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  1. One would equal the other :-) The nerfs you are suggesting would be a boost to the Imperials Vassal play is definitely not large scale enough to properly evaluate a ship. It's also quite different playing on the screen than playing with the real size material. At least for most people i know. And i'm pretty sure a majority of people are trying to fly/play the Scuurg like a kwing at the moment. At least that's exclusively what i've seen so far. From what i have found on Vassal, when partnered with Fenn and obstacle are placed properly, you can "direct" your opponent into Fenn range 1 web quite easily. It's also a lot harder for you opponent to get some good shots on the Scuurg at better than range 3. I'm still searching for the best 3rd partner but with 33 points left (Fenn at 34 and the Scuurg at 33) there are a lot of options to try. So far my best games have been with a scout. 2 good control and offensive ships + Fenn. I'm not sure if a 2nd scout would not be better but then again comparing a ship to the most OP element of the game at the moment is just as bad as trying to compare it to a Punisher :-) Also we dont know for sure how much the PS3 pilot will cost but seeing the pattern i think we can safely guess it's going to be 26 pts. Add to that 1 pts for mindlink and you get a nasty 36 points ship. With Fenn costing 2 points less (replace PTL by mindlink) You have 32 points left for a partner (just 1 pts less than my current built). Thats quite enough for a really strong 3rd teammate. Its all a question of balancing everything the ship gets for the points it cost. The U wing cost exactly 1 point cheaper for 1 shield and 1 hull less. The ARC is 1 point more expansive and 1 health/shield less. The YT-1300 is 3 points more expansive to get the exact same defense. The k-wing is 1 point less for 1 hull less. I think we can all agree that 1 hull is worth more than 1 point and does make a big difference in a ships survivability. No matter how you look at it, in term of defense for point cost it's better than any comparable ships... Hence why the 3 attack dice is so important even if not a PWT. It's still an amazing ship even without a turret. And IMO 3 red dices in arc is better than a 2 dice PWT. We all know how 2 dices (with no access to turret/canons) ships are effective in the current meta... You dont take into account that the guy is an amazing player and has been using the same kind of built for years. He has become hyper specialized with it and has been doing well no matter what the meta looks like. If you look at the same type of built on Juggler, the big majority of successful ones dont use Palp. You also point out 1 top 16 (not even a top 8 or 4) and ignore the fact that it was THE ONLY imperial built to do it. A triple A-Wing + Norra built made top 8 at Hoth 2017. Does it make the A-wing a top ship?? Palp has been nerfed to a point where he went from a top 4 general ranking to at best a 24th position. He went from being a top upgrade to being in 32rd position. The best Imperial archetype went from top 4 to a 71 position. Thats a badly implemented nerf in my book. If Imperials have adapted, like you say they did, can you explain why they keep dropping in rankings? Palp being just an ordinary card (compared to a faction defining one, thats a major drop) and defenders becoming average ships (compared to being able to compete with the OP stuff of the other factions) would not have matter that much IF the faction had other means to remain competitive. Statistics have shown now that its not the case at all.
  2. Saying someone is ignorant because he doesnt share your opinions is not just condesending, it's insulting. As for the validity of my arguments, many people on this forum seem to often agree with me. The only time i saw most users disagree with me is when i said it would be nice to have the Vong in Xwing :-) Why do i think the 2 ships are OP: - For 39 points you get an amazingly effective ship with Asajj+Latts. That ship has a 3 dice primary that might as well be a PWT. It applies stress way too easily and create a range 1-2 bubble around itself where many other ships dont want to be. It's more survivable than most other large ships and it has an amazing dial (best of the game for large ship IMO). What are the drawbacks? Absolutely none. Only the JMK can compete with it in term of point for point value. It's impact on the meta isnt as big as the JMK but it's still major. - Protectorate: do i need to give arguments has to why Fenn is better than any other ace in the game?? On list juggler the closest ace on the list (pilot) is whisper, in 28th position. If you count Omega Leader has an Ace (i dont) then it's him in 17th position. Fenn is in #1 position, before the Scouts, Dengar and Asajj. Do i really have to say why hes so much ahead?? I know Sabine add a bomb slot. But on the current Rebel rooster it almost doesnt matter. It certainly wont have the same impact has adding bombs to a JMK or a YT. Again Cad and her wont evolve in the same context which is a major factor when evaluating a card value and impact on the game. Make Sabine an Imperial instead of a rebel and absolutely no one would be talking about her. Make Cad a Rebel only instead of scum and yes, Sabine would be better. But you dont evaluate an element in itself in a Wargame or a TCG, you got to take into account the game settings as well. I havent done the maths but being able to reroll all misses is quite often has good (or really close) as doing 1dmg+dices you cant mod. The more dices you roll, the better he becomes. As for Scuurg vs Punisher fair enough, ill give you that one. I did point out that both the kwing AND the punisher did not have an EPT though. For the kwing, you are still trying to compare them using the way the kwing is currently played which is, i think, a big mistake. For that part we cant really argue because it hasnt seen enough play yet. Thats what i would qualify as Theory crafting... You say my arguments are weak and then you tell me that both ships are equal in term of bombing because they have the same number of bomb slots and they can use the same bombs?? If thats not what you are saying im sorry but i dont understant why you mentionned this fact... Again the use of the word "blabber" is not respectful here. We dont know how the Scuurg will perform with bombs without SLAM because: 1- it's a totally unique bomber with aspect that were not present before. 2- It will be performing in a faction that did not have a proper bomber so no way to evaluate what kind of impact it will have. Yep, we are currently theory crafting so we are on the level of personnal opinions here. Now for FFG development cycle and testing methods, just like you, i do not know what they look like. All im saying is with past and current examples we have, it's looking like they have more and more problems making products that maintain a proper game balance. For example if the changes to Palp and the defenders had been tested properly, it would not have been that hard to see what kind of impact it would have on the game. It would have made a lot more sense to then postpone the nerf until you have a way to do it without bringing down an entire faction. It still has a TLT, a better dial than other bombers, a way to boost bombs, a 3 dice primary attack, 5h/5s/1agi and many nice available upgrades. It would be far from a disaster. It would be... balanced. The imperial had exactly 1 ship in the to 16 and none in the top 8. You really think thats balanced? The developer said the rebels underperformed a little at the 2016 World even if they had much better results. Before the nerf scums were still dominating but at least both other factions were able to compete. On List juggler the 1st buit with a ship that can equip Palp is in 24th position (RAC+X). But even if the built can equip him most people dont. The first one to actually be built around Palp is in 44th position. Commonwealth defenders are now in 71st position. The first overall imperial built is in 12th position. Imperials have not won 1 single major event (not store champs...) since the FAQ. I think most people agree by now that they got hit way too hard by the nerf and they are in serious need of a boost. I dont know how it's reasonably possible to argue otherwise. They are in a much worst position now that the pre-FAQ rebels ever were. A few players managing to win some low priority events with a small number of participants doesnt make a faction balanced...
  3. I 100% agree. I would add the amazing blockers that are the scouts as a major downside for Defenders as well. In the current meta i would chose SF.
  4. The firespray was already really close to being good. Im not 100% sure on that one but i think the bomblets might give the ship the small boost it needed. IMO trying to play the Scuurg as you would with the k-wing is a mistake. The bomblets are not meant to be just an offensive tool. You gotta think about the potential synergy with other pilots, like Fenn, Ketsu or Asajj. I have said it before and im really confident about this. The best version of the ship is the generic equipped with TLT and bomblet. Manaroo with Cad will be a problem unless FAQed. Thats 100% sure IMO. You forget that after the 4 and 5 speed maneuver, the Scuurg can still attack. It can also turn around much more easily. Some pilots will also have access to one major thing the kwing doesnt get: push the limit+bomb+boost... Both ships are not meant to be used the same way. I dont know how many time youve played with Kwings but you ALWAYS have to plan in advance and keep in mind how dangerous it can be to get close to a mat border. It's definitely a good ship when played properly but it's far from being EZ mode like the JMK, the Caster or the Protectorate (and the soon to be Scuurg :-) are. I started playing Scums some weeks after the nerf (while waiting for a fix) and it felt soo much easier than playing imperial, even the pre-FAQ version. I borrow one of my friend rebel ships regularly and they also require a lot more skill to play effectively. Miranda does make action bombs easier to deliver but you still have to be careful about how you move her. She can be gone quite fast if not flown properly.
  5. The Ghost would 100% fit in there. So would Dash Rendar.
  6. Again, the JMK is NOT the only scums OP ships. There is currently a trio of 3 ships that deserve the title. You want solutions regarding the Scuurg: - Make it a 2 dice primary attack - Make it no EPT like the kwing and the Punisher There you go, balanced ship! Its not that hard. IMO Cad is just as good as Sabine and even better because he allows any ship with a crew slot to equip bombs. I have not seen it mentioned yet but gearing the YT with a corner net is a pretty good way to protect is one major weakness... Now you compare the Scuurg with Miranda and you totally neglect 3 major facts: - The EPT!!! Push the limit, VI, Mindlink, etc... so many possibility added by that one single element alone. - Bombs have many roles and many ways to be effective. You really dont seem to get that one. Bomblets can be used as a really effective defensive tool. - Both ships are not going to be played in the same environment. They are not going to be played the same way at all or have the same functions. Where Miranda is the star of the show, i see the scuurg as a terribly effective wingman. Fenn will love him thats 100% sure. Anyway, for now it's all theory crafting. I cant wait a couple of month after release when this ship is making top charts to come back here and say "told you so". Just like when people said Palp and the defender nerf were small changes and Imps just needed to adapt to get back into the game. Look where we are now. Worst thing is you said it yourself, this ship is extremely effective at hunting not just aces but anything with low health. There is an entire faction built around that type of ship. It's all a question of timing and priority. If FFG had given the tool to properly defend against that kind of stuff BEFORE releasing it, nobody would be complaining. Allow some defense vs bombs and suddenly we have a whole new meta. Same thing for the Palp and defender nerf. Give the Imperial some viable alternative before nerfing the 2 things that were making them work and absolutely nobody would be complaining about the change.
  7. I say half moded because most effective ships usually mod their attack with more than just a focus. Focus+TL is getting more and more the norm.
  8. I know the current meta doesnt have anything to do with the Scuurg. It has not been released yet. I'm saying that bringing a 4th overpowered ship to the faction (and Cad) wont help to bring back balance. Im also one of the few who think that just nerfing the jumpmaster or mindlink wont be enough to put the faction in line with the other ones. Firespray just got a pretty good upgrade with bomblets and Cad Bane. The pilot who got the biggest boost just happen to be a scum... As for the HWK, Palobtanni begs to differ with you. The faction took some time to get going because it was new. It doesnt justify the fact that it's getting so many OP stuff since the JMK release. IMO it's on par with the kwing. It lacks SLAM but it has a much better (and faster) dial. It will be able to worry much less about getting out of the mat. It has one more shield and 3 atck dice (even if not PWT, its still amazing for a ship with TLT at that cost range). Cad Bane problem is not just that he boost bombs (more than just a little IMO). It's that he allows any ship with a crew slot to equip bombs. On the JMK alone, it is going to be a big deal. Manaroo and the scouts just got a boost they did not need at all.
  9. Why would it? It's not better than Thug life. On the contrary in the current meta more hp/shield is better that high agi.
  10. Compete and casual are two different category in my book. The game is not that far from bein balanced. Outside of a couple of power creeps most ships are pretty close to each other (average) and would be able to compete in major events. Heck we've seen some Awing make it to the top table of major events recently. I'm not asking for the Scurrg to be below average. I'm asking for it to be on par with what the other factions are getting.
  11. If you can bomb a ship once/turn, you are playing vs a very bad opponent. While possible, situations like you are describing are extremely rare from my experience. Bombs are much better vs ships with low hp/shield. Thats been proven by the decline of many Imperial ships. A decimator or a Ghost on the other hand would be quite happy to see you are trying to grind them with little bombs. The longer they survive, the more they will have time to do their things. As for Rockets i stand by my opinion that 3 half moded red dices cant compete in the current meta. Certainly not when the ship at the other side has TLT, 3 dices atck and 10hp/1agi... :-)
  12. Ships that can compete but without being overpowered.
  13. Tie Punisher for sure. No matter what they decide to do it needs to adress 2 things: lack of a porper dial and like you said no EPT slot. My ideal fix would be a Title card (0 pts cost): "When you reveal your dial you can instead perform a 0 speed move of the same color as the chose maneuver. If your PS is 4 or higher your action bar gain an EPT slot." Problem solved without being overpowered or reducing the ship cost. Tie phantom: very simple fix, make advanced cloaking device a title so the ship can chose another mod. I think the most needed fix for many Tie ships is a way to defend against dmg that would normally be automatic (Bombs, slicer tool, feedback array, etc). IMO it would be a title that allows to equip a 2nd title. Something like: "When an attack or ability would cause you dmg without allowing the roll of your defense dices, you can use a focus or an evade to roll a number of dice equal to the maximum amount of dmg you could receive minus 1 (minimum 1 dice). You can equip a second title." So for example if a bomb + Sabine could do 3 dmg to your ship, your are allowed to use a focus/evade to roll 2 defense dices. If someone use Slicer tool on you, you can roll 1 dice. Since green dices are statistically inferior to red ones, the odds would still be in favor of the attacker.
  14. Bombs arent really that effective vs ships with high hull/shield. That's why it's mostly the Imperials that struggle vs them. The rockets might be a solution for Tie bombers but certainly not for the Punisher. With no EPT the ship will be forced to use it's action on a focus every time it wants to shoot. That means no mines and no boost. Whats more upsetting is the best pilot ability involve TLs but he cant use them with the rockets. Would it really have been OP to allow full mods on them? In the current meta with ships rolling 4-5 fully moded attack dices round after round, i think not.... Whats even worst is they gave the Scuurg access to turrets AND a 3 dices base atck. In the same wave!
  15. I dont know if you realize this but your tone is improper. There are ways to disagree without being disrespectful. Thats what i would define as "childish"... Now back on topic: On the top 10 archetypes of list juggler there are 8 scum builds with 2 rebel ones and no Imperial. 1 faction is currently totally dominating the game. Do i really have to say that it isnt a good thing??? I have nothing against the scums per se. If the roles were reversed and it was the Rebels or the Imperials that were in such a position, it would still be bad for the game and people would still be upset. I do agree partly with you. Most of the time there will be some game elements that are slightly better than others. At least in most well balanced game. We are not talking about a slight advantage here. Another problem is the imbalance has been there for more than a year now. It's only getting worst with no fix on the horizon. Before playing Xwing, i used to play a game called Dice Masters. We had a good community in my area and it was quite a fun game to play. That's until the developer started to screw up the balance and some game elements got so strong you needed to have them in order to compete. It took 6 months for our community to disolve as one player after another would "ragequit". I paid my card collection close to 2000$ and i barely managed to get back 300$ when i sold it. I'm seeing the same patern happening with Xwing and it's starting to scare me. In my local area, when we play casual, the builds/factions diversity is pretty good. As soon as there are tournements or prices involved, almost 90% of the players switch to scums. When people are looking at our tables, they dont even recognize the game theme. That's not what upset me and other players. I dont know where you take that but it seems to be a huge distortion of what we are actually saying. Since the Jump Master release the scums got 2 ships that are stronger than almost everything else available to the other factions. Fen is without a doubt the best Ace of the entire game. The Caster is the 2nd strongest large ship after the JMK. IMO the Scuurg is not just the best ship of the wave. It's on par with the Caster and the Protectorate in term of power lvl. And its not just the ship. Do you really think that giving moded bombs to Manaroo or the scouts (Bane) is a good idea?? You do realize that with the incoming fix the scums will be left with only 1 below average ship (the G-1A)? Meanwhile the Rebels and the Imperial have been waiting for fixes on many of their ships for years. I'm not saying that scums ships should never get fixes or good upgrades. Just that in term of priority, it's the other 2 factions that critically need them at the moment. Time will tell. But the average thug is 25 points (silly not account for Unhinged). For 8 points you add 2 more shields, higher dmg potential and much better control options. Yes IMO its worth it. The K-wing is a huge problem for the Imperials and the main reason why the faction is struggling. Adding a comperable ship to the scums without giving the empire a way to defend against bombs will only make things worst.