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  1. Also found this on cardgamedb. Next time I look there first. :-) "According to dbmeboy: Nope. Sacrificing is a way to get a card to leave play, but it is not destruction. Destruction comes from effects that specifically say destroy (eg Force Lightning) or from having damage tokens equal or greater than damage capacity."
  2. Found the answer myself over at cardgamedb. "Hi Stephen, Rules Question: Icetromper: sacrifice this unit to remove an attacking non-vehicle unit from an engagement. Then, deal 1 damage to that unit Feeding Frenzy: After a creature unit damages an enemy character or creature unit, destroy that unit. If a player uses the icetromper's action to remove and then damage a unit, can feeding frenzy destroy that unit Yes. -- Erik Dahlman LCG Developer Fantasy Flight Games"
  3. Does a sacrificed card count as if it was destroyed? For example, a Force Sensitive Creature (= Tuk'ara) is sacrificed through the Reaction ability on the objective Threat From the Depths (2002) and I have the objective Hunters of the Jedi (1074) in play. Can I use the Reaction ability of Hunters of the Jedi when a Creature is sacrificed?
  4. Can I play Feeding Frenzy (0997) if the Icetromper (0191) deals 1 damage with its Action ability (ie not with its Unit Damage icon)? Does it count as if the Icetromper damages the unit?
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