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  1. Thanks again. I have purposefully been avoiding net-decking for balance purposes. Does the IG-88 and Trandoshans list work with the strain output? As a long time magic player, that feels like trying to win by milling out their deck. Its good to pull off the trick, but low on the win percentages.
  2. I have played around with IA campaign mode using the core set, but was just handed one each of the first three waves. I want to build some fairly balanced skirmish squads for our gaming group to try out. Can anyone suggest, or point me to, some reasonable, but not broken squads. Don't worry about the command deck builds. We will sort that out once we see the squads. Thanks!
  3. Nope. And haven't had any jams. It was the product of multiple iterations to make sure it would work. I am not very careful lifting it up, and I try to not look down inside, so any stacking likely gets knocked over on the reveal.
  4. A dice tower was a little to big for our area, so we use this little guy. Some PVC and a few screws. ...and I could have really used that roll earlier today.
  5. This is very true. You can't just autopilot through the game. In an endeavor to get in faster games, we have tried dropping the Pac-Man rules down to just 5 shield tokens on the board. Good piloting gets a win in around 45 minutes for the Pac-Man player. 30 shield tokens was winnable by the ghosts, but they really had to focus fire and bump to get there. Lowering the shield count means that the Pac-Man can't be as reckless and has to plot moves farther ahead. We have also gone down to furball rules (32 points, no Lone Wolf, No Advanced Cloak) for the Pac-Man. We are still testing three variants of ghosts, with the following observations: 4x AP The added agility over a z95 isn't in play most of the time. The opponent is running, not shooting. The barrel roll and the straight 5 make it better for bumping and getting back into the fight, perhaps too good. 4x Binayre Pirates/Bandits The loss of maneuverability is hard to overcome, but not impossible. The ability to target lock and focus gives it a harder punch over the AP, but fewer bump opportunities. Probably the most fun of the three tested. 3x ESP Added agility and shield doesn't matter. Ghosts just don't get shot down much in any of our games. The target lock and focus is the best of the z95, and the dial and barrel roll is the best of the TIE, so this is in a good spot. Dropping them down to 3x is a fair trade, but that straight 5 is the key to the game and still gives the ghosts a big advantage. In all cases, this game really felt like mission 2 from the original X-Wing game. This is the mission where you had to buzz all the Imperial ships and get away, not fight. (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mission_in_the_Dellalt_system) Grabbing 5 tokens feels like that, so we might need to re-flavor the game to match that mission.
  6. I am all for this, if anyone has any suggestions on a method. I imagine a common thing is going to be that a lot of variants take too long. We only play Pac-Man while wasting time, and in 45 minutes, it is often the case that we have only picked up half the tokens, and that is with no ship destruction. Mario Kart games go even longer, sometimes 2+ hours just to complete one lap. Other than Top-Gun, has anyone come upon an alternate play that runs about 30 minutes?
  7. Slalom challenge This game is like a skier making their way down the mountain side and passing through gates along the way. This works on both 2x2 and 3x3 size maps. The goal is to pass through all the gates in the fewest moves possible. One person sets up the map and chooses a ship. After they make a run, their opponent tries to beat their score. Set-up: Place pairs of target lock tokens on the battlefield. The pairs are Range 1 apart. 5 pairs are good for 2x2, 8 for 3x3. The target lock tokens should be in ascending order, or use ID tokens to label the order of the gates. Choose one area of the board to be the starting area. Gameplay: From the starting area, the chosen ship must pass through each gate in order. The player keeps track of the total number of turns needed to complete the course. Then, the other player tries to beat that total by using the same ship and completing the course in fewer turns. Notes: PTL, Boost, Barrel Roll, Adaptive Ailerons, etc., are all great tools to improve movement economy. Hungry Hungry Hippos This is a race to pick up the most shield tokens. There is no shooting, but actions are allowed. It can accommodate any number of players. Setup: Standard 3x3 with 6 obstacles. 30 Shield Tokens are randomly distributed across the board. All players must use the same unmodified pilot/ship for this game. Turn order is determined randomly each round by drawing numbers, or players can agree on a turn order for the game. Gameplay: Players move each turn. Each time they pass over or end on a shield token, they claim that token for a point. Once all tokens are collected the game is over and the highest total wins. Variant: Angry Angry Hippos Same rules as above, but shooting is allowed. If a ship is destroyed, then all their shield tokens are placed on the battlefield within range 1 of the ship. Then it is removed. Ships that are destroyed are placed in the starting area at the end of the next activation phase, effectively skipping the next turn. Then they can continue play as normal. As players can respawn, this has a 45 minute time limit. Highest score at the end wins. Pac-Man This game has one person trying to collect shield tokens while being pursued by “Ghosts” (Academy Pilots/Binayre Pirates). It is recommended that to Pac-Man not be larger than 40 points. Setup: Standard 3x3 map with 6 obstacles. 30 Shield Tokens are randomly distributed across the board. The Pac-Man sets up on one edge of the board, while the ghosts set up with one on each adjacent edge, and two on the far edge. Gameplay: The Pac-Man attempts to collect all the tokens while being pursued by the ghosts. Each token collected is another shield added to the original shield total on the ship. The Pac-Man can shoot the ghosts, and once they are destroyed they do respawn, but with a weapons disabled token. The Ghosts can cause damage by bumping or shooting the the Pac-Man. The game is over when all the tokens are collected, all the ghosts are destroyed, or the Pac-Man is destroyed.
  8. I would like to throw in a few of the alternatives we play and also get this thread bumped back up to the front page. Top Gun: 30 pts. Small Ship. No unique pilots or upgrades. This is a 1v1 format on a 2x2 battlefield with 4 rocks. Usually played best of three. The first few games go quick, but the positioning game really heats up as you get a feel for the format and the games start to run longer. Fun build is Red Squadron Veteran with Stay on Target, R2, Primed Thrusters and IA. Nothing but T-rolls. Hanger Gun: Same build rules as above, but bring three different ships to the table. Pick one to start like in Hanger Bay. If you lose, you pick another ship from your hanger to sub in. Winner keeps their original build. Play until one side loses two ships. No Limit Furball: 50 points, no restrictions. Regular fur ball rules for points. Sometimes you just want to watch the world burn. Warning: not for poor sports or those who get salty. This is beer and pretzels X-Wing. No regard for balance. Campaign: We have a ruleset for a map based campaign. The defining feature is that games are based at 80 pts, eliminated net-listing. There is also the possibility of asymmetrical battles and alternative maps (moving asteroids, gravity). The rules and a running diary of one of the campaigns are here:
  9. Not calling you out on this, but can you give an example?
  10. So we both look for the fun, but we find it in different ways. Don't get me wrong, I love varied lists. The most fun I have ever had playing the game was running through a head to head campaign where all the builds were at based at 80 points, but often you had one guy bringing 120 to the table against your 90 (due to rules that aren't part of this discussion) and you had to build, place rocks, and fly your butt off to pull out a win. We didn't see a single meta build for the entire length of the campaign; 3 months and probably 60 total matches among all the players. The original point I was making is that not all ships have to be balanced for the current state of the game to be healthy. Sure, we all want quadjumpers to do something cool/effective, but it won't break the game when they aren't. To chase this a little farther: If all ships were balanced, would that be good for the game? I don't believe so, for several reasons. 1. The company needs to sell new products, and more powerful ships/upgrades allow that to happen. If my original purchase of 3 X-wings is always viable, then I don't need to buy new stuff, and the business model fails. 2. Tied to that, a meta that sometimes favors large ships, sometimes swarms, sometimes aces, etc., keeps me interested. What changes do I need to make to my build, and what purchases do I need to make? List-building is a lot of fun, and a level playing field for all ships lessens that aspect of the game. I believe this is purposeful by the designers. To once again refer to a game like MTG: When a set is designed for play, the first test plays are made with all cards at the same power level. This lets the designers get a feel for how that set will work. After that, they decide which aspects they want to see pushed for that season. Numbers are tweaked to get a few basic strategies pushed into the limelight for a while, and others are put on the back burner and only fringe playable. However, the next set that comes out will change that up and new things will be the focus. If jousting head-to-head is always viable, release after release, then people will get bored real quick. Your point about evaluating your opponent and tactically adapting on the battlefield is well said, but bringing a decent list isn't a hurdle that has to be crossed to then play X-Wing. It is half of the joy of the game. Strategy (list building) and tactics (flying) both come into play and IMO they are of equal value. Don't take away the wins from the guy who is a great builder, but a so-so pilot. His skill needs a place to be recognized, and leveling out all pilots and cards removes his advantage in the game. That being said, I am a compulsive brewer, so I have a stake in this.
  11. Yes, it would be a healthy meta, because any growing game will eventually shift. A new release, a new FAQ, and it changes. I take the long view on these things. Yes, we are in an extended JM5K run, but even those builds aren't identical across that time, and as a player I like it as I pretty well know the capabilities of most of the builds I am going to see competativly. I am happy to disagree with the majority on that point, especially since the bulk of the people having this discussion are capable civil discourse on the matter. I play as much competative as a job, three kids, and other hobbies allow. As I outlined above, seeing the same list repeatedly is fine by me. I know what they can do,and I know it will eventually change.
  12. I don't pretend. I think it is completely unreasonable, from a business perspective, a time and resource management perspective, and a desire for a shifting metagame perspective, for every ship to always be competative. If they aren't all exactly equal, then players will gravitate to the best. Part of the game is list building, and that can't be ignored. The comparison I stand by is that a healthy meta can exist with 2-3 builds dominating the lists. There is no other comparison to be made. So what do you want? Every faction or every ship to be playable? You are arguing both. How am I contradicting myself? Is the game that "broken" that we need to nerf everything from orbit? I trust that the developers will move the meta around and whatever new cool thing they drop will become a dominant force at the table. You can't have a static, equal meta and expect the game to grow. In my area, they don't. They play their falcons and their Palp defenders and their swarms all the time. Because they play to have fun. Tournament time comes around and they break out the meta stuff.
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