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  1. Sad to see you go Will, but it was fun playing with you!
  2. 101 articles were the nail in the coffin for Runewars. YOU GUYS ARE NEXT!
  3. Also, I know it sells well, but Legion just feels like stale, un-creative Disney drivel to me.
  4. I've spent a ton of time, money and energy on products by Fantasy Flight Games. I organized weekly x-wing nights for several years, got all my friends into x-wing, bought everything Runewars had to offer, painted, built terrain and invested in this community. I still love these games, but I'm not a fan of FFG anymore. I won't get into the details, but I don't think they treated the fans of this game well. I'm really glad I have this game, but I won't be buying any future FFG products.
  5. This is such a bummer. I know we should be happy with what we got, but seeing Legion announcements every week just makes me sad that they never really gave this game a chance.
  6. I love the ghost horse, and the Daqan knight really pops! Nice work!
  7. Since you're trying to stick to cards only, I love the idea of having multiple options for each unit in the game. For example, having multiple different "Daqan Spearmen" cards which have different cost/formations/abilities. It'd be fun to choose between fielding a bunch of cheap "fresh recruit" spearmen vs the basic spearmen vs and "Elite" formation of spearmen. This could apply to all units (maybe an "ancient" golem with more health) and to all factions.
  8. This sounds like a great idea! I'm all for new content!
  9. We need a disloyal play-tester to leak what the material was.
  10. I love this! Very natural looking and the figures look great against it! Nice job
  11. How much is Para Bellum paying you?
  12. If this is true then it's really a jerk move on FFG's part not to say so. I don't care if they are trying to "move" the rest of their stock. It's just a small gesture, but would mean a lot to the fans who've been working to promote the game (and bought into the game with the expectation of long term support and growth).
  13. Gosh, I hope more models get released. The closer I get to finishing all the models the more I hope FFG hasn't given up on the game. I haven't painted this old stuff in ages, but I've been slowly working through my backlog and had a ton of fun painting command units again. The Peacock Necromancer was especially fun. Even if FFG doesn't release any new models I'd really like to see some more cards come out for the figure upgrades (or hope against hope for a cavalry command expansion). I've also got my first Uthuk archers finished up. For a faction I didn't originally like as much, I'm surprised every time I paint Uthuk how much I like the models. They are the easiest and fastest to paint and I always love how they turn out.
  14. I'm all for dormant periods... I really wish FFG would say what they're intending though.
  15. I've been pretty depressed about Runewars (probably) never getting another expansion so I haven't really been painting much recently. @Willange and I had a great game yesterday though and I thought I'd share my finished Th'Uk Tar and Gorgemaw to celebrate my defeat.
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