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  1. We've been crying about TLT long enough.

    TLTs are not broken. Being able to use them twince per round or being able to regen and dmg in the same round is. They are broken for exactly 2 pilots and fine on everything else. They are not the source of the current problem.
  2. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    On that we agree :-)
  3. The ghost is bul#%£&#

    But then you destroy ships that rely on TLT to have any kind of chance at performing. Like the Ywing, the HWK and the Tie aggressor. You have exactly 2 ships that are OP with TLTs (actually its more 2 pilots: Kanan and Miranda). The others are fine.
  4. Should harpoons been Torpedo or Missile Slot?

    There is 1 big difference here. Rey is more than likely at least half of your squad points. She also needs to be piloted carefuly in order for her ability to trigger. Handling a Falcon is not the same thing as maneuvering a Scurrg or a Gunboat. The problem with harpoons is when you have 3-4 ships doing an alpha strike with them relatively easily. Thats too much firepower to handle for many builds.
  5. New FAQ

    That would open up some build options... Im an Imperial player and it saddens me to say this because we needed a power boost... Harpoons Scurgg and Gunboat will be all over the place now. Quickdraw + 3Nu is the clear winner of that FAQ. The poons need to be toned down a little.
  6. Need help figuring out what happens in this final

    both bombs were different
  7. Where does the 2nd Nym's bomb come from? Wasnt Genius used in the preceeding round? Edit: NM just found out there was a 2nd bomb beside the 1st one in the list.
  8. I don’t get why peeps don’t like Tie Punishers

    Just compare a Punisher to a Scurrg or a Kwing and youll pretty much get your answer...
  9. I agree with every single point you made. For Sabine, what i would like is her ability to be randomized by a dice roll. 50% chance to get an extra hit seems much more reasonable while still quite effective. One of the problem of doing all that: the meta will be dominated almost 100% by wookies... The Gunship is another very badly designed ship. Its defense is better than JMKs and Shadowcasters, the cost is really low, you got double crew for an absurb amount of possible shenanigan with all the nice rebels crews available, its 3 red dice with a huge arc, etc. IMO the reinforce token should be removed once its used. Would still be very good but at least the ship would be sensitive to being focus fired because of poor maneuvering.
  10. Im going to be a bit sarcastic here but its really just to tease. Why would you contribute to enter lists in a data source that is, in your own words, "very flawed"?... ;-)
  11. That could work for maybe at the most 1 major event. Then it would spread like a plague. Though in Xwing, ive never seen a list create a surprise at a major event and not turn out to be some kind of fringe afterward. Most list that performs on a regular basis are discovered (and talked about here) before they start winning bigger tournaments. The game is not like MTG. Most powerful list are easy to figure out soonafter the xpac are released. Some are discovered before release. Even if there is a lot of material for the game, the interactions are limited by faction, ship types and upgrade slot available.
  12. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    I dont know why but every time i see the YV in play it reminds me of the Arcadia, from Captain Harlock.
  13. It was good while it lasted I guess

    Theyve been doing that for quite some time now. They keep releasing imbalanced material quite regularly now. And yet you have other games that are able to provide a quite balanced environment. When i started, the Internet and netlisting were already a thing . They are there to stay so games need to adapt. Back then the meta was much more healthy than it is now. While there was some small pikes in power lvl, outside of the phantom (which was quickly fixed) nothing was to the lvl of what we have today.
  14. Is Nymranda the new Triple Jumps

    5-die for Miranda... :-)