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  1. An Article!

    Ha! I admit I did not even read that paragraph. I just assumed it was the "how to buy" blurb.
  2. An Article!

    Haha... we don't want all the Legion fans to think we're too desperate!
  3. An Article!

    Yay! It's encouraging to get some support. Did you notice they didn't actually say who won the battle though? You can add up the points yourself, but I thought it was a weird omission.
  4. Haha... welcome to the game! Also, amazing job! ESPECIALLY if you haven't painted in 25 years! I really like the hand painted, two color shield, very sharp! This guy will look great on the table. I think he looks good as he is, but if you're looking for ways to brighten him up, the cloth is always a good starting point. Trim (maybe white to match your shield) would help it stand out. You could also try darkening the brown you use for the boots and gloves. It's the same tone as the blue right now, and muting it will help the blue stand out. Do you use dark washes at all? My personal condition on getting into Runewars was that I found a way to paint everything quickly and learning about washes has been a godsend. I use army painter quickshade, but citadel has equivalents (or just water down black). If you aren't using it already, I'd recommend looking into it. It'll speed things up and cover over a multitude of sins. Looking forward to seeing more work!
  5. Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    I'm getting closer to finishing my Latari units and I'd probably be done by now, but I've been having a ton of trouble color matching to the stuff I've already done. I guess that's what happens when you mix paints instead of buying the correct color. Nothing too new or exciting... I wanted to add some leaves to the scion (and I might still), but I wanted to get him playable as quickly as possible. I've been dying to get my hands on some Uthuk, but a core set of them really isn't in the budget right now unfortunately. The Latari archers are more Japanese Maple and my attempt at the "official" color scheme which I'm saying is Oak. I'm not sure what the elf in the back rank is doing. Maybe his bowstring snapped...
  6. Runewars Players Global Map

    There are dozens of us! DOZENS!
  7. Column Tactics and Maru

    Has anyone tried something like Reanimate Archers with Column Tactics? It seems like a great way to get up to four threat cheaply as Maru is adding back ranks. Similar question, is sacrificing the skill slot on 2x3 Oathsworn by giving them column tactics worth not having to put Hawthorne in your army?
  8. Look who I found

    Is the Fiend of Slaanesh a cousin to the Spined Thresher from the 40k universe?
  9. Just put a Darth Vader head on Ardus and pretend it's legion. The fans won't be able to tell the difference, they're just in it for the flavor anyway!
  10. If I'm a single tray and I'm engaged with single-tray enemies at the front and the side, can enemy archers shoot me through the tiny diagonal gap left by the enemy trays? Follow up questions... If I'm the archers with "Close Quarter Targeting," can I fire at an enemy engaged on my side?
  11. It's a little over six feet, but the curves make its usable area much smaller. And yeah, with the weird table size we haven't really been precise about terrain placement. I dream of one day getting an enormous gaming table...
  12. True... but you have to remember this was my friend's second game. He would probably do things differently now that he has seen how effective he can be.
  13. Some final thoughts! I really think this battle hinged on the unfortunate cavalry maneuvering. If my friend had managed to bring in the knights earlier, he might have been able to punch through to my archers. Having lingering dead and an excessive number of green runes throughout the battle was also a huge boon to the skeletons (especially as they were able to recover from hitting a volatile rune the first turn). On the whole I could have focused my units a little better (the lone carrion lancer on the right kinda just did his own thing all game), but catching an undefended Kari was a great moment. Let me know your thoughts! I kinda had more fun with the re-enacting than the meticulous details, but if you found that annoying I can tone it down in future reports. May the runes be with you!
  14. Here's a quick picture based battle report from a game I played on Sunday. I was playing Waiqar and my friend (who has technically played before, but not in a really long time) was playing Daqan. Daqan Army: Waiqar Army: The field of battle: My friend really didn't want my archers on the Stone Terrace so he put some spikes out in front and also mined it with Volatile Runes. I returned the favor from his side. I don't track the runes this game, but there were about four or five runes active per turn and hardly any orange. I sent my reanimates cautiously out either side, looking for any easy targets and hoping for eventual flanks. Each had a Carrion Lancer to run interference on major threats if the need arose. My friend tested the waters, sending troops down the middle, but staying out of range of my archers. Hawthorne shouted words of encouragement to the troops while Kari scouted out the surrounding area. Excess magic hissed and crackled across the hills of blowing grass. The horses were jumpy and the Oathsworn knights found it difficult to control their mounts. An ear-splitting concussion echoed in the distance as a horde of skeletons stumbled across a volatile rune. A cheer went up from the Daqan ranks, but the celebration was short lived as the skeletons began rising almost at once in the heavy flow of natural magic. The sound was too much for the horses however, and they panicked, running up against a regiment of spearmen rather than advancing down the hill as the knights had intended. Thinking my Reanimates were more than a match for Kari (who I'd spotted taking up a sniping position on the stone terrace), but not wanting to miss a charge I wheeled my reanimates around for an assault on the elevated position. I have my first unit of skeletons fire a volley at the huge formation of spearmen descending the hill, a moss covered golem at their head. The shafts fall short, but by the time the second unit of archers fires the spearmen are in range. I see no soldiers fall, but cries of dismay can be heard over the wind as the necrotic effect of the arrows sets in. The cavalry is still in chaos and collide with the spearmen a second time, but matters are made worse as the knights discover they are now sitting on top of a volatile rune themselves. The scream of the horse who tread on the rune hangs in the air. The battle is in full swing now. The spearmen have charged forward through the volleys of arrows and smashed into the waiting mob of skeletons. The huge rusted beams of metal that pass for the golem’s swords wreaks havoc and rank upon rank of undead fall before it. On the opposite side of the field Kari valiantly defends herself as the reanimates begin their assault on her position. The knights, still in disarray lose another rider to the runes. Hawthorne watches the battle unfold before him and his heart sinks as he sees Kari fall under a rain of arrows. “Get your horses off that rune!” he bellows spurring his own horse forward. “Get them moving!” The cavalry finally get their act together, and in a cacophonous thunder of hoof beats charge into the battle. The carrion lancer falls before their onslaught and they continue on towards the remaining reanimates. The spearmen, already pinned down by the barrage of arrows turn as a new threat is spotted. The undead are now swarming over the Stone Terrace towards them. The cavalry smash into what remains of the battered skeleton unit while the spearmen meet the fresh mass of skeletons approaching from the Terrace. Their ranks thinned by the archers and incapacitated by blight, the spearmen cause no skeleton casualties and it is only Hawthorne’s mighty charge that does any damage. The battle is over. Hawthorne strikes in fury and skeletons seem to evaporate before his onslaught, his shield just as deadly as his sword, but he knows in his heart that he has lost. As the golem falls he sounds the retreat, deflecting an arrow with his shield as he does so. He and his cavalry will live to fight another day and Kari will be avenged. Kari’s last stand.
  15. Some Runewars Love

    Haha... yes! Legohammer! I did this too. Eventually I included "age of empires" unit building mechanics as well.