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  1. Yeah, the second sentence of 3. Perform Actions under "Activate Unit". I explained that was referencing back to the first sentence, simply stating "perform only one action" (instead of two actions like the first sentence states) but they we're sticking to their stance that operative Vader had one action and the rules weren't clear.
  2. Free actions for sure, I agree he could still do those. More people on the FB page seem to believe he still gets to perform one action (not counting free ones). Some focusing on "only one action" means he gets at least one. I disagreed, after reading through the activating units and suppression section. But not all people see it the same way. I've been wrong before, I just make sure I try to take rules pretty literally and pay attention to key words and timing, like "when" or "at the start", etc.
  3. This came up on the Star Wars: Legion facebook page, and it has me curious. I'm hoping we can see clarification from an official source. If Operative Vader plays the IMPLACABLE command card, and he has 3-5 suppression during his second activation, does he have an action? My opinion is that he has zero actions. I read the RRG for "Suppression" and "Activating Units" and determined that because of the wording on IMPLACABLE, "During Darth Vader's second activation, he performs 1 fewer action." and the timing and wording of "Suppression" and "Activating Units", he'd lose one action right after the Rally step, due to suppression. Then during the "Perform Actions" step he'd perform 1 fewer action from IMPLACABLE, so he'd end up with no actions. Breaking out my thought process is going step by step through "Activating Units": When a unit activates, that unit can perform up to two actions. (IMPLACABLE will change this during the "Perform Actions" step.) 1. Start of Unit Activation: If the unit has an ability that triggers “when” it activates or “at the start” of its activation, the ability triggers during this step. (IMPLACABLE says "During..." so IMPLACABLE doesn't trigger here, but instead applies to all of the Activate Unit steps. Vader still has 2 actions) 2. Rally: (for this example, lets assume Operative Vader remains suppressed. From the "Suppression" keyword: "Immediately after the “Rally” step of a trooper unit’s activation, if that unit is suppressed, it loses one of its two actions for that activation." Vader loses 1 action due to suppression. Vader has 1 action remaining) 3. Perform Actions: A unit that is not suppressed can perform up to two actions and any number of free actions. (Vader is suppressed, IF he wasn't suppressed, IMPLACABLE would apply here, and he'd do one fewer action here. BUT, we're looking at a suppressed Operative Vader which the next sentence applies to.) A unit that is suppressed or that has lost an action due to being damaged can perform only one action and any number of free actions. (Vader can perform only 1 action because of suppression. This is where I believe IMPLACABLE applies, "During Darth Vader's second activation, he performs 1 fewer action." Because of IMPLACABLE, he performs 1 less action and can perform no actions.) » After a player activates a unit, that player places its order token facedown (rank side down) on the battlefield near the unit leader. That would be the end of his turn. I've seen people interpret it both ways. Thank you! 😅
  4. I was hoping they'd release binders for Legion, since Destiny got some dice/card holders. I guess nothing to do but wait and see. I really like the art on the core box, so having it on a binder for deployment and objective cards would be awesome.
  5. I love this binder, but I know its unlikely I'll make it to a massive firepower tournament, much less finish top 4. The website I pulled the picture from says "available at massive firepower events" but I'm guessing it's prize support, not something they're selling at the event... I'd love to see this for sale for card storage...it's amazing.
  6. Man, even more mad today when I went to a local comic shop and they had a copy of the promo book behind the counter. I asked how they got it and they said they just received multiple copies of the Deluxe Rulebook from the distributor with their shipment and they were just giving them out if someone came in and bought a copy of the game. My local board game store didn't receive any.
  7. Still no response from FFG support after asking if that was the best answer support could come up with. I think the ball really got dropped between FFG and the distributor. After speaking with my local store, they said the distributor has a two reps, a catchall and a Asmodee specialist. My lgs and I both find it hard to believe the promo item would have been forgotten about at the distributor level. Were enough not printed and FFG pulled stock back to support online orders? If so that's pretty crappy to people who put their trust in local game stores and distributors. It's sad, I like the 3rd edition a lot, I'm still disappointed in the lack of response from FFG's support, and it's disappointing to treat fans of the game and people who met pre-order requirements early this way. I like promotional items that the FFG does, but at the same time when stuff like this happens it makes me extremely angry. The only choice I'm left with is to try to find it on ebay and spend more money? I'd rather not do that for something that was offered, and purchased in time to receive...but not delivered by the company. Lost quite a bit of trust in FFG and their support section.
  8. Anyone else pre-order and not receive their hard copy book? I pre-ordered through my flgs in early September, one month after Arkham Horror 3rd Ed was announced; two months before FFG announced they were out of pre-order items on Oct 23rd. When I picked up the game from my local store they didn't have the promo item, checked with the distributor and the distributor had no idea about any promo items. I contacted FFG customer support and the response was: I'm pretty disappointed. I pre-ordered early because I was really excited about receiving the hard copy of the rules with lore into the Arkham Horror world. I was trying to support my local game store, but man it feels like I'm getting screwed on this one. I guess I should have ordered directly from FFG's website. I will say this was the first time I've really felt let down with FFG's usually exceptional customer service.
  9. Verena's hair looks really good. Which colors did you use? I couldn't get my model's hair quite right.
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