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  1. You do realize you are kinda supporting my point there, correct? You said basically "change scum and leave imperials as they were and you would have had a perfectly balanced meta instead of wiping out a faction almost completely"... I'd like to make a non monetary bet about your last statement if your up for it :-) I predict no imperial squad will win an Open until the next wave is released. I also predict we'll see the same results as the last three Open until then.
  2. Rebels were still in top positions. I remember an interview with FFG after last wolrd. They said rebels were at like 24% representation in top 32. That's far better than the 3 squads we had on the top 24 positions for the 3 last Opens. That's 4.16%. The problem is not just vs bombs. That one is probably the worst but there are many other probeblatic squads. During the same interview they said defender were stron but totally beatable. A top player was there and agreed with that statement. I think it was Paul Heaver because i remember they talked about the new card he designed. My initial post wasnt about rebels or even scums. I dont mind at all if they have powerful options. What i'm saying is before the FAQ, Imperial were not dominating. I understand any game designer would not like it if the players of a faction only used 2-3 ships. From a business point of view it makes sense to want to sell different ships. I understand people who were tired of seing mostly Defenders and/or Palp when playing vs Imperials. When i play locally i almost never use them because it gets boring. "But" i liked to know i still had an effective option when i wanted to go to major events. They could have attained their objective without frustrating so many players, that is my biggest gripe. De one small change at a time and see how it affects the meta before going overboard. For example make defenders sensitive to bumps and obstacle but keep them effective under stress (or vice/versa). Or start by changing Palp to "use the ability before reroll" but keep the flexibility. Just that would probably have been enough. They could have also waited for Imperials to have other viable options before the nerf. I'm pretty sure that as soon as other competitive choices would have been available, most Imperial players would have naturally migrated away from triple Ds or Commonwealth. Why do you think they are now giving Imperials access to turret upgrades? It's needed, no other reason. I got a feeling the next wave will have many tools to adress the Empire issues. The system upgrade from the scum xpac looks like a bombing tool that would benefit Imps since we have the most ships with that slot. Unguided rocket seems to be made for Bombers/Punishers. I've got a feeling Intensity is a tool to add an effect to dices changed by a focus tokens, a bit like fanatical devotion. Hux having just been releases would point to that direction. If what i'm expecting turns out to be true, the last FAQ makes more sense. But why not wait after the xpac release to make the nerf and keep Imperial competitive in the meantime? On a side note, i talked about Paul heaver new card earlier. Anyone find it weird that he doesnt bring it to competitions? If i had the chance to design an upgrade, i'm pretty sure i would play with it to show how good it can be...
  3. Got it, tks. You must have been happy when you saw you would be facing that a-wing squad? :-) That one round where you boxed Nora was a pretty good move.
  4. Have you though about juke on Vessery instead of Crack? Since he attacks after Quick the target is more likely to be without a focus. In that case both abilities would have the same effect but juke would be permanent. When it's time for Vessery to attack Fenn, do you find that he still has a focus most of the time?
  5. anyone have a link for that video?
  6. I think it's coll that you can confront huge ships with only small/large ones. It's really satisfying when you can take one down that way
  7. I probably read the title wrong, sorry. I though it was "all non attack upgrades" and "pilot abilities" :-) Yeah Carnor at range 3 would generate so much hate :-)
  8. This will be my last reply to you. Not sure i should even answer but like i said, i'm upset :-) It's funny how some players say hes not changed and yet we need time to "adapt"? If he's still so powerful why are top players abandoning him or not performing with him? We're talking about players that know what they are doing, not newbies. You are probably not aware of that but top players knew about the change before the FAQ was published and had months to play with him. Also the rest of us have been aware of the changes since march 6th, thats more than 2 weeks. Decimators are nowhere to be found in top positions. I dont remember the last time one ever won a major event. The way she is built allows her to have Biggs (to keep that decimatro from putting her in a bag) and a stressbot (just to make sure to put the nails on the coffin). And yeah, at 60 points it's RAC with Kylo. Like most imperial ships there isnt many way to built it if you want to compete. Also i'm describing what Miranda CAN do, she doesnt have to do all of this to be effective. Just with bombs and TLT she's a monster. It's not just Miranda, triple kwing are nasty and doing well. I think the only ship keeping them from dominating at the moment is the Jumpmaster. You clearly dont understand the picture. If Miranda can move before a ship, the only places it can attack her without getting a bomb the next turm are where you dont see the Corner token. If you are at any place where a token is at the beginning of the activation phase, she will bomb you. It's worst with cluster mines because the tokens occupy even more place.. Again look at matches on Youtube or play against a good player. It's easy to place bombs with k-wings. It's even easier with generic pilots because they almost always move 1st. Look at the picture and multiply that by 3. You'll realize that if your opponent is half decent, you will eat some bombs no matter what you do. Ok for a lot of ships but almost instant death for most Imperial aces. She would not try to kill an ace with a corner if she still has some cluster mines available. My ships cant focus on her as long as Biggs is alive. Thats more than likely at least one or 2 rounds where she's free to do her thing safely. Are you really saying a Punisher can bomb as easily as a k-wing (yeah even Deathrain). Please, it's not even worth answering. Youll be surprised but i agree with you. I've never said that she or any other ships should be changed. My post has never been about that. I'm upset Imperials lost their only 2 decent options to be competitive. We were never dominating before the FAQ, the Scums were. Post FAQ the reason there was only defenders or Palps played was because nothing else was viable. The results after the FAQ only prove my point. I'd like to be wrong and have an Imperial squad win just ONE open. It wont happen but if by some miracle it does, i swear to come back here and say i was wrong. Euuu, you name 6 pilots but only 3 of them are aces. 50%, not bad... You do know what an ace is, dont you? Top choices that are not in the top spots?? Dont know where that logic is coming from, but it's "mysterious" :-) Just like that amazing Imperial domination you are talking about. Where are you taking that ??? Show me...
  9. Fenn would just destroy everything. Carnor Jax would be nasty as well.
  10. Instead of making things up, look at actual facts. Where do you see those amazing aces in the last 3 open results?? Where are those "still amazing" post faq defenders? Or that Palpy that still does the same thing as he used to? How many TLTs do you have in top positions? How many PWT? How many k-wings? How many Jumpmasters? Have you seen some top players matches of those Open events? Noticed that all those things that would not happen if i was skilled keep happening to the best players regularly as well? Miranda doesnt need ALL the tools you mentioned to be effective. But even with everything, you're saying that it's normal she's better than a 60 points Decimator?? 50 points still allow her to have 1 or 2 strong partners. Have you seen that picture? Thats just a corner net. Cluster mines fill up even more space. I wouldnt mind that much if my Punisher was as good or if i had access to an half decent bomber. Noticed in the movies how it's always bombers we see... bombing? :-) Only thing i think they got correctly with that faq is the title of the article announcing it: "bringing balance to the force". Just as in the movies, the definition of "balance" is when the Dark Side is completely beaten. Only 2 Sith vs thousands of Jedi and the force needs to be balanced :-)
  11. I think he could be the fix to swarms we've been asking for sometime. Crew him on a bomber and rest of the squad with same ships. Not sure how he would work but something like "if you have X same ships in your squad at the beginning of a game, each ships gets Y bonus for the duration of the game".
  12. Yeah, they gave everything to the Kwing (regen, slam, extra attack dices even on secondary weapons, TLTs, pwt, better dial, J!!!) and left the Punisher in it's miserable state. As if that wasnt enough they released an upgrade that greatly boost the power of bombs (Sabine) but gave it to Rebels.
  13. #1 mistake: choosing the Imperial faction. It's the hardest to fly properly and it's unforgiving. You also limit yourself to a very small number of decent options to build your squad. #2 mistake: not really a mistake but more an advice. IMO at the beginning you need to try a couple of ships but only until you figure out how you like to fly and you find something you like. After that it's better to try to use the same ship for sometime to get a better feeling of how it plays. I think you learn faster that way than if you keep changing ships everytime you play. #3 again no a mistake but a good way to learn is to ask your opponent what mistake you did at the end of a game. If you are playing casual you can also ask him to comment your moves as you play.
  14. Exactly my though when i saw it. Even better, they gave rebels access to another bomber. Yay!
  15. That or maybe just make advanced decloak part of the ship so we can take another useful mod.