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  1. You want a Mars deck? Seven out of my eleven decks have Mars! I'm tired of Mars! Clearly, I need some of YOUR luck. I'll send you some of mine once I figure out how.
  2. No, no! New debate! Where did the "may"s all go? Can we make useful home handcrafts with them? Is FFG collecting them and storing them in a warehouse somewhere? We must solve the Mystery of the Mays!
  3. If you think of Sanctum as religious zealots, it all makes sense. As long as there are enemies to distract her, she's great, but without someone to fight, she just starts looking for people on her own side that don't live up to her high standards of purity and honor. And if she's alone, then clearly it's time for her to atone for her own sins with a hair-shirt and maybe some self-flagellation.
  4. We have no ETA other than "soon".
  5. Conveniently, the Numberphile YouTube series posted a video today on how bad humans are at doing random: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tP-Ipsat90c
  6. I had to buy a sixth deck before I got one without Mars in it. That's how random works. People have this idea that random should be smooth. It isn't. Ask someone to make twenty dots on a piece of paper randomly and they'll almost always make a very smooth, even arrangement where the dots aren't clustered at all. Ask a computer to put twenty random dots on a piece of paper and clustering is something that will happen a lot. This phenomena is a real challenge to scientists who sometimes have a difficult time determining if something that looks like an unusual cluster IS unusual, or just random stuff randomly clustering. There are entire branches of mathematics dealing with this problem. The human brain is just terrible at statistics. It wants to find patterns in everything, even where they don't exist.
  7. I recommend tattooing "Judge" on your forehead to make it official. But, seriously, there's no official program for judges or anything.
  8. Here's my copy/paste/cleanup in a word file that I posted before: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/286378-pdf-rulebook/?tab=comments#comment-3539593
  9. It's unlikely that the owner even checks this forum, given how low the traffic here is.
  10. I loved Guardians. Probably the only CCG that they stopped making sets for DESPITE strong sales. The designers didn't want to dilute the game. Seriously? I don't think they grasped the CCG model. : - ) I need to dig out my Guardians cards and throw some exploding pigs at my gaming group.
  11. Suttkus

    1-2 Turn Wins

    You cannot mulligan down to nothing. From the rulebook:
  12. Library Access is terrible! Everytime I play it, I draw nothing but out-of-house cards I can't use and would have drawn at the end of my turn anyway! I have drawn exactly ONE card I could actually use with Library access in about twenty games! I think the luck gods hate me. : - )
  13. You pick up all of the cards in the archive and add them to your hand (or your opponent's hand if you've archived some of your opponent's cards). You don't get to pick and choose. But since there's no maximum hand size, there's not a lot of penalty for taking in cards you can't use yet.
  14. Sadly, WK took down their MageKnight page ages ago, and I didn't have the foresight to save it. (Unlike a lot of their fiction and world documents which I still have!)
  15. Mage Knight was dying before 2.0. Sales had plummeted and interest was waning fast. 2.0 was a last ditch attempt by WK to save their flagship property. 2.0 didn't kill Mage Knight, it just failed entirely to save it. WK published a post mortem of Mage Knight back in the day that was a fascinating read about how badly they'd mishandled Mage Knight in the years leading up to 2.0 and then how badly they'd mishandled 2.0. Which was shockingly more honesty than I have ever seen a game company put out anywhere else.
  16. Minor correction: Legend of the Five Rings (one of the AEG properties mentioned) didn't fail in Magic's infancy. It lasted over 20 years before finally dying. (Not counting the FFG LCG resurrection.) It is, however, the rare exception.
  17. When Netrunner first came out, digital board games were a minor part of the industry. Today, apps are everywhere and boardgame apps are big business, and FFG is inching into the realm. Thanks to the development of app-dependent board games (Mansions of Madness), they now actually have staff for this stuff. I'm not saying that they will. I am saying that it's far more likely than it was with Netrunner. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/8/26/the-electronic-side-of-board-gaming/
  18. Info button only available on the website, not the app (at least the Android version I use). Here's what it says:
  19. I sent some feedback regarding the app to the developers, and asked the following question: "What happens if someone else tries to scan a deck I've claimed? Do I have to unregister my deck as mine before I give it to someone else?" And I received the following answer: "As for your question – yes, decks can be scanned multiple times and be registered under multiple users at the same time. (Only the first registration gets the aember shards though!) Our reasoning (as you pointed out) is that players may trade decks or they may want to follow tournament scores of friends/rivals decks." There are a number of interesting implications here. Each deck is tracked by itself, not with regard to any player. Don't leave newly opened decks around unscanned, or someone might swipe your precious æmbershards! I had a third, but I've forgotten what it was. Typical.
  20. Suttkus

    PDF rulebook

    Here's a Word file that's just the text of the PDF copied, pasted, and cleaned up a little. The page numbers are all wrong and its missing the useful pictures, but what do you want for an hour's work? I may try to make it nicer later, but no promises. Keyforge Rules Text.docx
  21. The Archon name random generator lurches from producing awesome names to producing sublimely ridiculous ones, to just nonsensical. I think I've found my new lazy-Sunday-I'm-so-bored go-to spirit-raising activity. I thought I'd look for "unfortunate pairing of words", and I thought I'd start with "love"! Didn't find anything truly unfortunate, they've scrubbed the database pretty good, I guess, but these amused me. The Survivor who Strangely Loves Oysters Equilove Krylov-Gueron, Instructor Yes, teach us how to love equally, Krylov! The Fossil that Barks at Love Fossils in this world are strangely active. Voxosulk, the Warmonger of Love Someone doesn't understand the concept. Mightlover, the Razor-Sharp Canal Larva The Perfumer that Drives around Love The Loneliness that Betrayed Love You earned your loneliness! How could you! The Fossil that Subtly Once Loved Horror Oubliette, the Lyricist of The Lovers Not really the sort of thing I associate with oubliettes She that Loves Bricklaying Everyone needs a hobby, I suppose. Fun with third-person gendered nouns! The Girl who Serenely Weaves The Elf No! No! Turning elves into art projects is just wrong! The Girl that Appropriately Serves Optics I suppose you wouldn't want her doing it inappropriately. The Girl who Votes for Quantum Theory We! Do Not! Vote! In Science! The Girl who Assiduously Pollutes with Art Polluting is wrong, even if you use art to do it. The Girl who Evidently Submits to Powder Someone apparently has a cocaine problem. The Girl who Terribly Flees from Clowns An entire slasher movie scene in one Archon name. Flexiposh, The Girl who Flings the Bog I honestly can't tell you why I find this name hilarious. The Girl who Dances with The Metagame Oh, come on! This is what I got into Keyforge to get away from! Equal time! The Boy who Always Ignores Life Itself I didn't realize I was an archon. Bullsson, The Boy who Kills the Caern Pentex has infiltrated the archons! Tetraster, The Boy that Bores the Museum Isn't it usually the other way around? Radcliffe, the Dreamer of Boys No comment. The Boy who Controls Dinosaurs Best Archon name ever! I want this deck! Antiboy, the Gas Master of the Moon Sexist! The Boy who Basically Headbutts Heaven This is why we can't have nice things. This guy keeps ticking off God by headbutting heaven! Someone stop him! On an unrelated note, there are 57 results for “misteress”. Is this some weird combination of syllables that comes up a lot, or did the people making the database not know how to spell “mistress”? "Hate" turned out to have fewer interesting names than I hoped for. All I've got is: Edmonds the Hatefully Domesticated Someone's not happy with their marriage. Well, I've always been found of cephalopods, so I thought I'd give "Octo" a run: Suprashank, Volcano Doctor No, doc, don't clear it's throat! RUN AWAY! HE CURED ANOTHER BLOCKAGE! Arbitrarily Blood-Stained Octovia Is this better or worse than being blood-stained in a very specific pattern? Princess Naomi Octoeye She bankrupted the kingdom when she needed glasses. And a few more random observations: Der super „***“ Wilhelm I'm sure this name is just fine in whatever language it's from. The Impersonator that Supervises Dice Well, the tournament policy against dice makes sense now.
  22. I can't play this. Every deck I open has Mars in it. EVERY deck. Going into this game, I thought Mars would be my least favorite faction. I'm learning to like them of necessity. : - )
  23. The Rule of Six: The problem is that the rule is ambiguous around the word "use". Unfortunately, this game chooses to use "Use" as a technical term, but "use" is such a common word in English that it can't really be avoided when not using it as a technical term. So, is this "use" in the rule of 6 refer to Using a card in play (exhausting it for effect), or a more generic "I'm using Bait and Switch to steal your aember." I don't know. I don't think anyone knows. You can see where the problems with this game started. They wanted to make this the Casual Magic Alternative. Everything about this game is supposed to be casual, casual, casual. The turn sequence is really simple. There aren't any interrupts or cancellations requiring the use of an equivalent to Magic's stack. And they avoid long words when simple ones will do. But this doesn't always work well. A game with this many different moving parts all interacting with each other needs a rigorous backing and careful, unambiguous wording. I really hope this game can come through it's birthing pains because there's a lot to love here. Ah, who am I kidding, I stuck with HeroClix for more than 20 years and they never got their act together with regards to consistent wording or strong sequencing. I'm clearly here for the long haul. : - )
  24. Some of the decks for sale at Coolstuffinc: O. J. Hamzel of the Magnificent Turret (Deck has autocannon in it, so yes!) The Sorceress that Sways Ants Aajh, Magnatable Baker My own decks include some oddly appropriate names. My first game with Everlasting Quantster d'Incourt lasted over two hours! I think the quotation marks in Boardnur, the "Engineer" of Sisterhood reflect that she's terrible at her job, this deck so far has a 100% loss record.
  25. Since no rule covers what happens to the card under Masterplan, CLEARLY it must be left face down where it was and never touched again. It can never be restored to the deck and is lost forever. Even if you go to play a new game, you must leave the card there! : - ) But in the absence of any RAW or rulings, common sense suggests it goes to the discard pile.
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