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  1. Sorry, but I can't get your last sentence. What's human occupied landfill ? What does it mean in the context ?
  2. I will but the first session is not for tomorrow. Soooo, first session done with my 2 players, 3 hours of game and it was meh... The thread was : Entering the Hulk via Corridors Encountering illusions in Corridors Crossing an esoteric portal in a medium room Landing in the big Hall of the ship I made, like advised, a table with 6 possibilities concerning illusions and for me it was really quick and effective to use that tool to tell them what the illusions did. Thanks again for the tips. There were 3 Astartes, in queue formation, the Leader first (NPC), the Apo' next, then the Tac'. When I told them about 3 strange figures ahead in the corridor, the Tac instantly fired ! But roll a wonderful 98... Thus the Apo' take the bolt right in the left elbow, incapacitating his arms badly... The Apo' healed himself before proceeding. It was the first illusion encounter. Then a second and a third. They shot every time I described them the new apparition. So I decided to stop after the third apparition, smelling the boredom... Finally, they reached the portal which lead them to the Hall and the rest of the game was good enough for us. After every session I ask my players feedbacks, always. If my descriptions were good enough, if I leave them sufficient time and space to act, bla, bla, bla. I made every maps, I gave them audio sample for the ship's ambiance and my script was well prepared, I was kind of satisfied of my work. The only feedback was : "intersection corridors with encounters were very clichés, your narration was good but we have not done much during 3 hours you know..." So may be I talk too much and I paralyze their initiate to act in the game ? In an other hand it was just 3 hours and we're all together rookies. What are you thinking ? It's really hard for me to give you a realistic point of view of the session, but I did my best. In addition, english is not my native language, so I beg your pardon if I'm not clear enough. I've to work harder about the flow of my narration but the atmosphere was totally present and for a first session it's a good point IMO.
  3. Hall of mirrors, ah ! They'll shoot without questioning, too obvious. Sands of Istvaan is definitely a great idea, I'll put it for sure ! Tunnel of flesh is a good one to put the KT uncomfortable. Dark illusion with spawning stuff is also a great deal, I like it, dices will decide. I already though of whispers, but rising them one against the other is maleficent ! Love it. Thanks a lot !
  4. Movies OST well picked are the best but as mentioned upper, try some video games OST too like Dawn of War I and II (including extension like Chaos Rising) but also Space Marine, Eternal Crusade and even Vermintide. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you're looking for.
  5. Nice twisted ideas over here ! I like it. To be honest I planned the Refectorium to be a place where a big painting was placed on an entire wall. These painting is in fact some abominable cluster of illusions where disturbed forms seem like to pop out the picture. After a certain time, pink horrors and flamers of Tzeentch will indeed burst into the Refectorium attacking the KT for real. I made my choice, the last room will be a Librarium, I dunno why I didn't think about it but thanks a lot again dude ! Within it I thought of a kind of labyrinthine place, where orientation and logic are fu#$? up. The KT will have to be careful and not listen too much the screaming voices flying in the air. I'll see how many minutes/hours they will search for the next door ah ah. But where I need some help too is may be concerning the great corridors the KT have to cross at their entrance in the ship. What kind of stuff can occur to them in corridors ? I mean, no big deal but enough to set up the atmosphere of the theme : corrupted ship by uncle Tzeentch ?
  6. A Librarium, of course ! Simpler is better. Got already a deamon weapon in the Astra Tower by the way. But I can create some mind fuc%*& library aboard the ship, moreover, it will be a good place to search a book right ? And a good spot for Tzeentch to trap the KT. Thanks a lot folks !
  7. Hi there, I need some help to find a goal to the last room of my corrupted starship for my campaign. Plot is simple cause my players are newbies, the KT must recover a book hidden in a lost starship recently appeared in real space. Here the red line : after long and strange corridors (hallucinations, etc...), the KT emerge in a big hall where they can choose their way in the starship. The owner of the book is hidden in a room blocked by warp energies. The KT have to destroy the most deamonic enteties as possible to reduce and destroy the psychic fence. To do this, they have to explore the corrupted hulk. Each deamon has a psychic valu. By this, I can evaluate how many deamons they need to kill before the fence is breached. I've made 7 rooms actually : The Hall (hordes+elite) The Reclusiam (where the book lies+elites+hordes+Boss) The Laboratorium (elites) The Generatorium (safe room) The Refectorium (elites+horde) ??? The Astra Tower (elites) But I miss one room between the Refectorium where pink horrors and flammers will spawn, and the Astra Tower where fly some screamers of Tzeentch. I thought of a flooded zone, but I don't know what to put in there... That's all. Thanks for reading me.
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