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  1. To deal specifically with the CR-90, I suggest ion cannon builds. Definitely get the Ion Cannon Battery on your C-ROC, then load all of your Scyks with Ion Cannon. Lock down the CR-90, and it never takes an action apart from focus, and you just walk it off the table - or at the very least make it hit much less hard. You will need a solid wing of escort ships to protect your C-ROC from all the nastiness that Rebels can bring, though. I'd suggest cheep beefy stuff like Y-Wings and Kimogila, and maybe only a single Acey ship totaling a *maximum* of 100 points. Rebels are really good in epic due to all their synergies and sharing; Scum struggles a little due to the lack of a capital ship and the basic selfish nature of the faction. But it's still just a blast. Now the secret sauce, if you can swing it, is to run *two* Ion Cannon Battery C-ROCs - they can lock down *anything*.
  2. That is some luck. ****. I would still recommend putting them on the table, even if only to get a feel for how they move - which is substantially different from everything else. 300 points is perfectly reasonable on a standard 3x3 X-Wing surface and allows for a decent huge-ship build. And i play with myself all the time...*against* myself. I play *against* myself all the time. But really, I will drop two lists and play each as if I were playing like a rational person on either side, picking the most likely strategies and maneuvers for each side in any given situation. It's not optimal as my usual style is to play for the unpredictable, but it is entertaining, and does give me a feel at least for what they can do. Give it a shot. At worst, you waste a couple hours pushing plastic spaceships around on a table in the comfort of your own home.
  3. I'll add my two cents: I will put in a second vote for double C-ROC being solid. See my BatReps for reasons why I believe that, ha ha. Although as a Scum/CIS player, I *might* be slightly biased. As noted above, the GR-75 is a puzzle. Otherwise, I think your queries have been more than adequately addressed. I would add a strong urge that you play some games with the buggers, though, rather just displaying them. While they are indeed gorgeous, they are also an absolute kick to play. All of them.
  4. ProcketZizi sounds awesome, dunno why it never occurred to me. But yeah, I expect Zizi to get thrashed on Monday. Deservedly, I'm sure. But it will still hurt.
  5. @mattcogg81, for your perusal: Rey (70) Sense (5) Amilyn Holdo (8) Rose Tico (9) Finn (10) Engine Upgrade (7) Rey's Millennium Falcon (2) Ship total: 111 Half Points: 56 Threshold: 6 Zizi Tlo (40) Crack Shot (1) Heroic (1) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Advanced Optics (4) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 2 Tallissan Lintra (36) Heroic (1) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 2 Total: 200 I completely forgot about Sense in both games - it's really just there for i6's and losing the i5 bid. The Mag-Pulse Warhead on Zizi was used to positive effect just once, so I might cut it. Although, there certainly are scenarios in which it could be much more useful, so maybe I'll keep it after all. Dunno. Tallie I kept cheap to use as a more or less throw-away pocket Ace, whereas Zizi is generally so survivable that I felt like loading him up as a mini points fortress. And apart from Sense, I *love* this version of Rey.
  6. Having recovered from my covid experience, I finally felt comfortable getting out to the FLGS last night. I put Holdo-Rey down with Zizi and Tallie, versus Thanisson with Phasma and HLC, Ember with Concussion/Deuterium/Fanatical, and FOTP with AdvProTorp. Two games. And. Wow. I lost a total of four shields. Full disclosure: my dice were uncharacteristically hot, on top of all the mods available to the list, while his were staggeringly average. Highlights included Tallie plinking a shield off the FOTP in the first round of combat, followed by Rey dropping five hits - and the FOTP blanked on defense, removed before he could drop his torpedo on Rey. Or Rey getting four evade results due to obstruction, Finn + force, Zizi "donating" an evade token, and Tallie having bullseye - I've never used Tallie's ability before last night. Swapping a lock token off Rey for an Evade from Zizi, who was out of arc of the attacker. In the second game, a tokenless Tallie tanked an AdvProTorp shot after my opponent rerolled blanks into blanks - that just feelsbad. Rey with an Engine Upgrade being able to boost while stressed was key at least twice - as was being able to pass stress to an A-wing once or twice. I attempted to create a semi-dispersed obstacle band across the middle of the field; between the two of us we had four debris, one asteroid, and one cloud. My opponent seemed to be attempting to disperse the field even wider, but without cornering played into my plans a little too much. In each game, I set up with Rey on one side and the two A-Wings on the other, ready to collapse as necessary. In each game, my opponent put his Upsilon (at i1) in one corner, and his two Interceptor-y ships centered. This allowed me to slow-roll until I could see who he intended to target with Thanisson, then react. Thanisson did alter the way I flew just a little bit. Rey in the first game ended up with two tractor tokens, so I had to be a little careful. But due to out-initiativing his entire list, and given the hyper-mobility of my list, *and* my list's propensity to being stressed *all* the time, he never got to use Phasma or Ember's pilot ability. He'd basically teched for anti-swarm, and I didn't bring a swarm. In neither game did I fly specifically to chase the Holdo shenanigans - I didn't want to be that predictable. But that Range 2 bubble in a large-base ship was plenty, and having all pilots at i5 was money. I did not discuss any strategy between games with my opponent - I wanted to see if he would pick up on anything on his own. After the second game, we did have some discussion on tactics and listbuilding. How an HLC on an Upsilon, for instance, is a difficult thing to use (unless you face a swarm). How the lack of an i5 or i6 was a dreadful hindrance to a three-ship list. How Rey *needed* to be his primary target, every time, forsaking all others no matter what else may be given up - this was the big one I expected to see in the second game, and it just didn't happen. A little Turn 0 strategy for a lumbering hulk with a massive gun. He's still a pretty new player and doesn't get to play very often, but he's picking this stuff up. In the meantime, I *loved* the mobility of this list, and the token-swapping shenanigans. This may be my go-to Resistance list for a very, very long time.
  7. Don't forget Ran's scavenged(?) Rogue-class "gunship" from Chapter 6: the Prisoner! I've been wanting that since CIS became a thing. But I have to side with "No Splitting" group. Now. Is there design space for subfaction titles and synergies? **** yes!
  8. Man, as to your first question, we just don't know. They gutted the thing with the increases to Ensnare *and* the changes to tractor. So, currently, it's an oddity; a ship with a cool signature move that it can't afford to use. It's fun to fly, but it's not hugely effective competitively. It has difficulty earning back its points. It's just weird. And that brings us to your second question. The Nantex doesn't really fit with the rest of the faction - it doesn't fit anywhere, which would make it the perfect Scum ship, ha ha. You know from reading above that the Bughouse Swarm can perform, if you practice it obsessively. Sun Fac makes great but hugely overpriced bait. But beyond that, it...remains to be seen? Because no one flies it following the successive waves of nerfs, no one has demonstrated the secret sauce to make it competitive. And if you're flying for funsies, well.... Don't worry about the list; just chuck it in with any old thing and see what happens. Because it just doesn't fly of move like anything else in the faction. I feel like none of that was helpful. Maybe the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet? I'll try again. My experience, flawed though it may be, is that the Nantex rolls either as an Acey flanker with a bunch of droids, or as a 3+ miniswarm with an Infiltrator. We know it can work as 5-piece swarm. YMMV. I would advise, personally, just trying Sun Fac with Gravitic Deflection and...Crack Shot(?)...with whatever you usually fly in CIS. Use him solely as a flanker/bait. See how you feel about it. I have the strong feeling that FFG will change the Nantex significantly in the next points/rules update, but I haven't the foggiest which way they will go. So maybe don't invest just yet. Unless you go all-in and snag at least two more. But until then. Sun Fac. Cheap as possible. For the i6 alone.
  9. Well, I did it. Much as I dislike the actual, physical ship (and the source material) I picked up a Fireball. I went all-in on the Scavenger's Jankyard, with Vi Moradi toting Larma D'Acy and Angled Deflectors, Kaz with Illicit Cloaking and the rest of the trimmings, and Rey carrying Holdo, Finn, Rose, Engine Upgrade, and Heightened Perception. My opponent dropped Outmaneuver Soulless Grievous, K2-B4 on a Feethan, and six strutting Vultures. Swarms are the Jankyard's natural predator. In two games, I dealt a total of fifteen points of damage, and scored only two dead Vultures. Reinforce does nothing against two-dice attacks, realistically, and jamming a single Vulture accomplishes effectively nothing as well. And having most of the enemy list at i1 shuts down Kaz's ability as well. Yeesh! And Vi just couldn't keep up with the rest of the list. At all. That was brutal. I think I'll stick with RZ-2's as Rey's wingmates for now.
  10. So, just because, I put Rey/Holdo on the table with the Paige bomber. Maybe Holdo can make the Bomber a little better? Opponent dropped IG-A/B and Nom Lumb with IG-D. They ignored Paige and boxed Rey over and over. And while I managed to *almost* kill Nom Lumb, and get half on IG-B, Paige just didn't have the maneuverability to meaningfully contribute. She reloaded three times, and four of her bombs hit two different ships, but it just wasn't enough. Even a VTG wasn't enough. So, Imma gonna strike that one off my list of trials and maybe stick to Rey/A's for a bit longer. And maybe try to figure out if there's a way to get two bombers and Holdo on a Pod, or something - it feels like there should be a way to abuse the token swap to pull a Reload-induced Weapons Disabled to some kind of useful effect. But that's another thread. And the more I look at it, the more likely it is that Holda gets a Vizago-nerf. Just may take a while, since FFG is shut down right now. But I fully expect it. Lame.
  11. I've certainly looked at it. It adds a layer of complexity. But so does using this interaction without the i1 Swarm Tactics RZ-2? I think, if the points are available, it's worth it, even if it cuts into a bid. Flexibility (complexity) is always good.
  12. I think you've hit the nail on the head, here. And this is why Holdo should *not* be errata'd - although they nerfed the ever-loving **** out of Vizago for doing effectively the same thing. I am *very* interested in long-term testing of the Vi versus Zizi versions. And more and more am I tempted to pick up a Fireball to try this stuff myself - even with the expectation of a near-future nerf.
  13. Probably not competitive, but jank AF. Vi in the middle can be, after a couple turns, perma-cloaked, informing on an enemy Ace, jamming, coordinating, or donating a Reinforce token to Rey. I mean, only one at a time, but that's a good deal of possibility for not a huge amount of points. Kaz is maybe a little points heavy? But what more is there to do with those points? Kazuda Xiono (40) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Cloaking Device (4) Advanced SLAM (3) Kaz's Fireball (2) Ship total: 52 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 3 Vi Moradi (27) C-3PO (Resistance) (6) Angled Deflectors (3) Ship total: 36 Half Points: 18 Threshold: 2 Rey (70) Heightened Perception (3) Rose Tico (9) Amilyn Holdo (8) Finn (10) Engine Upgrade (7) Rey's Millennium Falcon (2) Ship total: 109 Half Points: 55 Threshold: 6 Total: 197
  14. Here you go, @mattcogg81. List #1, Rey's Jank Salad: Rey (70) Rose Tico (9) Amilyn Holdo (8) Finn (10) Deadman's Switch (2) Engine Upgrade (7) Rey's Millennium Falcon (2) Ship total: 108 Half Points: 54 Threshold: 6 Zizi Tlo (40) Heroic (1) Advanced Optics (4) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 2 Logistics Division Pilot (32) M9-G8 (7) Ship total: 39 Half Points: 20 Threshold: 4 Total: 192 Here is list #2, Rey's Jank A's: Rey (70) Rose Tico (9) Amilyn Holdo (8) Finn (10) Shield Upgrade (4) Rey's Millennium Falcon (2) Ship total: 103 Half Points: 52 Threshold: 6 Zizi Tlo (40) Heroic (1) Mag-Pulse Warheads (6) Advanced Optics (4) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 2 L'ulo L'ampar (43) Heroic (1) Ship total: 44 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 I suspect that List #1 is actually better. L'ulo dies pretty easily and has a heck of a target painted on her; *and* the Transport has both jam and coordinate actions. But A-Wings are just so much fun to fly! In List #1 I adapted a version of Rey with which I have a decent amount of practice, basically dropping Holdo into the slot normally occupied by Korr Sella. Again, and across many more games than just these two, I continually debate the utility of Engine Upgrade over Shield Upgrade. The title and EU allow basically infinite boosting with just a little management, and this has caught more than a few opponents off guard. But it generates less utility against the increasingly prevalent swarms in my local meta, so I sometimes save myself the points. Deadman's Switch was included as a nod to those swarms and on the understanding that generally Rey is everyone's primary target and so she will likely die. And the Transport is just pure support with the occasional tickle when variance allows - I tried to make Nodin work in the list, but he's just too expensive. This version has a fairly deep bid, as there are quite a few i5 lists running around my local. In List #2, I acknowledged to myself that I *love* flying RZ-2's, and decided to give L'ulo another try. And Mag Pulse Missiles. Well, L'ulo was great bait, but contributed little to the damage race, and Mag Pulse never fired. But that was only one game with this iteration. I liked having the flexibility of the entire list being i5, particularly when it came to firing order. Being able to choose when in the firing order to engage with Rey, when to get the most utility out of Holdo, was great. Zizi is so good at generating tokens to donate to Rey, and A-Wings are so good at dumping stress generated by the abysmal dial/action bar of the Resistance Falcon. I considered Heightened Perception or Sense to help Rey deal a little better with all the i6's out there, but I find that Force-management can be a problem for Rey. I absolutely love the jank of @Gokuja04's cloaking Falcon, but I just don't like the Fireball. Like, at all. Maybe I just need to overcome that animated prejudice and fly the thing. Because that jank is purely beautiful.
  15. Ah, yes, of course. There's my 1st Ed. showing, eh? I still have a strong distaste for those cardboard ship i.d. tokens. So uncivilized. Good thing I never tried to do that in-game!
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