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  1. Well... here's all the easy terrain. I'm working on the shrine right now and the trees for the forest are ready, they just need leaves. I'll post the rest of the terrain as I get it finished up. I'm happy with most of it, but it's my first try so I might revisit them or redo them if I have time in the future. Any tips or advice are welcome!
  2. ALSO...
  3. I don't know how much this should be trusted, but Amazon says:
  4. I'm sad she doesn't come with any new terrain... I wanted a moose nest! (EDIT: I just re-read the article and it says it does come with terrain... but there is none in the picture?)
  5. Haha... I'm glad you mentioned the spray primer! I was just thinking I might try putting a base coat on my next terrain.
  6. That's good to know, I'll have to get some PVA glue. Does the PVA help the foam retain its shape or help with the painting? And yes, it's a wire birch tree. @Polda posted some wire tree tutorials from Luke Towan's youtube channel on his painting thread and I've been trying to copy that technique. It's actually a lot of fun! I'm not going to put any leaves on the birch tree, but I ordered leaf material on Amazon for my other trees.
  7. While I can't afford any more expansions I've been working on some Runewars terrain! Here are my work-in-progress Rocky Outcrops. They're pretty much complete except that I want to paint the edge of the base black and maybe touch up the dead birch tree a bit more. I'm also considering doing a dark wash on the rock, but I'm not sure how the foam material will take it. I've never done terrain before so most of my work is blind experimentation. Once they're done I'll get some nicer pictures uploaded. Speaking of blind experimentation, I chose a bad material to use as a base. It's light and tough, but really hard to cut. I tried to get the bases as close as I could to the actual shapes, but they're a little smoother and a little bigger than is accurate. I guess all my armies are just going to be training in tougher conditions than is normal. Any suggestions would be great!
  8. Oh man... Yeah. Painting reanimate archers are absolutely my least favorite, but reanimates are a close second.
  9. You're right, I completely forgot about natural runes! I'm getting 46 trays as the max though... Am I missing something?
  10. I've always loved the idea of being able to field an entire army of just one unit type (I purchased eight tie fighters before I got almost any other expansion in x-wing), but this is much more difficult (and expensive) in Runewars. Just for fun I've been trying to calculate just how many Reanimates I'd need to have to be able to field everything. Unfortunately, Maru makes this much more complicated. Here's a couple different calculations. Reanimate Army 1: 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points 4x Unit Reanimates: 26 Points Maru: 40 Points + Violent Forces: 6 Points = 200 Points Since I'm calculating for a max number scenario I'm assuming I get 4 chaotic runes cast on the first turn. Maru takes four wounds to grow an additional 4 trays of Reanimates to the back of the 4x Unit. The next two turns exactly match each other; Two Stable runes are rolled, giving Maru two white die. He attacks the enemy which has foolishly rushed forward, rolling nothing but double surges and healing himself back to full health. Turn four gets 4 more chaotic runes and Maru takes 4 more wounds to add an additional 4 trays of Reanimates to the back of the first 12x Unit. Turn five and six are the same as two and three, lots of Stable Runes healing Maru back to full health. Turn seven gets those 4 chaotic runes again and Maru takes 4 more wounds to add 4 trays of Reanimates to the back of the second 12x Unit. Turn eight, the entire army of skeletons (which has been holding back until now) rushes forward to vanquish the enemy! TOTAL: 40 Trays of Reanimates or 160 Skeletons Reanimate Army 2: 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points + Maru Upgrade: 20 Points 4x Unit Reanimates: 26 Points 4x Unit Reanimates: 26 Points = 200 Points This one is much easier to calculate. Two Stable Runes are rolled each of the first six turns. Each turn Maru kills off two skeletons from his tray to add two trays to a fellow unit except for the VERY last turn, where he takes the two wounds himself. This winds up with 10 skeletons killed and 12 new trays added. The skeleton army charges forward and enjoys two turns of slaughter compared to the previous example. EDIT: @Curlycross pointed out that I'd OF COURSE also be rolling two natural runes each turn, so all the wounds inflicted by Maru would be healed. TOTAL: 44 Trays of Reanimates or 176 Skeletons Reanimate Army 3: 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points 12x Unit Reanimates: 64 Points 6x Unit Reanimates: 35 Points + Maru Upgrade: 20 Points 2x Unit Reanimates: 16 Points = 199 Points This scenario is exactly like the previous one, except we get seven turns of Stable Runes and Reanimate generation (Maru once again taking the last two wounds himself because he's just that swell a guy). (EDIT: once again the skeletons regenerate themselves with natural runes) The skeletons are back to only getting one round of fighting, but they don't mind because their total is now... TOTAL: 46 Trays of Reanimates or 184 Skeletons So that's it! We have a winner! I need to buy 23 Reanimate Expansions or 12 Core sets ($575 or $1200 respectively) and a Maru ($25) to handle these circumstances EVERY TIME THEY COME UP! Anyway... if you guys notice math or rules issues, let me know! ALSO, if you can figure out a way to get more Reanimates I'd like to hear your method. I can't think of anything to get that number any higher.
  11. I say take it up with the elves... they're the ones who chose it. Maybe it blends in really well with environment they're from? Also, I'm not sure you can tell, but all my Leonx are supposed to have black fur... Ms. Aliana's Leonx is an albino.
  12. Also, does anyone else thing the lion-bear riders are holding those... grabber arm things? I feel like they just use their spears to pinch things up off the ground.
  13. Here's the finished elven army! I came here to spend money and paint all the released expansions up to date... and I'm all out of money. Anyway, the new Leonx riders are based on a Japanese Maple color scheme, bright red armor and bright green tunics.
  14. Blue spruce is awesome idea! Once I have money again I'll definitely use that color scheme.
  15. Also, if anyone has any good/interesting tree ideas for uniform colors I'd love to hear them. I'm doing a green/red Japanese Maple uniform right now and it's super bizarre looking, but after that I'm out of ideas. If you know fun leaf and bark combinations let me know! I pretty much just have boring green and brown left.