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  1. Hepitude

    The Future of Runewars

    Extra "like" because I could only give you one.
  2. Gorgeous work! I love the glowing symbols on the Death Knight's armor. The dripping blight is also a really nice touch. Great job!
  3. Hepitude

    Scout Excitement

    I've been looking back over the previews in anticipation for new units (eventually) getting released. Lance Corporal seems like a really great option for the Outland Scouts. If they are engaged with an enemy they can attack at initiative 4 and disengage with Lance Corporal's ability to turn their green shift modifier white. "Know Your Enemy" works great as it give you inspiration to ready the Corporal next turn. Is there a faster disengage in the game? I'm really excited to try this out!
  4. Hepitude

    Sweet sweet recognition!

    While warhammer definitely has a lot of lore, it's not a world I want to spend time in. It's so dark and horrifying. I much prefer the fantasy world of Runewars. I also don't have to worry about hyper-sexual or disgusting models when I eventually introduce my kid to the game.
  5. Do you think a strategy oriented hero could ever work for the game? Is manipulating initiatives on other units too overpowered, even if the hero isn't good at combat? For example, a hero that could use a skill action to change the initiative of another unit's attack (within range 1-3) to a 2. Essentially insuring that in the vast majority of cases, one of your units will get to attack first. Do you think this would increase or decrease strategic choice in the game? And what units do you think would most benefit from earlier attacks? As a side note, how do you think hero sales compare to normal unit sales since people only ever buy one per army? My guess is heroes are probably purchased more consistently, but in less quantity so maybe it all balances out...
  6. Hepitude

    Skirmish Games

    My experience has been that skirmish games tend to be more dramatic. 200 points gives you the chance to bounce back from a bad roll or a poorly positioned unit, but 100 points really makes you pay for your mistakes. It's still really fun, but you have to be ok with lopsided victories and defeats happening more frequently. I also think Church14's idea of steering away from heroes is a very good idea.
  7. Hepitude

    Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    These couple new scions finally get me up to six siege in each faction. I'm looking forward to running a full block in my next game!
  8. Hepitude

    Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    So... the new expansions are taking longer to come out than I was anticipating and I found a good deal on some more siege units. Here's my new sandstone golem. This one is a flint golem. The yellowish bits on him aren't reflections, but uncut portions of the flint rock. It is a kinda cool effect though and I might try making a really reflective golem. It'd look very different if I hadn't decided to go with the yellow uniform (a mistake I think).
  9. Is there going to be a "Heroes of Legion" six months after this is released?
  10. Hepitude

    Happy Friday - time for a new bracket

    Hmm... this lack of news can only mean that they're planning on announcing dwarf and ork factions on Monday!
  11. Hepitude

    New Latari hero?! (Season 2 kits)

    Haha... I did not notice that, but definitely looks like a spoiler! Pretty cool looking too as far as I can tell.
  12. Hepitude

    Baron Zachareth

    I wonder how much the baron is going to limit design space for Daqan in the future? Is everything going to be slightly underpowered in case the baron gives them that extra wound? Or is the baron's cost enough to cover the potential boost? It seems like a headache to design around. We might have to nickname him Biggs.
  13. Hepitude

    Baron Zachareth

    I wonder if they were planning this from the start? The game is still less than a year old right?
  14. Hepitude

    Baron Zachareth

    AAAA! RUNECOW! And the long (short) awaited Golem buff. It looks like Daqan can get a pretty good healing engine going (Hawthorne rallying off Zachareth's healing stun). Golems are going to be a lot scarier. I'm surprised they didn't reveal a dial though, it'll be interesting to see how that runecow moves. Also really interesting looking deployment... and terrain that looks like a bunch of tents? It looks like one of his upgrades replaces red dice with white dice and vice versa...
  15. Hepitude

    Does ffg still care about this game ?

    Amen. I frequent this forum to get away from star wars.