scum inspiration.

    What I love about Scum. What I love about Scum. Scum has a lot of individually wonderful ships/pilots. Starvipers, man. The perfect ship, the perfect movement mechanics. Fenn and Fett can be beasts. The Lancer is a large-base Interceptor (sort of). 4-LOM and Zuckuss. Rocket-sleds...I mean, the M3-A...are just fun little guys. Tugboats are a guilty pleasure. But what I hate about Scum.... Individually excellent pilots struggle against whole-faction synergies. Scum is the "fly perfect, get lucky, or die" faction. And that's hard.
  12. Excellent write-up and a solid result! Your conclusions generally agree with my feelings, which is hugely gratifying to this particular scrub. One of the things I like about this faction in general and this particular list archetype in particular is that there are so many variations, almost all of which are basically workable depending upon individual playstyle. Lately I've been toying with four strutting TFD's without ESC's, a DBM-toting strutting Baktoid, another Hyena of many flavors, and a Feethan Kraken-carrier. My experience has been that people don't know how to approach this list at all. I've left the ESC's off, which often means that my opponents do not see the TFD's as a threat - which token sharing makes a big mistake, especially when Kraken is hanging around. I have not and will not do the math, but it feels like Kraken on a natively three-dice ship makes up for the "loss" of that alpha - it may be a support ship, but it still hits pretty hard. And I totally agree that having the whole list at i1 is a thing of beauty. I am presently just starting to nudge over the 50% win rate, and I can absolutely see where the DRK-1's would be a HUGE benefit. Now if only I could find someone willing to part with them so that I didn't need to buy an Infiltrator. Again, thank you for the write-up, and curse you for revealing all our secrets! Ha ha!
  13. Only four players on a lovely, sunny afternoon. But still a good time. Two Imps, one Rebel, and one Republic. Jendon/Sai/Vader took the whole thing in three rounds of near-perfect play, followed by Ani/Mace/Ahsoka, then Luke/Miranda/Warden, with Kagi/Soontir/Turr/Alpha bringing up the bottom. Everybody pulled lots of swag. https://listfortress.com/tournaments/920
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