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    The Imperials in 2.0

    Yeah i though it was evident i was joking with the :-) ... Im really curious to see what will rise and what will fall.
  2. Thormind

    The Imperials in 2.0

    - Staple: Omega Leader... sry, i mean Quickdraw :-) I really have high hope for the Decimator. Big tanky ship with reinforce could be fun. - Not sure: I think well have a lot of Tie Punisher here. Like you said the model is so nice, it has to be good now. - Wild care: same as you, Tie Agressor. I own 4 of them. The primary+turret attack would be amazing.
  3. We are talking about 2.0 here. Compared to almost everything else we've seen so far he definitely got a huge boost.
  4. You can add other informations we have so far pointing in the same direction: - Rebels are the only faction with 4 dice primary attack ships. And they have 2 of them. - Dash was already close to OP in 1.0 and they buffed him. - Rebels have the most unchanged or buffed ships. The 2 other factions, especially scums, took a major hit. - With defense being less effective tanky ships will be at an advantage. Faction with the tankiest ships? Sure they can play around with point cost and upgrade availability in the app but when the core looks so strong.... like they say: "bad feeling about this".
  5. That and evade dont add a result now, they just change a rolled dice. This is a huge difference, especially for ships that rely on evading dmg instead of "tanking" it.
  6. This was my reaction. Looking at those cards i saw most rebel ships intact or boosted. The ones that are nerfed (ie Miranda) still seem pretty good. Imperials and particularly scums really look like they took a hit. Of course we dont know the point cost yet. For example it might be that they are going for: Rebels has less ship fielded but they are beefier (most point cost raised), Imperial has more ships fielded but each one is a little less effective (generally lower point cost) and scums are in the middle. Otherwise i already see one faction dominating as soon as this is released.
  7. Another really strong pilot ability compared to the updated ones we have so far is Scum Fenn. He was really strong in 1.0. Now he has the potential to be a beast... reported, those kind of comments have no place here.
  8. This is not even a question, its 100% sure it will be fast enough :-)
  9. That was my 1st reation when i saw his text. Seems way more powerful than the rest of the stuff we got previewed so far...
  10. Yeah but many ordnances still pack a punch (but most likely less moded) and can now be used multiple times. If only ordnance ships are allowed that kind of offense, they will almost be the only ones played. If they remove the auto recloak from the phantom and lower the atck dice it will need to be at a much lower cost than it is now. At the proper price it could still be a good ship. Who knows, it might even have 2 crew slots now. A cloaked Palp could be fun :-)
  11. Not confirmed yet. One thing could be a new mechanism to get an extra attack dice on the rounds you decloak. Could even be 2 red base + 2 red from decloak. Would be like a sneak attack from a rogue in other games. So the gameplay would be use a turn to cloak and get +2 green, next turn decloak + attack with +2 red, next turn cloak, get +2 green and get away, repeat. It would work with the "hit and run" tactics they tried to implement so much at the end of 1.0.
  12. Thats the thing, after seeing the gameplay videos, it does not look a complete redesign at all. In a video game, this would be considered a big patch at most, not an xpac or a sequel... I can understand the new core set and the rerelease of existing ships with better models but the conversion kits seems to be priced high. In term of physical material, those kits probably dont cost more than 5$ to produce. Yeah there is the design cost to take into account but its probably much lower than the one for a complete new game. On the facebook page of my local XWing community this is the #1 complain. We see things like " i already have 4 core sets. Now they will be almost useless", "it's going to cost me 500$+just to upgade my collection", "i dont have a lot of money, i was able to build my collection by investing little by little. If you guys all go 2.0 ill need to pay at least 100$ just to be able to use the stuff i already bought", etc.
  13. This was my feeling when i first saw both ship cards. Yes the Ties got crackshot but its far from the 1.0 version and its not that easy to set up. Also the Tie dial seems to have lost a lot of green. We dont know how much it impacts their gameplay but it does make it harder to use red maneuvers.
  14. And ordnances... maybe the cost for those 4 die attacks wiill be huge as well...
  15. Im sorry but if you look at the real cost of the material included in those conversion kits, their margin profit is astronomical. Adding some plastic base or cards/cardboard would not raise the price by much. The real reason why they limit whats in those kits is to sell more of them or having the possibility to sell some conversion tools later. Im not saying thats wrong btw. You have to take into account that they need to pay their staff, the design (protorypes...), the promo stuff, the marketing, the organized play, etc. Just saying the 50$ you pay is not for the physical material thats in the box.
  16. So basically hes saying they made it bigger just so they could sell it in a box at a higher price...?
  17. 1st a builder, 2nd online play? Maybe Vassal just wont be needed... They have a game that can be as fun to play in RL than online and they know they have the player base for both (seeing how popular Vassal play is with 1.0). It would be kinda fool for them not to grab the easy $$ they can make by selling an online play app. They could make it so that players who buy the physical material automatically get the equivalent for the online app. Players could still be able to buy only the virtual version of their products at a reduced price. As long as they dont go the MTG way... For those who dont know they created an online version of their game with no link to the RL one. If you want to play online you have to pay again for your cards and they cost as much as RL ones...
  18. So there is a 2nd change where you lose your action if you can BR or boost when trying? You cant just select another action like it works currently?
  19. Tks! Rereading the post this was quite evident. I feel stupid... :-) Theres another thing i might have read wrong. The new PWT, do they work like the Shadowcaster but with 2 arcs opposing each others or do they work like the Firespray (fixed front/rear)?
  20. Is that a new type of ability for certain ships (like reinforce, coordinate, etc) or can any ship do this. When you say "charge" do you mean the ones for force sensitive pilots? Does it apply to both range 1 bonus on attack and range 3 bonus for the defenders? Does this mean the template for the barrel rolls will be different from the ones for regular 1 straight? Also how can we use old templates if we need the line for the talon/barre rolls? Are we allowed to paint a line in the middle of our old templates? So we can use our old dices in 2.0? So the moment they can be dropped remains the same but the ones requiring an action dont anymore? We will have small/medium/large bases (plus huge eventually)? Outside of the ARC, do we know any other medium ship (Punisher, kwing, reaper?) Are they new actions with specific icons or more like pilot abilities/upgrade cards? I dont understand this one. They said that 2.0 lists would be 200 pts but with raised cost for everything. Is this going to be different for tournaments (100 pts but same raised cost) to lower the overall length of matches? Tks!
  21. And we dont know the point cost yet. Its (relative on /200 vs /100) point cost might be lowered to compensate for the regular 3 atck dice. This would be nice as it would open up more build possibilities with him (or her?). Point/pwr level would make her close to a regular ace but with a quite distinctive gameplay feeling. If this is where they are going with their general goal (less difference in power lvl but more variety in gameplay styles) i might actually consider rebuying some stuff...
  22. I know i wouldnt mind saving 50% on my ships for slightly less interesting models...
  23. Yeah, thats my bad. Im not used to the "alpha class" name :-)
  24. Was that confirmed? I saw the Reaper was a "hybrid" pak but didnt see anything about the other one.
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