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  1. There's a lot of golem discussion going on right now, so... who would win in a fight? 11 golems, 13 carrion lancers or 14 scions?
  2. The Rune Golems are the reason I got into this game. They might be a little expensive, but that's just the tax you have to pay for having such a cool looking unit on the battlefield. Cool-tax. I have found they die easily, but playing a bunch of single tray golems with a wizard running rune manipulation at the back of the battlefield allows you to concentrate a ton of damage on a very small area. Sure, one might get killed, but you have three others pounding on the same target.
  3. Thank you! It's great to hear you think they have cohesion because that was what I was going for. I love being able to paint a bunch of chaotic colors together, but I still want the finished result to look like an army.
  4. I think he missed half his face shaving.
  5. Wanna get me some?
  6. Someone left their golem out in the rain...
  7. Everyone is probably sick of me posting models from the core set, but each one is different so I keep doing it. Shout me down and I'll stop I promise. BUT... I'm so excited to have so many skeletons done! I'm only 8 away from being able to run the largest block. I also love what they look like together (although it's getting harder and harder to come up with new color schemes).
  8. Got my two trays of crossbows finished up and a few more reanimates from the core. I'm very excited because I finally have eight trays of reanimates and spearmen so with a little siege help I can run three by threes. As a side note... these people must have the strongest left arms in existence. I have no idea how they're holding that huge slab of metal and wood.
  9. Here's the first unit from my new core set. I love the yellow design almost as much as I hate the purple design. This is the first time I've been genuinely stumped when it comes to a shield pattern. I've painted over it about three times now and it's better than it was, but I still kinda hate it. I wanted to do something with purple stripes, but I think they might just be too strange for a shield. If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on how to make the purple stripes work I'd love to hear them, otherwise I'll probably just start over with a new design.
  10. Very cool! This is my favorite Scion so far! What materials did you use?
  11. So... after finally getting my second core I have some left over Ardus and Kari figures and was thinking of converting them into infantry command units. Does anyone have suggestions on which figures would be most useful to have multiples of?
  12. AAH! My apologies, I didn't notice it was you posting in that thread. I've credited you in the original post now.
  13. Thank you! I was thinking of maybe trying to carve a different shape into the brush end of her staff... it really doesn't look like wood at all. I wonder if the modelers were going for flame or something?
  14. Maegan Cyndewin is all finished up. She'd been nearly done for a while (she was the only elf expansion I bought), I just needed to finish some highlights. I took @Contrapulator's advice and painted her with a Blue Spruce theme. I also liked @Darthain's idea of removing the chin tusks from the moose (as seen in @Wraithist's post). I've kept all the elf weapons black so far, and it seemed especially appropriate for her lightning staff (mop).
  15. Death Knights! I spent another late night getting these guys finished up, but they were a ton of fun to paint. All the ease of a ton of armor minus the fancy details I feel compelled to put on all my Daqan Cavalry. Each knight is two colors, half bright silver and half dark silver with an Army Painter Strong Tone wash over everything and some splashes of crimson/silver for color. It looks like the official models are wearing some sort of helmet/visor, but they looked enough like skulls that I just painted them as skulls to be more consistent with the rest of the skeleton army.