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  1. What an awesome attack! Thanks for the write up!
  2. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

  3. Hepitude

    Runewars with Legion Rules

    Legion is a little of a sore spot with this community at the moment.
  4. Hepitude

    Health of the Game?

    Do you want to share communities? We'll just be called Runemada and each release from FFG will include half new stuff for Armada and half new stuff for Runewars.
  5. Hepitude

    New plastic stands

    And they said we wouldn't get new stuff for this game...
  6. Hepitude

    Softening the Rules

    I agree with you and I do really like the harsh decision making involved in Runewars. The issue is, it is pretty punishing for new players and doesn't always make intuitive sense if the new players thinks they're stepping into a pure miniatures game. I think of Runewars as a miniatures game with board-game rules and as I said, I like this a lot. However, I think it would be nice to have a more "traditional" skirmish style set of rules for new players or just if you're in the mood for that. That's why I was looking for tweaks that would make the game more intuitive. Xelto, what do you think of the idea of giving each unit an attack action if their dial is canceled? Something like "if you cannot perform your action you may instead perform a melee attack using half your dice (round down)." That way, clever play is still rewarded, but you don't feel quite as punished by having guessed wrong. It also wouldn't require modifying any dials.
  7. What does everyone think about making decisions have less of an "all or nothing" feel? A few examples: You can still attack even if you dialed up a charge, but wound up engaged, you just don't hit as hard. You aren't stopped when you hit terrain on accident, you just slow down a little. This is one I'm not so sure about, but I kinda like the idea of a "pile in" mechanic. If you miss your charge by a fraction of an inch you can maybe get a panic or a stun to push your unit that little bit extra into combat. Do you think hurts the decision making in the game too much? I'd like to hear ideas.
  8. Hepitude

    Health of the Game?

    Name should be AllWAYSstandingby amiright?
  9. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    Agreed! I'm still buying and painting for my army.
  10. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    This is 100% right. Exactly what happened to me.
  11. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    Where is Church in all this discussion? I feel like he, out of all of us, would have some good insight on what's going on... I wonder if they made him sign a NDA?
  12. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    I'm just waiting for the day my son can play with me I want a slow burn on this game. It gives plenty of time to catch up on painting, but I just love seeing new stuff show up.
  13. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    Should we crowdfund the game from now on? Buy the rights to Terrinoth and keep FFG from pulling a firefly?
  14. Hepitude

    The Land Endures

    Boy... it's tough hearing them end organized play while being so vague about the future of the game.