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  1. You see from my pov its uncivilized people who should "get off". You can disagree but can you please be respectful while doing so? Just look at how many players share the OP point of view. It's gotten even worst with the last podcast. We kinda learned they dont know much about their own game and they design only based on personnal "feelings" instead of data, math and playtesting. That explains all the "crap" weve been getting recently ;-)
  2. It's funny how many forum members reject and make fun of your post yet so many of us agree with you...
  3. Because it's just as good?
  4. When a ship is more OP than stuff that were already OP (ie triple scouts for example) there is a problem... at PS8 he would still be in the top lists. There would just be some room left for "lower than ps11" aces.
  5. reduction in points would allow him to have even stronger partners. The current builds that are OP with him would be even stronger. Not a good idea.
  6. And experience with Biggs should have prevented Lowrisk... That one was soo easy to spot. They even talked about the interaction in their preview article!
  7. We will have to agree to disagree here. With her limited dial i think being stressed will be an issue depending on the game conditions. Vs ps7 (or 8 with ini) its exactly the same. Vs higher ps of course the ps10 Nym is better (it's OP...). Thats why i believe a nerf is needed. The ps10 being better doesnt mean the ps8 wouldnt be a perfectly valid ship. It would just be balanced instead of OP.
  8. Most gaming companies (video and board) aknowledge problems and say they are working on a solution. It's actually good business practice and there is absolutly no legal issue there. Still not an official FAQ entry. Are we expected to dig into tournament rulings to figure out card interactions now? Unfounded. Do a little research and you will find situations like that for every recent releases...
  9. EPTless Nym remains the same vs any pilot of PS7 or less (ps8 if initiative). Only thing it affects is his performance vs aces. I dont agree that Nym is worst than miranda when he does not have the ps advantage. His bombing flexibility is extremely high with advanced sensor+genius+pilot ability+boost+barrel roll. He also has a much better dial and he does not have to sacrifice an attack for an advanced SLAM. Rebel Nym is also better at controling the field with those unlimited bomblets that he can prevent from detonating. I actually have an easier time bombing with rebel Nym than i have with Miranda. Also dont forget that Miranda is OP and a nerf to advanced SLAM is comming...
  10. 100% agree. The problem is not the leak. The problem is the "no reaction" from FFG and the extremely long time they take to adress balance problems. Same thing for new card interactions. For example we still dont have an official answer about Genius/ion interaction or minefield/extra ammo. The same thing happen every time a new product get released. They take forever to address issues that should have been handled even before the product are released. I also slowed down my playtime and i'm thinking more an more about selling my stuff...
  11. Nym would still be good at PS8 and the other Scurrg as well. He would be a though flexible bomber with a system slot and TLTs. He would just not be able to arc dodge aces on top of all that. Please dont compare the Punisher to the Scurrg. Even with an EPT it would still be a bad ship. It has worst dial and only 2 dice primary with no turret. It also does not have Genius to augment its bombing capacity.
  12. But Kylo did not have his scar back then...
  13. The lack in tone is probably because english is not my primary language. I do my best to be understandable and readable but i'm still missing some of the "subtilities" needed for good communication. Forums are a great tool to practice Looking at what's comming im not optimistic about the faction. Instead of correcting the problems, they are making them worst. Look at Lowrisk. Biggs was already a problem and they decided to boost him. They were well aware of the potential combo since they mentioned it in their preview. And as if Lowrisk was not enough by himself they added selflessness in the same package. What i really dont understand is why they did not give an ability like that to Imperial instead of rebels. There would have been no "Biggs like" combo possible and it would have helped to correct their weakness. Soontir+"imperial Lowrisk" would have been such a great combo :-) Many said they had to nerf Palp/X7s because it was limiting their design options. I've seen nothing so far that justify the need to make those changes.