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  1. I don't see the gameplay video on either their Twitch our Youtube. Did they mention where they would upload it during the stream?
  2. This feels like the cycle for these two! It would be cool if rather than buff Silvan who enter play, Thranduil gets a boost when Silvan leave play. Still supports the bounce mechanic, but in a different way than Celeborn. Also on my wish list would be for some more non-eagle creatures for Radagast to play with.
  3. I think it'd be cool if we got to steal treasure from a dragon. Or maybe throw us a twist and have us help a dragon take back it's lair from a horde of goblins, in return for it not attacking Dale. How cool would a dragon objective-ally be?
  4. I agree 100%. This is a huge red flag. They could easily release quests that are nearly impossible to beat without using the favor cards. EDIT: Here's the article the initial quote was taken from
  5. All I care is that the game is good and the prices are fair. I'm curious how they address player snowballing and location lock.
  6. We Are Not Idle is still a 0 cost draw 1 card, so it's still really good. The ability to exhaust up to 3 Dwarf heroes for a resource each is just icing on the cake. Lure of Moria and Strength of Arms made the old We Are Not Idle too good, I agree with the nerf.
  7. Heh, ya. We kept missing each other. EDIT: Have a game up now.
  8. I agree that if they ever do Mordor, that'll be the last cycle. Anything after that would just be anticlimactic.
  9. I've started playing games on OCTGN to scratch that co-op itch, but it usually takes over an hour for someone to join. Is there a Google+ group, or some semi-hidden sub forum somewhere where people coordinate OCTGN games? I don't mind waiting, but I'd love to be able to reduce the wait time as much as I can. Thanks.
  10. I think an objective ally Sam is more likely than Ringbearer Sam. Aragorn and Eomer sound like good choices, but I'm still hoping for Gwaihir. If The Scouring of the Shire makes it in, then I think Tactics Pippin could also be a possibility. If Spirit Aragorn makes it in, I hope his ability relates to Rohan and Gondor, a real Men of the West hero.
  11. Really looking forward to when you guys break into the next cycle. While I have enjoyed the Evaluation Series so far, I haven't been able to watch the Progression Series just because I've done those missions so many times I'm a bit sic of 'em Also, I think the Dwarrowdelf Cycle does a pretty good job at opening up some different deck options. Seeing the same cards over and over again is a bit tedious to watch. Not your guys' fault, there's just only so many viable decks you can make with the tiny card pool you currently have access to. I do appreciate that you guys seem to try and use each new hero at least once instead of just using the same six power house heroes. I'm especially looking forward to your opinions on Elladan and Elrohir, they were quite a polarizing pair in the group I used to play with.
  12. I'm assuming they are saving Dale/Erebor for when we go to Rhun. I'd imagine they'd lump those two locations in the same cycle. Withered Heath sounds like it's own cycle to me, and I think it would be an excellent time to finally flesh out the Eagles.
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