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  1. Just add: you cant drop a bomb after a SLAM. Problem solved. With Sabine bombs are actually better than regular attacks. If you cant do one, why are you allowed to do the other...?
  2. nope, Sabine/kwing will still be there. Shadowcaster will still be dominant, even without mindlink. What will happen is a major rise of the rebels.
  3. This is such a great idea! Hull regen instead of shield regen. I love it!
  4. i like that.
  5. You need to trade one cargo chute on Asajj for Uninged astromec on Dengar IMO. It's K4 best friend. You could also remove the other cargo chute for a better chance at winning the bid. It's quite important for Dengar. You also probably dont need Gyroscopic Targeting if you have PTL. You rarely have to change arc when the caster is flown correctly (ie circling around). Depending on the situation, the 5 speed maneuver + boost on a caster can be deadly for a surprise attack. Ive caught many opponent off guard with this combo. Finding a way to insert Engine Upgrade in your build is a pretty good idea. As for you question regarding Asajj or Ketsu for partner, i think both are viable. Asajj is more defensive but you lose a bit of firepower. Ketsu is more offensive and since she's PS9 she can shoot before Dengar to debuff a target. I always love flying 2 ships with the same PS. It opens a much larger range of possible maneuvers when they are close to each other. But in the case of Dengar+caster, i prefer to field Asajj. IMO the tankiness + control is needed.
  6. Hehe at first i though in your title there was "Gungan" instead of Gundam :-)
  7. Yeah, if you face KyloRAC, it's basically game over... My last game vs the bots was with RAC(Kylo)+Quickdraw. Removing 2 attacks in a game vs a 2 ships build is painful.
  8. Miranda: Keep the regen but remove the added attack die part.
  9. Yeah just so the Raider lose more value. Imperial players who bought it pre nerf because Palp was a must won't be upset....
  10. I really like the idea
  11. I should have been more clear, sorry. Some of the changes i suggest don't need to apply at the same time. For example if SLAM and TLTs get fixed, there would be no need to modify Miranda. Same for Sabine, if she's fixed there is no need to modify most other bombs. About your last point: Swarms are already in a bad position. Is there really a need for such an aggressive counters?
  12. YES! But not through autothrusters. The aces without access to the mod (ex Vader or Talonbane) are already struggling...
  13. What happens if Manaroo transfer a blue target lock token to a ship that already has one?
  14. I see 0 mention of the imperial faction... why? -Why would you add a mod to integrated astromech? It's already an amazing mod for 0 cost. I dont know how many times i've seen Biggs survive one extra round because of it. - Attani: just make it a free focus action. -Biggs: Dont change the cost. Add "if the attacker could target you instead and is inside your firing arc". -Contracted scout: Dont change the cost. Just remove the EPT. Another solution that would probably balance all versions of the Jumpmaster at the same time: remove the barrel roll. -Advanced SLAM: adding a stress wont change the reason why it's so good. Need to add: "you cannot drop bombs after a SLAM". It's not normal that 1 ship is far superior to any other at droping bombs. That or give SLAM to the Punisher. -I think it's a bad idea to implement 2 fixes at the same time for the same ship (Bwing). 1 at a time and see the effect before adding more if needed. The -2pts on crew might be enough. You forgot: -ALL ships with a regular front arc primary weapon, 2 attack dices and no secondary weapon upgrade can roll an extra attack die after reroll and modification. That die cannot be modified in any way. - All ships with a combination of hull/shield lower than 4 are allowed to roll their agility dices to counter bomb damage. The number of defense dices rolled cannot exceed the total potential damage of a bomb. For example if a bomb can do at the most 1 damage, the ship is allowed 1 defense die. Once rolled, all defense dices cannot be modified or canceled. - Range 3 bonus on defense is now allowed when dealing with any kind of weapons. - Sabine: change the damage part to "roll an attack dice, on a hit or crit that ship suffers one damage" - Miranda: I dont know how to fix her but she's too good at the moment. If the TLT and bomb - Shadowcaster and VCX are undercosted as well. Add 2 points to the cost. - Tie Punisher: lower cost by 3 points and give EPTs to named pilots - Tie advanced: can equip autothruster as a second modification. Must still pay the price. - Tie Phantom: can equip advanced cloaking device as a title. Must still pay the price. -Tie/X7: New text changed to "After doing a 3-4 or 5 speed maneuver, if you did not overlap an obstacle, you may assign 1 evade token to your ship" -Palpatine: New text changed to: "Once per round, you may change a friendly ship's die result to any other dice result. If used on a defense or attack die, it must be done before reroll and modifications. That die result cannot be changed again." -Grand Moff Tarkin: Now usable on all ships. Changed to range 1-3. It's a lot of changes but in the end we would get back to a balanced meta. The old stuff would be viable again and we would have hundreds of potent builds instead of just a few.