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  1. I know your opinion on Nym. You've made it clear by now. But hes dominating the meta, was present in 5 of the top 16 builds and won the event. At some point you got to accept what the stats are showing you. How many builds with Scurrg (6) and Gunship (5) do we have in the top 16? They made almost 70% of the finals. How many Aggressor?... Totally balanced design.
  2. I've seen this argument yet nobody mention that Nym was part of the built. Maybe, just maybe the real winner in his squad was the new OP pilot? Eide used Corran as a bait while Nym was doing the heavy work. Nym is a high priority target because hes an ace with amazing jousting and fire power. The problem with Eide's built is you have to almost ignore him and go for Corran. Everybody knows you have to take down Corran as fast as possible because when you lose your fire power hes almost impossible to beat. Also Corran did finish 2nd at World 2016. Hes not a bad pilot at all. And he has 1 thing no Imperial pilot have access to: Regen. Put regen on Inquisitor, Vader, OL, Whisper, etc and it's a wole different game...
  3. Tepper with RAC. Thats it. Its getting ridiculous. How many more of these before they undo the nerf?
  4. hehe i did say "never got into Warhammer because..." :-) When you have a limited amount of time to game, the ration painting/gaming becomes much worst... The shorter you have, the more it tips toward painting. I'd rather just open up my x-wings and play with them (or maybe legion packs, if prepainted...) Maybe they could offer a painted and and unpainted version to satisfy both types of player...
  5. Or they could make the Sith Infiltrator with a cloak...
  6. Pink with some red on the breather vent. Lady Vader
  7. Yeah at 90$ use for a core set, they better be pre painted... Never got into Warhammer because you spend more time assembling/painting than playing...
  8. Wouldnt matter, reload is on the action bar and it does not look like the boat will have bombs...
  9. Oh yeah, that true...
  10. The again Nym got a turret and they did give him a 3 dice primary...
  11. My guess would be 1 canon + 1 primary attack/round. Im a little upset its another small ship with low upgrade options and no tech/system/crew/etc. As for how good it is, its way too early to tell. We need to know the dial (just has a front arc, needs to be good) and what the titles do. Somehow after seeing all the nice stuff scums/rebels keep getting, i believe many players will be angry if their most wanted ship turns out to be another lemon. What scares me is that so far both other ships already looks really good even with all the missing info. A small and cheaper coordinate ship for rebels? Biggs and Lowrisk will love this. So will Miranda. Even if SLAM is nerfed, if another ship can give her the action she needs to drop that bomb, we just changed 4 x 0.25$ for 1.00$. We dont know what that new arc on the scum ship will do but it's intriguing. The ship also has many upgrade options. And of course scums/rebels are getting other unique upgrades... I wont care about all that if im getting an amazing ship. Better be!!
  12. An imperial cloaking large ship (with different rule than small ship, of course). That one i really really want.
  13. I dont know the state of the game elsewhere but in my area that game is basically dead...
  14. this. basically you shoot/slam/reload. Now i really wonder if it will have any use on the "canon@ version of the ship. I did not see a clear picture of the presentation yet. Do we know if we have a pilot thats higher than ps7? Do we know if one of the generic has an EPT? How man named/generic?