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  1. Greetings. I understand that big boxes editions are not an FFG thing. But storage issues for this game are aplenty. I own the base game, Unseen Forces and Gates of Arkham and there is no room for all that on the base game box. So, why not put out a "big box like" expansion? It will not be a big box like the one for Lancaster or Alhambra, because Elder Sign is a growing game. It will be instead a big box with a very small expansion -a couple of spells, allies and adventures- what FFG would be selling is a very nice box where you will store all your Elder Sign goodies. I would buy it, and I guess many fans of the game would too. Think of it as something like the Conclave expansion for Mystic Vale. A very fancy art from the Lovecraftian minds that lurk on FFG, with very nice inserts. A name from the bowels of Darkness -like Miskatonic Malleficum Casket- and, boom, you have a best seller. Just a thought. Please excuse my English.
  2. To the enlighten creatures of FFG: Some games are just perfect the way the come out of the box and they don't need any expansions, and maybe MRP is one of those. Yet I wonder if a small expansion might be good for MRP. This game took the core of one its main mechanic from Citadels, character selection. Maybe it could benefits from an expansion similar to "Dark City" from that game. In this instance it would add character variability and some new missions (more purpose for Phobos and LS Memorial) and maybe more aggressive discoveries. As in Dark City, you would switch the old characters for the new one based on their numbers. I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud. What the community of players think?
  3. This game deserves a reprint. There is an abundance of new two players games in the market (7 wonders duel, Onitama, 7 Ronin, etc) because there are many players than want to play them. LOTR The Confrontation can proudly stand among these games and should be reprint. It have strategy, it have dept and yet is not really difficult to play. Bring it back with a couple of tweak if you will, or as it is, but bring it back. Maybe some characters variants but nothing too fancy or over the top; the game is great as it is. I love this game.
  4. New to the game... don't know what I have been doing all my life, a vagrant on the distant shores of unfulfilling games... So, any news on new printing for old packs? The first adventures of Shadow of Mirkwood are already hard to find. Will The Hunt for Gollum be print again?
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