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    Are more LCC wanted?

    I really like the art on your game, but I'm not sold on the model and the graphic design. Good luck with your next kickstarter! Thank you for your wishes. If you want to stay updated... check out my website www.circlesofimora.com
  2. duffsimpson

    Are more LCC wanted?

    You just read two comments from LCG fanboys and that's all? Talking about format, it depends how huge this game should be. TCGs and LCGs have their own props and cons. For example go into Star Wars Destiny forums/facebook pages and see how many previous "anti-ccg" guys say how they're excited with cracking boosters, drafting, trading and trying make best decks from cards/dices they have instead 100% bandwagoning Tier1 decks like in every LCG. Personally i'm just sitting back and eating pocorn laughing from all these SW:D people who 1 year ago were making bloody flamewars with me about this "just for kids" CCG formats. @Kempy: I've got more feedback outside this community speaking for the pros of a LCG. Especially for my game (Circles of Imora) I think it's the better option to grow. Also looking at the production it's much easier for me instead of having a starterdeck and(!) boosterpacks in flowpacks. And yes, it's not all b/w and if you ask 10 people you might get 10 answers.... ;-)
  3. duffsimpson

    Are more LCC wanted?

    Thanks to your reply... I thought LCG is the way to go!
  4. duffsimpson

    Are more LCC wanted?

    Hi all For the last 2 1/2 years I've been creating a new Card Game called Circles of Imora. I now wonder if I shall put it on the market as a TCG (Trading Card Game) or as a LCG with a full playable deck. What is your opinion and are you looking for new games like mine? Regards, Dominik