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  1. The store is open, but the we will reschedule the tournament to next Saturday, the 16th, since so many streets are as yet unplowed. I am still up for some open play, if anyone ois interested....
  2. Kleeg005

    Wave 4 Announcement

    Hope is needed because it is not explicit, merely implicit. And I can't quite be certain from the pictures that there is a peg on the base of that cockpit pod. It *should* be easy. It *should* be simple. But if there is anything that recent politics has taught me, it is that I must not count on *should*, ha ha. Either way, i am looking forward to it. Quite unaccountably.
  3. Kleeg005

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I keep looking at that Resistance transport, and keep being surprised at how much I actually like the sculpt. I sincerely hope that the cockpit pod is in fact fully detachable, as is implied by the extra dial and base cardboard.
  4. Kleeg005

    Wave 4 Announcement

    I have. Between that build or a variation, and perhaps a dozen other permutations on different gunship platforms, I am maybe 50/50 ratoio. Most of the time it just feels like something is missing, win or lose. Either I need to pick up a third RZ for more wingmate support, or this Transport fulfills the dream.
  5. Kleeg005

    Wave 4 Announcement

    My immediate hope is that there is something on the Resistance Transport that will make the Starfortresses *sing*. Because they are a little underwhelming right now, and I so want to love them. But, oh, to see Leia in the layout.... And an apparently dockable pod? Looks very...interesting.
  6. Weather Update. Apparently there is some kind of "winter storm" coming in today. I don't know what that means, but I'm told that we may have to postpone the tournament to Saturday Feb 16 if "the weather" is "bad enough." We should know by this evening, I guess? Maybe early tomorrow morning? Check here for further updates.
  7. Kleeg005

    Double VCX spotted in the wild!

    I was trying a Quad-I5. Ello, Nien, L'ulo, and Tallie. Pretty stripped down, all of them. I am enjoying pretty much any mix of two A's and two T70's. Just becomes a question of who is the most fun. I think the next test will be Ello, Snap, L'ulo, and Greer, maybe? Flew a double Black Squadron Ace, double Green Squadron Expert a couple weeks ago, and that was pleasant. Kinda just giving up on the Starfortress, I guess. And I've dropped Han on the board once, I think; but I am curious to give him another look now that I have two RZ's for wingmen.
  8. Kleeg005

    [VIDEO] X-Wing Battlereports

    Nice work! Good practice for my extraordinarily rusty Deutsche. Poor Tuddelig, his dice roll hot "only on stream," ha ha.
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/A8VHqeA5ZVBgSsrZ7 League Night at the FLGS last night. Not my game, but the table ext to me. Hera/Chopper with docked Zeb vs. Lando and three named Guild TIEs. First three rounds of engagement saw two TIEs bite the dust, but then the Scum starting gnawing away at the VCX's, whose big bases managed to nip quite a few rocks. I gather the game ended with a nearly dead TIE, a half health Lando, and a damaged Escape Pod hunting down the Attack Shuttle. The Scum player was not sounding happy about his odds (or his dice) in those first few rounds, but then dice variance took hold, and blocking, and the beefy buggers went down. Whereas I ran Resistance XXAA against Dash/Benthic to similar effect. Lost both A-Wings to Dash's hot, hot dice in three shots, and barely managed to whittle him down. Game ended with a shieldless Ello Asty chasing a one-hull Benthic Two Tubes, and just not being able to get that final hit in, even at Range One. Dice. Whatcha gonna do?
  10. Kleeg005

    Kleeg's Repaints

    Looks like, for the third time, all of my photos have disappeared. Here then is a test of a new hosting situation. Let me know if it works, or what? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ptc5sdR4DgpMDjIVl0BnNEUbRuZtBxx8
  11. Announcing a Wave 1 Quickbuild Tournament at MOB Games on February 9th. Standard kit prizes unless we get some really solid turnout, in which case the store owner might be convinced to dip into his stash of Curled Paw tokens and Paul La Rue alt arts! Doors open at 11am, $5 registration starts at 1130, dials down at 12. Join us for some Organized Play, filthy casual-style! MOB Games 303 91st Ave NE, Ste E504Lake Stevens, Washington 98258
  12. Kleeg005

    mini transport

    And regarding Sir Willi's box for the Starfortress: two fit in a single box quite happily. Not that I have two of them. Or keep trying to make two them work in a list somehow. In spite of losing. A lot. Badly.
  13. Kleeg005

    Good Morning, Forums!

    Ha ha, down with the killjoys! I'll bite! Definitely have one guy at the FLGS who is all in on the clones; no interest in the Jedi whatsoever. I'm more a Jedi guy myself - I grew up with Obi-wan. But I expect that something like six-ish Torrents would be possible. Maybe not a good idea, competitively. But a mixed squad of ARCs and Torrents could, depending on upgrades and synergies, be a giggle. I'm thinking I'll probably try something like two Jedi and two Torrents, just to try to limit the pain to my wallet (one GotR, one Aethersprite only). And I am rather jealous of your snow. I grew up in the Midwest and have fond memories of winter, whereas out here in the PNW we're having yet another warmer than usual winter.
  14. Kleeg005

    North Seattle Area

    Depending on how far north you are looking to go, AFK Tavern in Everett has a solid group on Wednesdays at 6pm. Experience ranges from four games to major tournament finalists; games run from tournament practice to six-way brawls. Beer-wing in an occasionally noisy environment. And MOB Games in Lake Stevens plays on Thursdays at 6pm with a solid core and a few drop-ins. Experience ranges from a guy with less than a dozen games under his belt to multiple Regionals finalists. Currently running a league, but it's a league that rewards players for out-of-league play. Both locations have players who are better and worse at teaching games and flight schools, but all are happy to talk table at any time.