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  1. http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/11644/rebeltroopers-youaredoomed-1.0 This is my favorite deck right now. Grievous/fn/Trooper Nothing like stealing an opposing FN's redeploy Riot baton!
  2. Isn't luke rey thematic? I mean he is going to be her master?
  3. http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/11644/rebeltroopers-youaredoomed-1.0 Here is mine, I quit running tactical mastery and run air support (whatever card gives 3 shields like back up muscle) -1 f11d, -1 Iqa rifle, +2 dh-17 (which I'm actually not loving tbh). Also, battle formation isn't having the umph I thought it was going to. It's nice for sure, but I was thinking it would be a hammer for this deck, I think however the mixed damage provides mixed results with it.
  4. It's me in the interview, but it's for a community content creator that I'm sure would appreciate the feedback if u like it or comment in his youtube link.
  5. Luke maz is good. Here is what I run. 26 man sc victory. It doesn't use these supports, it's not an easy piloted deck since, you have to learn when to spend your resources proactively or reactively, sometimes you just can't afford to play the vibroknife even if you like action cheating. There is a write up on the decklist but I assure you that Luke works. I like eluke rey more than eluke emaz but I also didn't put an appropriate amount of time in the deck to truly give it an honest comparison. http://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/10690/rebeltrooperslukereydeck-2.0 Here us a link to a deck tech video unNerv3d made about the deck with me as a guest. Hope any of this info helps guide the luke decks down the direction of success.
  6. Portland Oregon: Red Castle Games - 26 players 1st place: Jordan Trevino 1st place: Eluke/Rey 2nd place: EPoe/EMaz 3rd/4th: EPhasma/Guavian/Foster : EVader/Raider A little late but better than never
  7. I bought 2 boxes of awakenings, and traded for what I needed. I'm going for 4 boxes this time to get a full set and have extra rares and legendaries for my playgroup to use as they need.
  8. if I'm playing prized possession against someone with training I'm am going to ask my opponent which die is his characters natural die, (the die originally on the character when the game was started). Training I would assume makes a character elite, I would make a judge rule that training brings a die into the game and when it leaves play it should take the die it brought into the game out. I don't know if it's correct, but I believe a judge would rule that training brings a die in and when it's removed, removes that die. Therefore if you specify you are using prized possession on the characters original die and your opponent agrees, it should be simple. That being said I'm sure it's not that simple, but I'd make a judge rule against me before giving them a way out of a 4 cost upgrade.
  9. 1 of my local game stores ordered 40 boxes and aren't receiving any boxes. Xindell is right though, that is outside the norm. Mostly everyone who preordered will get some of what they ordered. The game is fine.
  10. Here is my build (1st in an 18 person pod, total entrants 34 I believe) excited for trying ebala, but skeptical due to lower hp, and survivability loss by not running dooku. DECK LIST Name - 2199 problems but a FN weaPN ain't 1 Battlefield - Carbon Freezing Chamber Character list - FN 2199/Dooku/Tusken Raider Vibroknucklers x2 Vibroknife x2 Lightsaber pike x1 Gaffi Stick x2 Rocket Launcher x2 Lightsaber x2 Z6 Riot Control Baton x2 Flamethrower x2 Isolation x1 Feel your anger x2 Boundless Ambition x2 Unpredictable x2 Logistics x2 He doesn't Like you x2 Enrage x2 Manipulate x2 - Rebeltrooper
  11. Interesting combo, I won a tourney yesterday on tts running fn/dooku/raider only 3 character dice. It's super super effective. I'm interested in this set up as you get 4 dice and eBala ability is solid. My version ran almost strictly melee weapons except the rocket launcher. This deck is super solid, and depending on the build inputting eBala could be insane.
  12. And this article makes me think I'm wrong and you can reroll then resolve. Who knows?!
  13. I happen to think your interpretation is correct, if both triggers happened simultaneously then it's different. The way the queue works, FN's ability triggers, and the result of that ability triggers Riot baton. How can you complete the queue on Riot baton (choosing to rerolling after its been rolled) then go back and get the resolve portion of FN's ability. That being said I very well could be wrong, but try to looK at it linear and 2 different card effects should be resolved in order they entered the queue. Attaching the item fn's ability queues Upon completion of a roll then batons ability enters, which happensures after the completion of FN's queued ability. Therefore if you pass on the resolution of fns weapon die you may reroll but not resolve. This is not the rule, this is my interpretation that could very easily be incorrect, but it's how I play it until proven otherwise.
  14. The sad truth is in competitive tournament play, the base of this will most likely be a repeatable turn for ehan erey, with a single Holdout and a single force spped, and for the rest of the game the effect more potentially than not will be recycled for at least 2 turns, more if they get their bf. The game isn't over, it isn't broken, but we all know how fun it is now to have that deck take 2-3 actions to your 1 already while giving han 1-2 shields per rotation. This will make it worse, but I'm sure there will be some measure of balance. It just won't be much fun to play against in that specific scenario. In other non rey decks, it's just a really good card, nothing game disorienting as is with ehan erey.
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