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  1. Thanks for all the input. I like the idea of going from Citizen to clone. Keep your life, but loose everything in the process.
  2. In Android lore, is it illegal to clone an actual person, like a 5th day violation? Or is it just technically not possible? I partly ask because in some of the lore about clones and the brain tape method they use, sometimes memories of the original taped person remain. It leads me to believe they tape a real person, then clear out everything that is a personal memory (or try), leaving a template to be used.
  3. Since I don't play First Order and we were told we wouldn't need to purchase product that we don't play to get the cards we can use, I would like to know how to get my copy of Predictive Shot. Do I just email in and ask for it like I would for a replacement part?
  4. I read this after I posted. I like this alot!
  5. I would argue that there could be many ranged skill sets. Pistol work is very different than using shotguns, which is very different than shooting with a long rifle. Further, military would have access to the first rotary guns (which eventually became machine guns) that line up more with cannons as military equipment rather than person weapons, and could possibly use its own category. I suppose it depends on how detailed you would want/need to be with combat in this regard and what you feel is appropriate for a skilled person to be able to do. Should a master pistoleer be able to just pick up a bow and be an ace shot? I don't think so. Would a person that is an expert with a shotgun also be a crack shot with a long rifle? Maybe?
  6. jdmaze

    Publishing modules

    Thanks for all the replies. I was more wondering about something like an OGL, which has been answered. I agree, I could contact FFG directly, but this was more a fact finding mission. I don't have anything specific at the moment. Cheers!
  7. I wasn't sure where to post this, but I wanted to ask if there are opportunities for publishing 3rd party adventure modules/books for the Genesys system. Specifically for FFG official supplements like Terrinoth or Android? Does FFG support 3rd party partnerships for this?
  8. That's what I was looking for. Totally missed that at the bottom. Thanks!
  9. As a TO, I know this question will come up because of Composure. In the latest rules, they have added the following • While acquiring a lock, it fails only if there is no valid object to choose but nowhere does it state if an object that is NOT selected is an invalid one. The rule also does not explicitly state that you CAN'T choose to fail a Lock, unlike the Barrel Roll action. • The player cannot choose to fail a barrel roll if one of the three positions would not cause the action to fail. I can see a scenario where 2 ships are close to the edge of range 3. One is in arc, the other isn't. They measure to the one that is in arc and it is out of range, but the other that is out of arc is in range. Do you have to lock that ship? Or can you choose to fail the lock and take your focus from Composure? Keep in mind that the value of Composure drops to nearly worthless (though it may already be) especially when you consider it is VERY likely that obstacles will almost assuredly be in range to lock. If you can't choose to fail, does this mean you will have to lock an obstacle?
  10. Thanks, I think I just missed that in my previous read through.
  11. Do we know how the action timing window works for action chains? For instance, can you do a linked action from an action taken with Advanced Sensors? If so, I assume that Jake can do the red Vectored Thrusters boost and still take his focus action. The way I see it, it can work in one of 3 ways. 1) An action trigger is queued up, then the action is performed on the completion of the first action. If this is true, Advanced Sensors would not allow for a linked action since it says you cannot take another action this turn. Also, Jake could barrel roll, take his focus, then boost, but not take an action, boost, then use that boost to take the focus himself as he will be stressed and it is an action. 2) Triggered actions are recursive. In this case, you would take an action with Advanced Sensors, during that action, you would trigger the linked action, that would resolve, then the original action would complete. The same would be true of Jakes ability, you would take say evade then use Vectored Thruster's to take a red boost, which triggers Jakes ability and the focus action would be completed, then the red boost would be completed. This would also mean that if Jake hands that action to another ship, it would complete before his boost would. It could make a difference in interaction. 3) Linked actions are one action with two components and is stressful. I don't see this as being the case, because you don't have to take the linked action, they are not listed separately on the card. Anyone know? -JD
  12. I remember a time when it was "pics or it didn't happen", looks like those days are long gone. Gamjuven was the person I was originally referring to, I saw him mention it over on BGG and have no reason to believe it's BS. And I remember a time when people were good honest people. If it did happen, it was clearly a mistake, but you kept them?
  13. It is my opinion that a die, once rolled, is in the player's pool and "belongs" to the character that rolled it. If that's the case, the card moves to Grievous before the character is defeated and the die remains in play. The character is then defeated and all it's dice in the pool are removed. It would then go back to the card it is paired with. So the process follows a different path, but the result is basically the same as redeploy. The die would return to the card. The same would apply to One With the Force. The card would move before and the die remains in play. Then the character is defeated and the die are removed. Since the card is still in play, the die would go to that card. Any official word from FFG yet? -JD
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